Best Songs from Igorrr's Savage Sinusoid

Savage Sinusoid is the 5th album by Gautier Serre, under his alias Igorrr, released on Metal Blade Records on June 16, 2017. Describing this album or artist in general is a near impossible feat if described properly. I just highly

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1 Houmous

The opening accordion and drumbeat are both really cool. My favourite aspect of the song is pretty predictable, as it's the wonderful use of saxophone that really draws me into the song. Although I find the chiptune elements with the slap bass to be pretty entertaining as well. - kempokid

2 Cheval

Definitely my pick for one the most fun Igorrr song, by quite a wide margin as well. The slap bass is absolutely amazing, and the surprise of hearing the much deeper death growls was surprising for sure. The sheer amount of changes this song goes through is amazing, and this is a song that definitely feels much more like it's progressing rather than just changing. - kempokid

3 Spaghetti Forever

I really love the melodic intro, it really does sound great. The way it transforms into something with a beat so perfect for headbanging is great, especially given the heavy use of electronic sounds. While this song is in many ways, less chaotic than some others on the album, none of them provide the same level of frantic nature that this one does. - kempokid

4 Opus Brain

There's a bit more focus on the electronic side of composition in this track, and it's all around somewhat more focused when compared to some other tracks. I like the acoustic section with the female vocals quite a lot. - kempokid

5 Robert

I really don't have much to say on this song for whatever reason. I really enjoy it, but I have a remarkable lack of things to say. I do really enjoy the transition about halfway in though, with the vocals being used sparingly. - kempokid

6 ieuD

The baroque intro and operatic vocals are definitely a drastic change from the opening track, but as expected, everything slowly becomes more extreme, and the buildup to this second half is absolutely exquisite. - kempokid

7 Viande

After some "lovely" screaming, the main song just goes further off the rails in terms of vocals. The riffs are pretty cool in general though, and the electronic elements blend well with everything else, with the beats being extremely strange with their constant stopping and starting again. - kempokid

8 Probleme d'emotion

The slow electronic beats sound really cool in general with the operatic vocals to go with it.Definitely a much slower song, but definitely a great one. The violin also sounds lovely. - kempokid

9 Apopathodiaphulatophobie

I enjoy the constant changing between the heavy blastbeats and the baroque tinged softer sections. I unfortunately don't find the insanity of this song quite as enjoyable as many of the others on the album however, even if many of the percussion elements are cool. - kempokid

10 Au revoir

While the song is quite pleasant sounding all around, I do also find it to be quite boring for the first half, before the harsher elements come into play. Luckily, this second half is slightly more interesting, even if it still does lack compared to many other songs on the album. Somewhat disappointing way to close the album off, but still great nonetheless. - kempokid

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