Best Songs from Foo Fighters' Concrete and Gold

Best songs from the ninth studio album from the American rock band Foo Fighters.

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1 The Sky is a Neighborhood

That's it! Number one! I really really love Run but Sky gives me goosebumps. Vocals, drums, guitars... it's all beautiful. - BekoT.

They're all awesome, but if I line 'em up it would look like this:
1. The Sky is a Neighborhood
2. Run
3. The Line
4. Dirty Water
5. La Dee Da
6. Arrows
7. Happy Ever After
8. Sunday Rain
9. Concrete and Gold
10. Make it Right
11. T-Shirt (Still pretty good riff though.) - BekoT.

2 Run

This is now my favourte foo fighters song since the album’s release. Amazing! - metalwillneverdie

2.The Sky Is a Neighborhood
3.The Line
5.Happy Ever After
6.La Dee Da
7.Concrete And Gold
8.Dirty Water
9.Sunday Rain
11.Make It Right

3 The Line
4 Dirty Water Dirty Water
5 La Dee Da La Dee Da
6 Sunday Rain Sunday Rain
7 Arrows Arrows
8 Happy Ever After Happy Ever After
9 Concrete and Gold Concrete and Gold
10 Make It Right Make It Right

I love Make It Right!

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11 T-Shirt T-Shirt
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