Top Ten Dumb Excuses Floyd Mayweather Has Given for Not Fighting Manny Pacquiao

Floyd is a respectable athlete but it's getting a little old, this cat and mouse game that is going on between him and Manny. The fight needs to happen but Floyd won't let it. Whether he's scared or not, (he totally is) these are the top ten dumb excuses he's made to duck Manny Pacquiao.
The Top Ten
1 Manny isn't good enough

Floyd from time to time will say Manny isn't on my level. He's right In a way Manny is better than him. Look at their fights each opponent Floyd has faced Pacquiao has done better against. Mayweather-Hatton KO 10, Pacquiao-Hatton KO 2. Mayweather-Cotto Decision (Floyd had one of the hardest fights of his career) Pacquiao-Cotto KO 12. Mayweather-De La Hoya Decision (De La Hoya should have won that fight) Pacquiao-De La Hoya KO 9. Pacquiao is a KO machine why'll Mayweather seems to usually barely slither away with the decision.

2 PPV numbers

Manny is said to be the second highest paid PPV fighter behind Floyd yet Floyd said his PPV numbers are a joke. When does anybody remember Maidana, or Guerrero having any PPV bouts before fighting him? Fighting Manny could set Mayweather for the rest of his life since the fight is worth $300 million.

3 I called Manny and he said 50-50

First of all Manny has been more than fair with Floyd their is no reason why Floyd needs to earn most of the money all of the time he is the highest payed athlete for Christ sakes. Manny even made a deal that said 45% to each of them and the extra 10% goes to the winner. Sounds fair right? About 230 million is this guys net worth and he can't give Manny 50-50? It shows how greedy, selfish, and how much of a diva he really is but Manny isn't letting Mayweather be in control good for Manny!

4 Pacquiao has lost and I'm undefeated

First of all Manny probably got cheated at least twice but if you're a fighter sometimes you're going to lose. Lets admit the only reason why Floyd is undefeated is because the judges are always on his side and he never fights out of MGM Grand where he is favored. Yes Floyd won against Marquez once and Manny lost to Marquez once but Manny has also won against Marquez two other times. Anyone who thinks Marquez beat Pacquiao can get out of the conversation.

5 I was dominating in the 90s. Where was Pacquiao in the 90s?

Well Pacquiao wasn't very popular in the 90s but neither was Floyd. It is proved that Floyd never really faced a good opponent until 2000. Plus was Guerrero, Maidana, Ortiz, Cotto, Alvarez, Mosley, Hatton, and others popular in the 90s? The only ones that might have been popular from that time is Cotto and Dela Hoya.

6 He fights my leftovers

Pacquiao could make the same excuse saying Floyd fought Cotto three years later after Pacquiao did. Also does anyone else find it funny Mayweather never brought up Cotto until he got defeated by Pacquiao?

7 Bob Arum

Its understandable that Mayweather and Bob Arum have a shaky past but a promoter shouldn't stop you from fighting someone else. Plus Bob Arum has tried to get the fight to happen Floyd just doesn't want it to happen.

8 I'm concerned for my safety and family

Floyd in a couple videos actually said he was concerned for his health. He made it sound like Pacquiao is a terminator or something that Floyd is going to get paralyzed. He sounds like a damn fool.

9 Pacquiao wont take the drug test

Pacquiao isn't letting Mayweather getting away with his diva ways and its getting to Mayweather. There is going to be any test to make the fight not happen. Not only after a while did Pacquiao say he would take the drug test he said he would agree to any of Floyd's terms to make the fight happen and Floyd still declined. Its unfair that it should be on Floyd's terms to make this fight happen.

Floyd been ducking Pacuiao for years with excuses. No more excuses. Floyd likes to pick and choose opponents that he knows he can beat. He doesn't like to face someone like Pacuiao that he knows who's going to give him a problem

10 He comes from 106

What does this even have to do with anything? Floyd was once also a featherweight and he moved up just like the others.

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