Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to You As a Teenager

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1 Having suicidal thoughts

I'm still in my teen years and because of the fact that I remember all of the bad stuff that I did and my failure to forgive myself, I already started making plans for my suicide attempt. The fact that I failed to commit suicide by a rope made me think of another way to do it. I would use a rope and handcuffs, the rope would be used for the hanging and the handcuffs would prevent me from saving myself. The only way I thought I could cope with this is self harm, everyday I would use a sharp tool to create scratch marks on my skin, but that made it worse (even though I still engage in this self-injurious behavior.) Even before that behavior I still had thoughts of suicide. But the worst part is that even in previous suicide attempt I did it alone.
I wanted to do it alone so that people wouldn't make me feel selfish, but the guilt, loneliness, anxiety and depression seems unbearable for me. I have extremely
Low self-esteem and a burning hatred for myself. My suicidal thoughts are ...more

Obviously this is the worst fate. I get these sometimes when I think nothing is working out for me in life or when I think something is wrong with me, but I have a strong mental block against suicide. Some of the kids I knew weren't so lucky and their death still saddens me to this day.

Teens have commit suicide because of school events like bullying and stress going on!

I have wanted to commit suicide because I really hate the quality of school but I stop wanting to commit suicide thanks to friends on TopTens better than crappy people on instagram.

This is a serious mental condition which affects the minority of the teenage world; however, as it leads in death or serious injury, it is definitely one of the worst on the list. If you need help with suicidal thoughts, call Samaritan's.

2 Getting bullied

I was never really the target of bullying in HS; even if I was sort of a loner, but I knew a kid who was obese and overemotional. Kids would talk behind his back all of the damn time, and I (regrettably) joined in some of the time. Bullying is the worst thing possible to happen to a kid in HS. At 23 years old now, I've tried to make amends with the kid who had to change schools because of the jocks that targeted him and because of the difficulty of the school's curriculum. We're on OK terms now, but we don't talk all that much either.

I got bullied back in my high school and it ruined my educational processe. Made me lose all of my friends and got me thinking about commenting suicide.

Yes, bullying is a common but very serious problem a lot of teenagers face.

Time to make a cringy grounded video to ironically mock these suckers...

3 Becoming pregnant

I have no problem with HS sex, as long as you're using protection. If you don't use protection, this is the unfortunate result of that. Imagine somebody in their teens with little to no money now has to pay for child support and raise a child when they have absolutely no experience with childcare. Scary.

Yep, this happened to one of my friends, though she moved to a nearby town, she still found a way to tell us. She's 14. We talked about it over text, and I gave her some advice. Her mother will most likely have a fit about it. Hopefully, she won't make her get an abortion. Poor thing, becoming a mother at this age. I think 25 is the best age to have a child.

Had a pregency scare once, actually it wasn't really a real preguency just me being stupid. Don't ask. Anyway the shear thought of getting preqnant and losing a life I haven't even started and giving it up for a kid, or just having to deal with my family members in general would be awful. This has to be the worst thing

Teenage pregnancy would end your happiness as a teen. You'll have so many responsibilities you're not prepared for.

4 Being humiliated at school

This stays with people, sometimes for their whole lives. I stayed on the downlow for most of the time at HS so I never got into these situations, but a kid I knew (unfortunately obese) tried out for the basketball team one time and utterly failed by falling flat on his face on the floor and started crying. Kids were talking about it for weeks. Felt bad for that guy but also he had to know that it just wasn't for him to play basketball.

This happens to everyone and honestly it doesn't really scar you for life

5 Losing all your friends

Never happened to me, but it feels lonely having nobody to hang out with when you're young and everyone isolates you.

My biggest fear I swear losing all of my friends.

I recently lost all my friends, bc they were all damn backstabbers like most shy ppls friends.

This is one of my biggest fears in general.

6 Being involved with drugs

I feel this is overlooked considering some teenagers don't look at the consequences in the long term.

If you're easily influenced then that is.

7 Getting acne

I wish I have no Acne why I feel like I'm ugly but I'm not I just want to live a Peaceful Life I want to retire from my Family once I turn 16 or older also I want to live without my Family when I turn 16 or older.

I don't mind about acne very much. I've stopped eating sugar and I also no longer frequently eat fried foods. Some of it is going away but I am continuing to outgrow video games and go outside more then I got more off. Only half of my face has it now but it takes a while before it goes away and you also need to get older before they really go away.

Really? This isn't terrible. I started getting pimples in 5th grade - when I was 10/11. I don't really care anymore, I just accept is as a part of me. There are things 1000 times worse than acne, this really shouldn't be on the list.

You guys are going to have a very hard life if you're voting for a couple little bumps on you as the worst thing about being a teenager.

8 Getting bad grades

Obviously this sucks. There's a difference between slacking and not doing anything at all and getting the bad grade that you deserved and working as hard or studying as hard as you can and still getting that bad grade. That's frustrating.

My grades are already suffering. They are crippled and in pain. I only have good grades in 4 classes. Art, P.E, Science, and Integrated English. I suck at math.

In my second year of secondary, I was doing terrible in my mathmatics class. I'm not that great at math in general.

Depends on the grade

9 Having depression

A lot of young people in their teens and 20s, including me, have had depression and the feeling sucks.

I suffer from depression and anxiety but there's not always a specific cause of it.

Depression and anxiety are two horrible mental problems that every teen faces every once in a while, however if it's constant it's very serious and this too can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions

Depression can lead to suicide.

10 Dating goes wrong

I never want to date anyway.

I never had a boyfriend

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11 Date breaks up with you

Never want a date.

12 Getting beaten up

How is this only 14th? This hurts!

This hurts so bad

13 Getting suspended from school
14 Going through puberty

Not bad but the worst part about getting your period is that if you have it in the middle of class and the teacher won't let you go the bathroom, not only will it be very unhygienic but blood will get everywhere.

You boy lucky as hell because your voice crack you grow your done. But us girls have to have to have blood spill out of us once a month

This is why I don't feel bad for men when they're experiencing puberty!

I thought this would be in top 10..

15 Your parents punishing you for nothing

Oh, right, the GoAnimate videos where parents ground and punish their child for nothing.

16 Having an eating disorder
17 Parents divorcing

Fortunately most kids don't have to deal with this but I've heard a lot of stories of kids who've had to deal with divorce and it seems like a never-ending nightmare for them.

This happened to me when I was 5.
it's not the worst thing to be honest.
But it is really sad when you see somebody with the opposite parent you're living with.
Yea... I guess it's not a good thing, that's why it's place setttles here.

This has happened to me, but my parents weren't really made for each other.

This happened, but I wasn't a teen. I was 12.

18 Being very tall, yet very weak

this makes you stand out and people start making fun of you and if you are tall, I'm pretty sure that you will always get paired with tall guys/girls.

19 Being accused of being moody
20 Getting friendzoned

Ugh this happened to me so many times. It makes someone lose confidence in themselves and the self-esteem points drop. You just gotta learn that it's all part of the process and that there's someone out there that is for you and vice versa.

Am I the only one who doesn't see this as bad? I used to be scared of being friendzoned, but later on. I don't see what's wrong with it. You can't forced someone to love you back and you have to accept things in life. because who knows? Maybe after you got friendzoned, you'd get a new crush and your new crush likes you back!

You people really don't know what a blessing being friendzoned is. I have to put up with this BS every day:

"No don't make me work with Jack. Anyone but Jack"
-my crush after I asked her out.

Not that bad. You have to respect someone's opinion and not get mad just because they don't want to date you.

21 Having random erections

I suffer from this. It's annoying because I always try to push it back but it curls and makes me uncomfortable

The bane of my existence.

22 Being shy in school
23 Being taken away from your parent

I was in 12 different foster homes... getting taken is the worst thing

24 Your crush hating you

Or your crush has a boyfriend. They brake up, next thing you know she gets another boyfriend who's much older. Never having a chance. Burns don't it.

25 Getting cheated on
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