Best Stages of Life

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1 Early Childhood

One of the best times of your life; merely everything you do in this stage is considered nostalgic in the teenage or moreover so years.

Definitely the best life stage. Nostalgia is strong with this one and so memorable.

The part before life started going downhill.

I miss my childhood.

2 Adulthood

You'll have more freedom in your life; additionally, you usually get a full time job at this stage; you'll work with blood and sweat; you're responsible, have responsibility for every action you've done. Being an adulthood means less free time, more work & struggle. Unfortunately, it's more difficult if you're under-accomplished & have a lower paying job as you may not earn enough wealth to support your daily life needs; you also need to pay bills.

3 Late Adolescence

The hardest stage in life for most teenagers. You will deal with mental illnesses, expect peer pressure, more awkward moments. Due to mental illnesses you'll have a higher risk of consuming drugs, cigarettes, and other harmful substances as an escape from mental illnesses. (If you consume the following substances, please immediately stop. It's encouraged that you seek a therapist as there are better actions to treat mental illness.) Late adolescence is the riskiest stage of life physically, emotionally, and sexually among most teenagers.

4 Infancy

Unfortunately, I don't remember anything from this stage, haha

Qwiwk I hate babyhood.
(In fact you poop and pee in your pants)

The time when you're just born.

Boring as hell

5 Middle Childhood

Usually, in this stage you'd have a phone. #LivingThatSocialLife

Time where development accelerates.

6 Senior

The age of retirement. There are benefits for being a senior such as discounts. However increased risk of death by numerous disorders and by natural causes.

The time when I can finally ride all the coasters I want... "World's oldest roller coaster rider".

Yeah, because I totally want to die.

Can't wait to be this old

7 Toddlerhood

Usually in this stage, toddlers cry frequently don't know what they want, sometimes making it very difficult for both toddlers and caretakers.

I loved getting my poopy diapers changed by my aunt, and she loves changing me as well :)

Same with baths.

8 Middle Age

Middle adulthood stage varies.

9 Preadolescence

This is the best time because you don't yet have to deal with how hard middle and high school is, and you also finally get more responsibilities, while still maintaining the fun life as a child.

10 Early Adolescence
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11 Teenage Years

Those were good and bad for me.

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