Best Songs on Roger Waters's Is This the Life We Really Want?

The Top Ten

1 Picture That

Sure I love Deja Vu and Broken Bones but Picture That blows everything in Roger Waters' solo career, including some Floyd material out of the water.

Too many F-bombs ;-;

The entire album is bloody brilliant, but this song honestly rises above them all. He forces the imagery he wants you to see upon you. It's amazing.

2 Broken Bones
3 Déjà Vu Déjà Vu Cover Art
4 The Last Refugee The Last Refugee Cover Art
5 Smell the Roses Smell the Roses Cover Art
6 The Most Beautiful Girl
7 Is This the Life We Really Want?
8 Part of Me Died
9 Bird in a Gale
10 Oceans Apart

The Contenders

11 Wait for Her Wait for Her Cover Art

Where are your eardrums!? This is the best song on the album along with Part of Me Died, Smell the Roses and Picture That. There all good!
The only song that should be on the bottom of this list is Bird in a Gale.

12 When We Were Young When We Were Young Cover Art
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