Top Ten Greatest Sports Leagues

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1 English Premier League

Has to be number one! It is watched worldwide. Most popular sports league of the most popular sport in the world. Has some of the best Soccer clubs in the world. The World Game.

Greatest league in the world, it's fast, quick, end to end, passionate and the trophy is the greatest looking trophy known to earth. La Liga is a close 2nd and no American league in any sport can touch the premier league for its global appeal only the world cup or champions league would be higher but they aren't as passionate as the premier league

Without a doubt the best sports league in the world.

2 National Football League

It is pretty obvious that NFL is the best league. It has an average attendance of 67 000. Premier League is only 38 000. La Liga is only 26 000. IPL is 30 000. MLB is 28 000. NFL has the highest average attendance of any sports league. Just look at the facts. NFL is the best league.

Why is this number 1? No ones even heard of this stupid league other than Americans. Premier league is a billion times better. American football sucks.

Nobody cares about soccer. I can't name a single soccer team to save my life. Boring! The NFL is infinitely better and more entertaining.

Since American football is the best sport on the planet and these are the best players to play it, this is the best league in the world.

3 La Liga
4 National Hockey League

Best league ever! Better than any other hockey league that exists and will ever exist. Amazing talent and unmatched skill

Non-stop action baby!

Players from around the world and so much could happen in one period

Fun to watch, fights

5 Indian Premier League

I'm an Indian living in the United States, and my favorite sport is soccer and I follow Barcelona in the La Liga, but I have to say that the IPL is the most fun month of the year. Especially if you live in the Indian areas in the US. In school the whole day is about IPL. Bets are being placed in school, fights are happening, and everyone is hyped for this 50 day span of T20! IPL turned boring Test-Cricket into T20 hype, and that's what us Indians need. You never see Indians watch an entire Test match because us Indians feel hype for the game of cricket and want to support an explosive game, which IPL offers. Also, #MUMBAIINDIANS

It's not only Indian Premier League, it's International Premier League!

IPL is the best league in Cricket and truely deserves a top 10 spot if not top 5.
Cricket the great gentleman's game.

Best league in the world

6 Major League Baseball

Greatest as in most positive or numerous or outstanding? Major League Baseball has a lot of that covered. The season is most of the year, so there are opportunities to see a variety of teams play nearly every day. Tickets are generally affordable items (as opposed to some sports that have fewer games and prohibitive ticket prices). It has extremely strong revenue (7+billion dollars US/year) and attendance (~75 million/year), a competitive field of teams that draw on strong local support, and features what is, in my humble opinion, possibly the greatest show on earth-- Baseball. It is a sport that rewards commitment, focus, intelligence, perseverance, and incredible mental fortitude. When positive characteristics are cultivated and honed, this sport produces some of the most riveting athletic performances possible.

I love sports in general, but while my hypothetical child will learn to be familiar with soccer, wrestling, golf, tennis, running, basketball, and a whole myriad of ...more

7 National Basketball Association

It's just common sense it isn't about best sport it's the league and quite simply the NBA is excellent.

8 Bundesliga
9 Champions League

I know it's a tournament but it is still a league of Champions and great teams from each European country. There is no experience better than your team being in the Champions League as the knockout stages are extremely intense and when your team scores and is equal or higher on aggregate you get so excited.

10 Italian Serie A
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11 Australian Football League

Very fast pace game always exciting to watch even if the contest is one sided.

Come on, Australian football is awesome!

Better than any sport.

12 Brazil Serie A
13 Ultimate Fighting Championship
14 Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League is a men's professional Twenty20 cricket league, sanctioned by the Pakistan Cricket Board, that represents the sport's highest level in Pakistan

The best ever cricket league.

15 Ligue 1
16 Turkish Süper Lig
17 Super Rugby

Super rubgy is exactly that... SUPER! There is no other sport in the world that has such skill, pace and bone crunching tackles.. South African, New Zealand and Australian GIANTS going at from late summer to mid-winter.. Nothing else compares...

18 National Rugby League
19 UEFA Champions

My favorite on the list.

Mass ah rough

20 Liga MX
21 Big Bash League
22 F1
23 Sky Bet Championship
24 Football League 1 England
25 Football League 2 England
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