Best Songs From Michael Jackson's Bad Album


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1 Smooth Criminal

This is not even a #1 hit..and yet it's still the best song in the album LMAO - SmoothCriminal

So genious, so awesome so amazing, so easy - SmoothCriminal

This is not a #1 hit and it's #2? , SWEET - SmoothCriminal

Smooth Criminal is better than Man in the Mirror - IIBK

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2 Man in the Mirror

I think it is very important song for Michael and shoudl be for us. If you want to change our word don't say: They must do sth. You have to say : I must do this or that. It is very important to understand it.

Start from MAN IN THE MIRROR. Change the world

This song brought to me to change the world by starting to look myself. Its very inspirational for me because this song inspired millions of people.! I'm SATRTING WITH THE MAN INT HE MIRROR! AWW - fejsampaga

3 Bad

The video is mad. the dancing, the lyrics, the song, michael jackson is very bad - _JahLove

Love it it is full of soul and shows Michael's range and dancing musical talent

The best song ever

Personally my favourite MJ song along with smooth criminal, wanna be starting something and heaven can wait

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4 Another Part of Me

you gotta love this song! it became another part of me! the best song in the world!

Loving this song so much. Love the video too.

5 Dirty Diana

That song rocks! I love it! So powerful and emotional at the same time! One of the best of Michael...

This should be #1, how hot MJ is in this song!

6 Leave Me Alone

Even though this isn't the most popular song on the album I've always really liked it

Cause, "Speedin' on the freeway, gotta get a lead way! "

7 Speed Demon

I like smooth criminal and bad as my favourite songs but this song has very good music and has a good theme I was confused what to choose bad or smooth criminal

This is on of my favorite songs, it should be one of his best. On my iPad, I have the album and there is no Streetwalker and Flyaway.

This songs SHOULD be in the top 5! - lizard302

8 The Way You Make Me Feel

The Way You Make Me Feel ALWAYS makes me dance and sing along, and it's a type of song that never gets old. You can listen to it a million times in a row and still won't help but sing along with it while listening to it for a million and first time! ;) Michael is simply the BEST!

Can't go wrong with the way you make me feel

An amazing track!

9 I Just Can't Stop Loving You

I can't say that this is the greatest love ballad of all time - it's not THAT good. But the lyrics and the music is so simple and meaningful that this song definitely stands out from the album.

10 Liberian Girl

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11 Streetwalker

Always liked this song

12 Just Good Friends
13 Fly Away
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1. Man in the Mirror
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