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1 The Man Who Can't Be Moved

One of their best songs!

2 Breakeven

I love the guitar and how it fits into the solemn mood with a happy approach at the same time. I really enjoy this song and I believe it deserves to be number one for its outstanding lyrics and music.

Love this song! Love The Script!
Still listen to Breakeven, okay I still listen to all The Script Songs, because every single one is simply amazing!

3 We Cry

I love the music in this song. It has great guitar and is one of my favorite songs by the Script - courier28

4 If You See Kay

This song needs to get more attention!

5 I'm Yours

I really love this song..
And also the frontman of the band danny

6 Before the Worst

Oh I just love this song!

Why can't this song be played on the radio? And not this anaconda...

7 Fall for Anything

"You gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything." Words to live by. Magnificent song.

8 Rusty Halo
9 Talk You Down
10 The End Where I Begin

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11 Anybody There
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