Top 10 Skateboard Decks with the Most Pop

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1 Plan B

I agree that Plan B boards have some of the coolest graphics and some of the nicest shapes of a lot of boards. However, it doesn't matter what brand of deck you buy. Almost all decks, except for cheap ones you can buy from places like Walmart, are made out of the same wood: 7-ply Canadian maple.

I think as long as you avoid the cheaper brands, most decks should be fine. One brand that you will find at your local skate shop is Darkstar. This deck is made out of Chinese wood, which does affect the overall quality, so maybe give that brand a miss.

2 Girl

The last deck I bought in the 90s was definitely the best of them all. My friends had far more skill than I did, yet I seemed to ollie higher than them, and I suspect it had something to do with the deck. Albeit, it was a 7.5" Tim Gavin, so not much weight to it but plenty of pop regardless. Anyway, I haven't skated since, but about to buy another deck for the first time in almost 20 years - it has to be another Girl.

I love Girl. I've been riding them since I was three, also Element, but I bought them only because that's what I knew and loved. I tried my friends' Plan B, Creature, and other brands. I liked them but didn't love them.

If you don't have a Girl skateboard, you're only hurting yourself. Go do yourself a favor and buy one, like now.

3 Baker

Baker/Deathwish have the best pop by far. I've been skating for 30 years and tested all major brands on the market multiple times. There's nothing that even compares to Baker/Deathwish. Other brands are not worth their money. They pop about the same as any other brand.

Love these decks! They last so long. I had it for five months after skating stairs non-stop. The concave feels really good and has insane pop. You need to get one of these decks!

I just bought a Baker deck two weeks ago. Although it has great pop, it's not durable. I already have many bad chips on the tail. And no, I don't throw it around everywhere.

4 Almost

My friend has an Almost deck and I absolutely love it. Whenever I go skating with him, I am always asking to use his board. He has had his deck for about four months and it is in great condition. He usually goes through boards every one to two months, and this one has lasted him quite a while. He is a really good skater, able to do all sorts of gaps, rails, grinds, stair sets, and many more.

When I first started skating, I learned to kickflip on his board due to the perfect amount of concave their boards have. The board has not lost any pop and has no razor tail. They are great boards and I would definitely recommend them.

Currently, I am riding a Kyle Walker Real board because my local skate shops did not sell any Almost decks. I am truly in love with his deck and am definitely getting an Almost when my board snaps.

5 Element

I've had an Element for almost four years, best decks ever! It still rides AMAZING. If you are looking for a deck, go Element. They are such a great brand that they have to move the HQ often for fear of getting spied on. If they do end up breaking, like that guy who did a three-stair and you landed WRONG, go Element. They have the best skate tech and decks around. Helium decks are Element's decks that have air in the deck! Go Element!

Super light, sick looks, amazing logo, no creaking sounds, environmentally friendly, sturdy, durable, and cheap at a 45-55 price range for featherlight boards, 65 for helium. I've heard people say it's easy to break because of the reduced weight, but I abused my board 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 3 years, and my first board is still in one piece. Best starter board ever.

6 Real

Real decks are very durable, just like Plan B. However, they are relatively heavy. I usually skate Baker but I figured I'd try something new. Lots of skaters at my local skate park like Real decks, but I personally feel that Real can't compare to Baker.

Baker is much lighter and has a deeper concave. Overall, it's personal perspective. Not everyone prefers a heavy deck.

I've tried many decks over the years, and Real is by far the best! Almost was a close second, but Real is better. I can probably bust out a four or five foot Ollie on one of these things.

After a year of hard street skating, my deck was too razor-tailed to skate. Buy a Real! Number one in skating!

7 Zero

Zero makes the best boards with awesome designs, great pop, sturdy and strong designs, and an awesome logo and graphics. I will definitely recommend it as it is probably going to be my board choice for the rest of my life. I have the Zero Blood board seven inch and it is brilliant. I have tried many other board brands and they haven't matched up to the brilliant benchmark that Zero has withstood.

Zero has a very good pop quality. Their decks contain special technologies such as the Shallow Grave, which helps riders pop the board well. The new technology, P2, which is going to be featured in the new board breeds, gives the boards even HIGHER pops and stronger designs. This technology also gives the rider a good feel for the board. I recommend it to new and advanced skaters.

8 Alien Workshop

The first Alien Workshop board I got was from this dude in a van. I was skating at a spot where there were just ledges. He was a sponsor for Monster. When he gave me the board, it was a Street League deck, one of Rob Dyrdek's signature boards. I got it about six months ago. It has good pop. I landed a lot of cool tricks on it. I still have it. It's one of the boards I want to keep. Alien Workshop is amazing. Again, sorry for any mistakes I made. I'm in a special program for reading.

You guys are all so crazy in the head if you say Alien Workshop is terrible and they suck because I've had an Alien Workshop deck for three years straight and all I got is one chip and amazing pop!

9 Deathwish

Deathwish has some sick pop. They have some sick designs, great pop, and they are durable. I have no clue how Element is above Deathwish. Element breaks so fast, and Deathwish will last a lifetime.

The first Barcelona trip the Deathwish went on, it hit some very big stuff. The board got battered around everywhere, and not a single thing was wrong for weeks after. I never even saw a pressure crack. Only Deathwish or Heroin boards to ride.

How is Deathwish not in the top ten? I had a Zero, and it razor tailed the first week I got it. I got a Deathwish about a month ago, and it still doesn't have razor tail. Girl skateboards are terrible. Mine snapped in its first month.

10 Toy Machine

Toy Machine makes good 7 ply skateboard decks. They don't offer much in new technologies or anything in their decks, but their decks are good quality and well made. A lot of their graphics feature cartoon monsters.

The Toy Machine skateboarding team features riders like Billy Marks, Ed Templeton, and Josh Harmony.

I currently have had the same Toy Machine board for about five months (skating every day). I have to say that it is extremely durable and good at flips. However, the back of the board has worn down a lot over the relatively small period of time, and I think that this is affecting my ollies and pop height by a ton.

I still love Toy Machine boards, but the tail gets worn out very quickly, and this really affects the pop.

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11 Skate Mental

Skate Mental has always had strong pop and nice concave. I don't like skating anything with any kind of inserts, like Double Impact or Fiberlight. The only other good boards with that are Heliums, and they pressure crack so badly.

I've been riding the Sticker Sponsor deck for a good seven months now, and my Skate Mental just got a pressure crack in it. If you like ledges and gaps, then go for a hard, solid wood board. Not that "60 day guarantee against breakage" crap.

A well-built, strong board with legit pop and a great kickflip. One of my first and favorite decks. It is not well-known, even though, in my opinion, it is just as great a deck as Girl.

12 Chocolate

I have no idea why Element is on this list, but I have just recently gone from a Chocolate deck to a Flip P2 deck, worst mistake ever. Don't get me wrong, I love the carbon sturdiness and the solid Flip decks, but nothing will ever compare to my Chocolate.

The reason why Chocolate is awesome... Kenny Anderson! I've had four Chocolate decks now, and they pop very high. Just get a Chocolate deck! Who doesn't love a fresh, nice chocolate bar?

Chocolate boards have high pop, no matter the size. They are the same as Girl skateboards.

13 DGK

I got the Stevie Williams signature 8.25 with Andrew Brophy Tensor Mag Lights, Grizzly grip tape, Welcome Orbs Ghost Lites 52mm wheels, Modus ceramic bearings, and Diamond bolts, and I have to say it's my favorite board I've had yet. As someone who's skated Blind, Almost, Palace, Baker, Chocolate, Girl, Plan-B, Creature, Antihero, Jart, etc., I can honestly say no board comes close in pop and flip response.

The concave sticks nicely to your feet when you want it to and feels comfortable to flick your foot off for flip tricks. No razor tail issues so far. It seems to just be a good old 7-ply plank.

A close second, though, would have to be the Chocolate Pop Secrets decks. I've skated a few and they're my second choice if I can't find a DGK in my size at the skate shop I work at.

14 Birdhouse

I'm Haziq Emieril, and I'm a skateboarder. I've been using this skateboard for two years and I love it because it has better pop than other decks. The skateboard graphics are sick, too! It's light, and I guarantee you will like it.

It won't break unless you want to break it. So, I think Birdhouse is the best. Buy a Birdhouse Deck! They're awesome!

Birdhouse is a great brand. Some of the best skaters ride for Birdhouse. They do have low concave which some people prefer, but still, it's a great board for when you are just new to skateboarding.

But if you are an advanced skater, I would not recommend them because, although the pop lasts, it still is very mellow, so yeah.

15 Creature

I had a Black Label. They were pretty good. But switched to the Creature P2. I love the pop, and they don't break easily, lasting a long time. I had mine for a year and a half and am still skating on the same board. You pay for what you get.

I got my board over a year ago, and it has not let me down. It fulfills all expectations, with fantastic pop, and is a great overall board that can handle tricks very well.

Creature decks are totally killer. The new P2 models have incredible pop, are well tough, and fairly light too. Black Label decks are rad too.

16 Flip

First of all, no single brand has 'the most pop'. It's not that simple. A certain brand has many different pro models with different shapes and sizes. That's like asking, "Which car brand has the fastest engines?" Certain Flip boards have more pop than certain Girl boards, and certain Girl boards have more pop than certain Flip boards. But, on average, I think Flip tends to have more decks with better pop. Flip boards, Foundation, and Mystery have the greatest shapes overall!

And what is up with all these people saying they've skated the same deck for 5 years? You're delirious! No way that deck has any pop left in it at all, probably negative pop. Do you kids even know what you're talking about? Haha?

17 Revive

Not a very big company, but man, this is the best deck I have skated so far. The pop is good, the concave feels so natural to the feet, and it resists razor tails for like forever. One day I was so mad and tried to snap my board, but it snapped only after the 11th attempt. Go buy and support this company.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, support small companies, especially this one, making skating more accessible to kids and taking them away from the sometimes bad culture behind it. Love Revive, sick team, sick graphics, and awesome spirit.

I skate Revive because:
A. They always have boards in 7.75 (my preferred size).
B. Pretty good price.
C. I want to support skater-owned companies.
D. Nice team. Not the best skaters, but the best people.

18 Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, Flip, and Creature boards are made from the same wood. They have a medium concave and are made with 100% North American maple. You guys are insane. Why in the world is Plan B #1? I love Plan B's team (Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Pudwill, Joslin, Way, McLung, Ladd, Duffy, Chris Cole), but their decks are not that great. Overall, Santa Cruz, Creature, and Flip are the best decks you can get, especially with all the technology they come with, like P2 and all that stuff. NHS is the best! NHS is the only brand of decks I will buy.

Right now, I have a Santa Cruz Rasta deck, 8.0 by 31.6, and it is amazing. The wood is strong and very good. In my opinion, Santa Cruz, Creature, and Flip are the best, but buy any deck you want. As long as you're skating, that's all that matters. Skate on!

19 Dark Star

Darkstar isn't that special when it comes to pops. The pop is okay. If you know how to pop the board, you'll adapt to the pop your board has. I recommend Darkstar if you want a board that will not break easily. I swear, one time the board hit a wall and came back with parts of the wall on it while the board was still in great shape.

DARK STAR is the best deck I've ever had. I've had a DARK STAR for three years and skate it every day. The tail has only just started to get worn out.

I would rate DARK STAR a 10 out of 10. Definitely get one. You will love it.

20 Blind

I just ordered a Blind Rasta deck and it should be here today! But anyway, Blind decks are amazing! They have concave so there's extra pop in the board. They are really durable because they put either carbon fiber or a special flexible but strong kind of glass which makes it really light. I strongly recommend you get these skateboards.

Blind decks are the best I have skated over the years. They're incredibly durable, and I love their slightly steeper kicks and perfect amount of concave. Pops high ollies and makes flip tricks feel effortless. It's good to choose a board that doesn't fight you.

21 Enjoi

I like Enjoi a lot. If you're looking for great pop, buy an Enjoi. They're great and they're not even that heavy, like most decks. The only bad thing is that it chips kind of easily. But that's okay if you're an amateur. If you're good, still buy Enjoi, but watch out for the chips.

Why is this at 12? I've skated many different brands of boards, and Enjoi is always what I find myself coming back to. They have the best pop and the best concave. Nothing more to be said.

I have no clue why Element is so high up there when they are made of Chinese wood. Also, Elements have not so good pop. Hopefully, people will realize this. Enjoi deserves the top spot.

I'm glad that Plan B did make the top, though, instead of some brand like Birdhouse, no offense. It seems the more known skateboard companies suck.

22 Cliché

Cliché Keystones have one of the best pops I've experienced. I've had two Cliché Keystones, and both had the same good pop and concave. The board is great if you're aiming for height. I've ridden one in the rain already, and it still has more pop than all my other boards, namely Flip, Almost, Blueprint, LCS (Local), and Positiv (First deck).

The only other board I would recommend would be Stereo, so my top two are 1. Cliché and 2. Stereo.

Cliché is awesome, has great pop, lasts long, and they have some cool neutral graphics, not like some other graffiti deck brands. So, all in all, you can't go wrong with a Cliché!

23 Zoo York

It was the best board I ever had. It was durable, had awesome pop, and it is normally the type of board I will get again, 10/10. It's also slick and looks cool. Also, the deck normally is prone to give you respect.

I have a Zoo York board, and I am learning to pop on it. I prefer this board over my friend's boards for the pop. Honestly, I don't know which is best, but I recommend this one.

Zoo York equals my first board, and it still has the sickest pop and goes harder than my friend's Zero and my other friend's Plan B. Very solid, super well-built.

24 World Industries

I've had my World Industries for nearly seven years, and it still hasn't snapped and pops amazingly.

I have a Blind (World Industries) deck and it's pretty good! The durability is the best aspect of that brand.

That first comment is a joke, but to be honest, Almost is where it's at for me, dudes. It has amazing strength and pop. Gnarly!

25 Habitat

Well, Habitat boards are technically made by Alien Workshop, so of course, they're one of my favorite decks. A lot of pop and still going after a year and a half.

Habitat rocks! It is amazing. It has amazing pop, and I have been riding it like forever. Get Habitat. It never loses pop, it's awesome. Great concave too.

Best ever decks, great pop, but I am wondering whether to buy a Baker, Girl, Habitat, or Zero. Please help. Also, my friend has a private skatepark with a rail. What board is good for grinding? Or I might get a Zoo York.

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