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1 Till I Collapse Till I Collapse

This is the best Eminem song ever. This song really gets you pumped up and is just an incredible song. Em and Nate Dogg work well together and as soon as you hear the beat you know its going to be a good song.

I made this list so of course i put this song at #1 eminem made the song and nate dog was a monster too if you dont own this song buy it - Phuffu

This Song is really legendary I mean I think even Eminem himself well get choked when he hears it because its really great in every aspect the lyrics Nate's hook the Eminem entry word's its all great in every aspect again this song is 4 all ages 4 all ganre's you like rap rock pop what ever it doesn't matter you will love it it will get you chocked if Eminem just recorded this song ^^ retired its good enough!

The first time I listened to this song, I was blown away. Its amazing, and pumps me up every time I hear it. I listen to it every day, and the remix is sick

2 Sing for the Moment Sing for the Moment

This song tells us about everything. This is the best song from this album. It never gets old. NEVER. Eminem is the best forever and will always be heard even after the 500th generation. This should be no1 by miles

Most honest record on the album...Guerrera, that was a fist that hit you..

The best song ever... The chorus sampled from aerosmith's single dream on takes the crown.

My personal favorite from the album

3 Without Me Without Me

This is the second greatest Eminem song ever because he's not singing serious and it sounds like he is just mucking around in this song, this song is very funny - decorulez97

I am into songs by Marshall Mathers, but this song is well rapped and had amazing lyrics. Don't forget the comedy! Here is the list that is correct: 1. Without Me 2. Till I Collapse 3.Sing For The Moment 4. Cleaning Out My Closet 5. Hailie's Song 6. Soldier

This song is really catchy with a great beat and comedical yet pumped up lyrics

Just Eminem having fun! The video is great with him and dre. One of his best songs!

4 Cleanin' Out My Closet

One of best Eminem songs.

The beat is awesome rap is also awesome, and fat, its mastered, you can't beat it.

This is one of the best rap songs that he has made. He's made some really good ones too. But this one makes my top 10 favorite

Without Me and 'Till I Collapse are great songs, but lack the emotion of Cleanin' Out My Closet.

5 Soldier

Best song on tes. very underrated

It's just amazing. Easily the best song on this album alongside Business, Sing for the moment and Superman.

Insane song lyrically, awesome rhymes schemes

This should #1 his influence in this is is substantial and his dissing is out-of-this-world

6 White America

This song is WAAY better than Superman. This song contains the pressure of Eminem being a white rapper in a predominate black music industry. Amazing

Awesomeness reached a new limit after hearing this

From the start, he opens the album talking about society and his music. It was his way of proving to the public that he can do more than just talk about shock rap. - marmalade_skies


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7 Business

My favourite

100% top favourite eminem songs definitely should be number 1 or 2 in this album

By far most understated Eminem song. Definitely on par with without me

On par with Without Me great beat and great flow - _Infinite_

8 Hailie's Song

Better than when I'm gone and mockingbird

One of his best songs. Wonder how hailie reacted to it the very first time she heard it. One lucky girl.

By the way guy who says "hailie is lucky that his father loves him" um hailie is a girl you idiot.

My favorite Eminem song, talks about how life can be useless and boring and has to end at some point, so whats the point of going through the constant lows of life and depression, but one person can change all that in a second and you can live for them

9 Superman

I love Eminem but this song sucks. The girl is ugly and Eminem looked like a doofus.

Most of yall only like it because of the sexy video

man soldier isn't anyway better than dis one...

WHat the fack this is so facking underrated

10 My Dad's Gone Crazy

Hailie sounds adorb lol - LightningBlade

Funny, good flow, and a meaningful part. What not to like?

That third verse though

How is this 11, only superman/soldier/till I collapse are better. Should be top 5 definitely


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11 Say Goodbye Hollywood

Really good and underrated

How is this lower than some others


Easily one of the best songs of this amazing album

12 Square Dance

Come on! This should at least be in the top 10! I mean the beat is awesome, It deals with politics and the chorus just wants you to pull your pants up really high and then dance around. And it actually has a meaning as well.

Best song he's ever written, the only reason its not number one is because it wasn't played on the radio or television, this song is so amazing, such meaning, it actually makes you think.

Not only a great diss song, but a great political protest song too. Keep it up Em.

This song should be up there with Till I collapse but it was not on the internet like Till I collapse.

13 When the Music Stops

Ems verse is amazing the rest are hot crap so much potential

I'm not a fan of this one honestly. But this is the overall best Eminem album.

Em's verse is amazing, the others aren't as good

How can people hate this song.

14 Say, What U Say

A hard oldschool beat by dre in combination with the awesome flow of the doc and em. That's a real rap-clssic

This song is really underrated. The beat, flow, lyrics, everything is good.

This gotta be higher up

15 Drips

Eminem verse and the chorus and beat are exceptional. Obie just ruined the melody and the potentials of the song and of Eminem 's rap. Great song. Eminem 's word play was unbelievable. Love you Eminem. Keep going Marshall Mathers.


This song has a good message actually if you think about it.

What? This song is lit!

16 Lose Yourself

These people are idiots like 5 of the songs aren't on the album

Best song ever but not on the album lmao

17 25 to Life
18 Not Afraid
19 Fack

Not on The Eminem Show!

The best song in the whole world

Greatest song period

Not on the Eminem show but this is a pretty dope song.

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