Top 10 Best Female Gymnasts

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1 Simone Biles

Simone Biles is super hard working and there's no one likes her she's my idol and I wanna be just like her. Everybody thinks she's perfect but I know that in there she's fighting mental health issues

Why is she eleventh place? Has anyone ever even seen her do her routines? She's AMAZING! At 4' 8" (she's twenty, I'm eleven, and I'm two and a half inches taller than her!?! ), she's incredible and totally the best on this list. I mean, there's even a commercial about a washer dryer thing, and it stars Simone Biles. When she closes the washer, a flower vase teeters and falls off a high shelf, smashing on the floor; that's how strong she is. Mhm! Let's go, Si-imone, let's go! Let's go, Si-imone, let's go! Wahoo, fellow girl!

Have not words to describe her. Just my inspiration, idol and hero. It would mean the world to me if I mt her. She made me a level 9 gymnast. She is the gymnast. She is the one and only gymnast. Short, but strong. Plus, perfect abs!

2 Shawn Johnson

In her prime she was nearly unbeatable. The only loss she had without making a mistake was the Beijing AA with controversial judging, and was the uneven skew in A scoring for bars.

Shawn Johnson kept me acting for gymnastics at all times in my life I love Shawn Johnson she inspired me in my days watching her do gymnastics.

Better overall gymnast than Shanon and Nastia. 2nd best American ever to Simone in my opinion.

3 Lilia Podkopayeva

Had she not gotten injured she likely wins at least 3 world AA titles and defends her Olympic AA title in 2000.

She was like a ballerina on the floor.

4 Simona Amanar

She should be in the top ten.

5 Lavinia Milosovici
6 Nadia Comaneci

I agree. I watched those Olympics when I was 9 years old. Never forgot them, or her. I loved her toughness, she would stare down the bars, but I did love her smile. She's my most favorite athlete and person, other than my daughters, ever!

No drama and excuses for Nadia. Just hard work, long hours of training, and discipline. Love her style and work ethic! Lots of gymnasts can learn from watching her competitions.

The best gymnast ever still. If Simone shines in her comeback I will put her over but she needs to at least compete well at a 2nd Olympics for me.

7 Gabby Douglas

Gabby, when I grow up I seriously want to be like you. Right now I'm getting there. I'm in national level 4 regional championships in Victoria Australia. You are #1 Olympic Champion

Gabby Douglas is the best of all times. The first gymnast to win the all-around and the team at the same time she made history and broke all records. Love her

Gabby's beautiful shes an amazing gymnast shes worked so hard to reach her goals and now shes getting even better then she was she should be number 1! Shes talented and a wonderful mind- blowing gymnast shes a true gymnast!

8 Nastia Liukin

Kerry Stroug!?!? The girl who did a vault with a broken foot where is she on the list? These are all great gymnast but there are some we are definitely missing! Please take this list in to some re-concitaratoin but as I said before all great gymnast and more to come!

Shawn is ahead of Nastia since even though Nastia is a bit more decorated due to a longer career Shawn usually kicked her ass when they competed head to head in 2007-2008.

Shawn was always overscored. Nastia was much better then Shawn, yet somehow Shawn is still ahead.

9 Larisa Latynina

The second greater Olympian after Michael Phelps (18 medals, 9 of them gold).

10 Olga Korbut

Olga Korbut was simply the most charismatic gymnast ever. This survey is too focused on current gymnasts to give Olga her due.

She performed over 40 years ago and still manages to be an essential part of the sport. She's my favourite gymnast.

Wait, 25? I certainly think that Korbut deserves to be way higher...she is amazing!

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11 Svetlana Khorkina

While Khorkina may be a horrible person, you cannot deny her athletic talent on all 4 events.

Way underrated. Below Shannon Miller and Mary Lour Retton, don't make me laugh.

Should be way higher. The goddess of the sport.

12 Dina Kochetkova

Most underrated Russian gymnast of all time. Should have won the AA at 94 worlds and 96 Olympics with fair judging, and deserved at least silver on bars at 94 worlds.

Such a classy, clean, consistent, elegant, yet powerful gymnast. Way underrated and underappreciated in her career.

Was really the best in the world in her era on bars, beam, and floor. So underrated by judges and politics.

13 Alexandra Raisman

Should be in top ten.

14 Aliya Mustafina

She is such a refined person and gymnast. I love her grace and power.

15 Peng Peng Lee

Incredible athlete with a mindset of a Navy Seal! Focused, driven and task oriented to get the job done no matter what...not even a broken back, two torn ACLs, broken wrist, many other minor injuries but never quitted!

So elegant and powerful

Heart of a champion

16 Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou being 2nd on this is just cute.

17 Laurie Hernandez

She is my all time fave

I love her smile

18 Dominique Dawes

I love her, she is such an inspiring gymnast and definitely one of my favorites. She deserves this spot on the top 10, after all her hard work. AWESOME DAWSOME!

19 Shannon Miller

Should have won AA gold in 1992 olympics. But this brought her back in '96. That BEAM! Wow.

Loved watching Shannon. She was Awesome

She is a class act

20 Věra Čáslavská

The only gymnast, male or female, ever who has won Olympic gold on every individual event.

She was one of the greatest.

21 Anna Pavlova
22 Bridget Sloan
23 Jordyn Wieber
24 Kerri Strug
25 Morgan Smith
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