Worst Ages to Die

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Well, you won't get to do the things you want to do in life.

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Oh, yeah, I remember hearing on the news recently that Prince Philip died. He was 99, and I felt bad that he couldn't reach 100.

And you thought you would reach 100. It would be so bad!

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7 27

There's something called the 27 Club, where people who die at 27 join the club.

A very popular age to go out. It even has its own club.

I turn 27 next year. I hope I'm not part of the 27 Club.

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Before you can be free and experience the true wonders of life, really before becoming your true self. There would be the greatest sadness among family and friends because you were the person they loved and now you're gone from their lives at such a young age.

On the other hand, you're also a very developed person with quality and understanding of the world. Your family and friends having such little time with you could have been so much longer.

Truly, the worst age to die, along with 21 and 22.

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The reason why this is here is similar to the reason why 1 is at #1.

If you're old enough to read this, congratulations on not dying at 0 or 1.

Yay, I'm going to Earth! Ends up in heaven again. What just happened?

You might die on the day you were born. How sad!

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Never got the chance to be an adult or the chance to vote, like poor Michael Brown. I hate racist cops!

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17 1 day old

A one-eyed baby without a nose only lived for one day because of low oxygen getting into the blood.

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19 21

I know a young woman who died at this age.

20 120

Only one person has ever lived this long.

Kane Tanaka (I don't remember his last name exactly) is the oldest person alive. He is 127 years old.

21 5
22 100

Getting into your 100s is a great age. Keep healthy! (I know people could be hit by a bus, suffer an unexpected disease, or World War Three could break out. The Bible nuts could be right, and it is the rapture.)

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