Best Songs on The Romantic's in Heat

This is my favorite Album realesed on September 1983 i highly recommend a lot his songs. pure music

The Top Ten Best Songs on The Romantic's in Heat

1 Talking in Your Sleep

Most awesome of all their songs, I'm pretty sure about that. It's a Fact!

Best Romantics song

This is a very catchy song!

2 One in a Million
3 Diggin' on You
4 Rock You Up
5 Got Me Where You Want Me

this song should be in the number three top, I feel it's probably one of the pure bests ever on this list, it wasn't so hard to realize why do this song got ranked at the top 5 on the list. I lestened and it was great.

6 I'm Hip

Goosebumps. One of the best songs to sing alone at night missing your girl

wow, such a classic! glad to found it here added on the list. all of you should just listen real rock music like this. this song is the best song to me.

this song is so catchy it should 2nd place

7 Do Me Anyway You Wanna
8 Love Me to the Max
9 Open Up Your Door
10 Shake a Tail Feather
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