Top Ten Songs on Katy Perry's Witness


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1 Chained to the Rhythm

I think this is kinda a given. The message, lyrics, and beats are so amazing and work together so well. Also, it's the most successful song on the album

The only decent song on the album. However the catchiest song goes to Swish Swish. - bchiarelli15

This song is amazing, the album is just mediocre


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2 Roulette Roulette

Roulette is the best song on witness whats going on? Imagine placing this in 6th

Just can't stop listening.

Like Roulette! - MotherMonster

Why this isn't number 1 already?

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3 Witness Witness

Favorite song by katy

My abosolute favorite song by Katy Perry

Is incridble this song! - Joaopuffle1

4 Swish Swish

This song is catchy as heck. Both the beat and the chorus. Oh, and the verses. Oh yes, the verses. Katy still knows how to make earworms. Nicki Minaj delivers her best rapping in ages. And yes, I know this is supposed to be a diss track against Taylor Swift. I don't really read into such feuds. And it doesn't matter to me. As a song itself, I really like it. Like the album in general. - Martin_Canine

Isn't the best katy perry song but is still a smash hit to me. I am a huge katy cat

Nicki Minaj - young money!

Swift swish bitch

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5 Pendulum Pendulum

Amazing song...this album is so underrated...changing hairstyle never changes ones character & reputation...


6 Bigger Than Me Bigger Than Me

This track has the biggest chorus on the album. So catchy!

Inspirational lyrics and amazing best. Unfortunately it will never be performed or given the recognition it deserves.

7 Power

Best songs of Witness

8 Hey Hey Hey

Absolutely the best song of the album. Especially the beat and the music sounds amazing.I think you never heard all the album songs yet. There are more amazing songs than "Swish Swish" or "Bon Apettit", such like "Hey Hey Hey", "Witness", "Save As Draft" and "Pendulum".

9 Act My Age Act My Age

This is an amazing, and extremely underrated song that needs more attention!

I love this song, It’s my jam!


The Contenders

11 Bon Appétit

Her best song, didn‘t deserve to underperform

12 Save as Draft

This song is so beautiful and has such gospel vibes, definitely one of my favorites.

I juggle

13 Tsunami Tsunami

Best song from the album - Sauleja


14 Into Me You See

Most authentic song of the album - JustinTime

15 Mind Maze Mind Maze
16 Miss You More

This one deserves the top. Seriously. - DaisyandRosalina

17 Dance with the Devil Dance with the Devil

It's a mistake that this is just a bonus track... the 1st time you hear the pop drop after the 1st chorus, its harmony sounds strange, since it brings quite a big contrast from the atmosphere that was being built, but as the song progresses, you realize it makes perfect sense, it's the dance with the devil, you're risking your life through addictions to be able to connect but then reality crushes you. Towards the end, Katy gets more emotional with her voice, and the harmony ends up going to where you actually hope it goes, giving you the sense of closure

One Of The Best Songs Along With Act My Age! - MotherMonster

I agree, but the problem is there is no single "bad song" on the album. All the songs here are great! - mood333

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