Best Songs On Seether's Karma and Effect

This is a list of the best songs from Seether's fantastic album, Karma and Effect.

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1 Remedy

Amazing song, one of the best modern rock tracks ever! - Nightlock

This song is so awesome! Especially the opening riff.

This is in my top 3 favorite Seether songs! Rock on!

2 Never Leave

The guitar counter melody and the vocals just mix so perfectly that I can't help but chose this song as my fave from the album. It was just so well written

Really great song, meaningful lyrics and powerful music - Nightlock

One of my all time favorite by this band. Oh yeah, and it's my favorite song on K&E

3 Truth

Really great song, one of the best Seether songs out there for sure - Nightlock

4 Because of Me

Great song to start off the album, really strong song - Nightlock

I love this song. Arguably their best opener.

5 The Gift

Really great song, really cool lyrics love singing along - Nightlock

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6 Burrito

Apparently, the title is based off an episode of the Osbourne show. Awesome song by the way!

Really cool song...still don't know why it's called Burrito though...? - Nightlock

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7 Diseased

Love this song! It is really good, surprisingly good actually - Nightlock

8 Given V 1 Comment
9 Plastic Man
10 Simplest Mistake

Should be a bit higher on here... Kind of an overlooked song.

The Contenders

11 Tongue

Really fantastic song, starts of soft, but gets quite powerful and strong near the end - Nightlock

12 World Falls Away
13 I'm the One

Pretty good song, quite heavy and grungy really like it - Nightlock

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1. Remedy
2. Truth
3. Never Leave
1. Remedy
2. Burrito
3. Never Leave
1. Never Leave
2. Remedy
3. Because of Me

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