Top Ten Songs from Kollegah's & Farid Bang's "Jung Brutal Gutaussehend 2"

"Jung brutal gutaussehend 2" is the second collaboration album between the popular German rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang, released in 2013. Since they are both among the most loved and acclaimed figures in modern hip hop, as well as personal friends, the album was a big thing and topped the German, Swiss and Austrian charts. Like its predecessor it was later indexed for its violent lyrics, that means it can't be sold openly in stores. Even though this is not the same as a ban, because they are still allowed to sell it, but not in regular online stores and not openly physically, the albums usually aren't produced anymore afterwards and are sought after rarities.

And so the album wasn't available for a while. But now Farid Bang, who owned the rights to the album, did something very clever to at least temporarily make the album widely available for download again. While it would have legal consequences for Farid Bang to sell the album online, he gave the full rights to the album to a 12 year old boy who in turn sold the album in the iTunes store (that explains why instead of the original artwork showing the two rappers we get a cheap looking montage of pictures of this tween). You can't take legal actions towards someone younger than 14, thus they can't really do anything against it. I am sure they will take the album down sooner or later - but now several people, including me, were able to buy it. We'll see if this will have any consequences for Farid Bang.

Anyway, despite being a fan of both rappers, especially of Kollegah, I also hadn't listened to this album since it was indexed shortly before I became a fan. Well, now I finally could and of course it's awesome. Multisyllabic rhyming, hard hitting punchlines (literally), heavy beats and clever word play by two awesome MCs combined as a striking force make this just what I love in hip hop. Just wished they would have re-released the first one as well.
"Jung Brutal Gutaussehend 3" will be released in December. And I swear, this time I will get the physical album in time.

The Top Ten

Ey Yo, Pt. 2 Ey Yo, Pt. 2 Cover Art
Vier Elemente Vier Elemente Cover Art
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest Cover Art
Bossmodus Bossmodus Cover Art
Kriminell & Breit Gebaut Kriminell & Breit Gebaut Cover Art
Drive-By Drive-By Cover Art
Dynamit Dynamit Cover Art
Jung, Brutal, Gutaussehend 2013 Jung, Brutal, Gutaussehend 2013 Cover Art
Halleluja Halleluja Cover Art
Gangbanger 2 Gangbanger 2 Cover Art

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Du Kennst Den Westen
Steroid Rap
Dissen Aus Prinzip
Welche Deutsche Crew Ist Besser?
Town, Die Nie SCHLÄFT
Du Liegst
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