Top 10 Songs that Remind You of Your Childhood the Most

Ah... Your childhood... Although i am still in it (or maybe you could call it teenagehood), these remind me of when i was younger. These songs are not all good ones, though.

The Top Ten

1 Yellow Submarine - The Beatles

Really liked The Beatles. Specially liked this song. - Martinglez

2 Imagine - John Lennon

Really liked (and still do) this great song (although it's kinda overrated. - Martinglez

Thank you for including some older songs for the more *ahem* mature users of this site :)

I can't remember exactly how old I was when this first cane out but whenever I hear it now it reminds me of my childhood, playing in the back garden in the height of Summer with my brothers and sister. Happy days. - Britgirl

3 Thriller - Michael Jackson

Couldn't stop watching that video. - Martinglez

4 Jailhouse Rock - Elvis

Introduced me to the great Elvis Presley. I loved it. - Martinglez

5 All Together Now - The Beatles

Another Beatles song that I used to listen to a lot. - Martinglez

6 I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
7 Barbie Girl - Aqua

Heard this all of the time... Already hated it... Couldn't get it out of my head.. - Martinglez

8 Space Oddity - David Bowie

I loved this Bowie song (although I thought that it was called "Ground Control to Major Tom") - Martinglez

9 Summer of 69' - Bryan Adams
10 Axel F - Crazy Frog

How could I love this? - Martinglez

The Contenders

11 Gangnam Style - Psy
12 I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

I could like this somehow - Martinglez

13 In the Blink of an Eye - Mercyme
14 Dive - Steven Curtis Chapman
15 Mr. Brightside - Killers V 1 Comment
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