Top Ten Songs from Weezer's White Album

Weezer's 2016 release studio album. Continuing with the trend of the color-coded self-titled albums, Weezer has made another called the White Album. A more sunny, lively piece of music.

The Top Ten

1 King of the World King of the World

Love the small nod to Only In Dreams (“we are the small fish...”)

2 L.A. Girlz L.A. Girlz

This is good

3 Do You Wanna Get High? Do You Wanna Get High?
4 California Kids
5 Endless Bummer
6 Thank God for Girls
7 Jacked Up
8 (Girl We Got A) Good Thing
9 Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
10 Wind In Our Sail

The Contenders

11 Friend of a Friend
12 Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter
13 I Love the USA
14 Prom Night
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1. King of the World
2. Thank God for Girls
3. L.A. Girlz
1. L.A. Girlz
2. California Kids
3. King of the World
1. King of the World
2. California Kids
3. Thank God for Girls

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