Best Songs on the Weeknd's Starboy


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1 I Feel It Coming

Underrated as hell, but wow it's my favorite!

This is his best song of all time! It's calm and relaxing, has a very catchy beat. Amazing vocals and gives a hell of an MJ vibe.

2 Starboy

Easily best song of 2016...

3 Sidewalks
4 Party Monster


best ever

5 Reminder

The vibe it gives is amazing. Should be #1.

Very catchy song, one of my favourite song from Abel

6 Die for You

Love it

Best song

7 A Lonely Night
8 Secrets


9 Six Feet Under

This is the best. It has a great beat and future is awesome!

10 Stargirl Interlude

Perfect! - KRX

Impressive vocals with immersive lyrics and music. Shame that it was too short :/

The Contenders

11 False Alarm
12 Rockin'
13 Ordinary Life

Come on people vote this song. This song is the best

This song is a future hit

Push this higher! - PhenomentalOne


14 All I Know
15 Love to Lay
16 Nothing Without You
17 True Colors
18 Attention
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1. Reminder
2. I Feel It Coming
3. Six Feet Under
1. Ordinary Life
2. Reminder
3. Starboy
1. Sidewalks
2. I Feel It Coming
3. Starboy

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Starboy - The Weeknd (Album Review)(Part 1 of 3)

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