Best Songs From Lady Gaga's Artpop

Vote for the best song from Lady Gaga's third studio album ARTPOP. Amazing album, amazing songs.

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1 Gypsy Gypsy

Nothing much to say except this song would've made an outstanding single. This supposedly had the potential to keep the Artpop era alive and popular. Gypsy is just the perfect mix of ballad and electronic styles of music. Lyrics and vocals are top notch too!

This song is the best of her album! I love the ballad at first then it become an upbeat!

Gypsy is so special and relatable like who wants to be alone forever? If this isn't a single I'll cry.

The only good track on ARTPOP! The rest are electronic mainstream with profanity lyrics for trying to be cool, this album sucks. I still have Born This Way as my fave.

2 Applause Applause

So catchy! Love the way she sings it and the clever and witty lyrics! One of her best songs, EVER! - TuneGod92

This songs is best... Because all of the artists life for the applause... Is about gaga evolution//music and lyrics... This songs is the best!

Superb song.. ! Thanks to this great hardworking artist

Super awesome catchy song! Definitely should be #1!
Give me the thing that I love turn the lights out!

3 Do What U Want Do What U Want

Even with R Kelly on it, this song is literally the best song besides, Applause! - TuneGod92

This song amazing! Better than Applause!

Why is the generic song Gypsy ahead of this bop? This is hands down one of Gaga's best songs! - TuneGod92

I wish she reissued the album with the Christina Aguilera version as a bonus track along with Brooklyn Nights. The Christina remix is so much better than the R. Kelly version. - theOpinionatedOne

4 Dope

Although my vote has to go to Venus, this song is amazing! It is beautiful and her voice goes strong on this one. This song is on my list of prettiest Lady Gaga songs (go check it out)! The first time I heard this song, I was smiling the entire time and my toes were tapping. - PandasNGaga

Dope definitely has the best vocals on this album, and is one of her best all-time songs. - EmperorAguila

If anyone EVER tries to tell you that Gaga can't sing, play this. They'll shut up.

Love this song

5 Aura

I'm not a wondering slave I am a woman for choice

It's so complex musically and lyricly, so powerful and the chorus is the best in the whole ARTPOP Era,. It's just so perfect and the electronic beats are the best. Very beautiful, dark and strong song

Awesome song one of the best!

Best song ever! Chorus is slaymazing!

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6 Venus

This is one of my favorites from ARTPOP! - PandasNGaga



Best song of 2013 (at least until Unconditionally came out)

Where is SWINE on this list? Anyway I love all the songs on ARTPOP!

7 G.U.Y

THE BEST - Izalien

Artpop is amazing I don't know what the craze is about gypsy I just don't think its one of the best I like it though applause is amazing so is sex dreams and do what you want also Venus is amazing and artpop and manicure are fantastic but I think G.U. Y just has the edge - 99sjohnson

I have a t-shirt with the words "I wanna be that G.U.Y." Personally I think ARTPOP is Gaga's greatest creation. She had the most say in the creation of this album which makes it very special I think. ARTPOP is definitely not "mainstream" in anyway. It is unique and I think she achieved what she was trying to do. I think she is still very weird. I do not think she is a "pathetic normal person" but whatever, if you think she should just be weird for the sake of being weird... Okay. My favourite songs are Donatella, G.U.Y, Gypsy, Applause and Sexxx Dreams

I wanna be that G.U. Y!

8 Sexxx Dreams

I love it's beat especially in the verses, vocals, and the background vocals. They all make it the mysterious sexy pop song it is! - TuneGod92

Pop perfection - 23MACCAja

Pop perfection. My dirty 4 am jam, when everyone's slow dancing, you're buzzed and you're just wondering what everyone's thinking in their heads

When this song comes on its like you know that its time to get up and start dancing dirty from start to finish the whole song is just amazing the beat, lyrics, synths everything. LOVES IT!

9 Artpop

ARTPOP is not only the best in the album but the best of all her songs. So dreamy and hippie and got a special vibe to it which takes you higher and higher. Not to forget the lyrics which are gaga's favorite on the album. We could we could belong together ARTPOP.

WE COULD WE COULD, when I heard this song for the first time at the Itunes Festival, I was beyond this planet. It really makes you travel to another dimension, a true masterpiece. The live version was way better but still, this is for me Lady Gaga's best alternative song ever. It should have been the first single!

Every time I hear that song I feel like I'm on the oceans. I like the way how the song rumble on my ears

My Favourite, And it's obvious that it's her favorite too!

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10 Donatella

Why wasn't this a single? This song is the best on ARTPOP. This song makes me feel good, heck this album does, but this song does it the best.

Donatella is the best one in the album it's a little self centered but so am I that's why I love it - SexySiren666

Best on the album, one of her best songs so far. Fantastic chorus which rivals Judas, and Bad Romance in awesomeness.

This song is going to be an epic single! Crazy video and let the fashion be!

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The Contenders

11 Fashion!

Severely underrated song. :-(

Should've been a single! uplifting and fun

12 Manicure

Deserves to be higher. Love the energy and vocals on it. It's a total club banger. It makes you want to dance your butt of on the dance floor! - TuneGod92

I just love it

Love the semi-rock style of the song


13 Jewels N' Drugs

I actually like this song because it shows the other side of gaga to me

14 Swine

Pure emotion

It's kinda like Bloody Mary - that's why I love it!

Although one of the angriest songs she's done and the gruelling EDM puts most people off this is definitely one of the strongest songs Gaga has ever done. Her vocals split between the emotionally raw and rage throughout but the darkness almost feels as though it is more suited on The Fame Monster. One of my favourites definitely but I think it's more in favour of those who have their own Swine and expel their own emotions into the song...

Easily one of Gaga's best to date this song is a BEAST

15 Mary Jane Holland

Probably the most hardcore instrumental on the album

Why is this at number 13?! I think it should be higher... I love everything about this song, the chorus is so so catchy and that bridge, oh boy, it is basically the best bridge I have ever listened to!

Not a huge gaga fan but I am obsessed with this song! The beat, the lyrics and her voice, amazing!

Love it!

16 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga doesn't play her songs. Whoever controls the radio company chooses the songs to play. - PandasNGaga

Hi lady gaga
scotty masters my birthday this weekend
I what to play dimond heart on magic 107.7 for me
allways love you lady gaga my life

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