Best Songs from Poets of the Fall's Signs of Life Album

The debut album for Poet of the Fall is definitely a worthy one, the songs are all of a fairly high quality.

The Top Ten

1 Sleep

The closing song on the album is one that's brimming with emotion and power. It is a beautiful way to finish off an amazing album. - kempokid

2 Lift

The opening song is one that I think most represents the band as a whole, it combines pop and rock elements to create some really great songs. This one is catchy, has memorable riffs and a great chorus. - kempokid

3 Late Goodbye

The interesting thing about this song is how this band really doesn't have that many songs that are that melancholy. As well as this, the vocal performance is great and the song has a generally relaxing, yet sad feel to it. - kempokid

It deserves to be on the 1st place! - Swen

4 Illusion & Dream

This is probably the best vocal performance on the album, and the instrumentals are also very noteworthy due to how much emotion is put into them. - kempokid

5 Shallow

This is an extremely underrated song, everything is quite nicely put together, and the bassline is absolutely amazing. The song also flows very well, with the verses seamlessly moving into the chorus and then back again. - kempokid

6 Someone Special

While most of the song is nothing amazing, just good, the chorus is great. I appreciate how laid back this song is, there isn't any build up to the chorus or anything, everything is just extremely pleasant. - kempokid

7 Overboard

This song actually reminds me of Fire from the Carnival of Rust album, especially the intro. I like that it has a faster pace than most of the album, which is composed of mostly ballads. Instrumentally, the song is also very strong. - kempokid

8 Don't Mess With Me

This song is surprisingly aggressive, sure, the song is still very melodic, but it's clear that this is a fairly angry song, especially by this band's standard. It is a nice change of pace though. - kempokid

9 Everything Fades

This one isn't anything amazing, but it's far from bad, compared to a lot of other songs, it is slightly less memorable though. - kempokid

10 Stay

The song is decent, but once again nothing amazing. - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Seek You Out
12 3 AM

This was a fairly repetitive song - kempokid

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