Top 10 Things That You'll Miss When Your Childhood Ends

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1 Playing with Friends

It's just that every year, nearly all of my friends disappear and get replaced with random people blocking my way and feeling like a complete stranger at first. But it's February and I have some friends, but I don't have a best friend because I feel very different from anyone.

Yeah I don't think I would lose my friends when I'm older but I won't be able to see them often and will miss hanging out with them.

I am 21 years old today, and I still wish that I could play with my friends.

2 Going to School

I'm about to go to university in a few months and I can literally remember when I first joined a preschool. I am also pretty young at heart too. School is so much better compared to university. In school, there is less homework and some fun field trips. Preschool, however, is better than school. There is no homework, no work, just playing, drawing, doing arts and crafts, singing, napping, eating snacks, and it's just half a day. I sure wish I had a time machine to go back to the good old days.

This is true, I know a lot of people don't really like school but for me, I do like school and don't mind it. I will miss my friends and teachers when I have to leave.

3 Lack of Stress

I can't stress enough how much I miss being so worry-free. Believe me kids, you'll lose the freedom you have now. Embrace it while you can.

Who even likes stress. It's not fun. It's awful and horrible. It negatively impacts our health and well being. It negatively affects life.

We had a lot less stress, and we instead we're just happy healthy kids having fun. But now, since middle school, I have a lot of problems such as being overscheduled.

4 Imagination

You're never too old to have an imagination. You become more creative as you get older, and believe me, I am developing on three to five series/franchises that I'm making, and will grow in the future.

I find it quite dissapointing how there are absolutely no subjects that use imagination. It's all memorizing stuff.

Nope. Believe me, you take that same imagination with you well into adulthood.

5 Easy Homework

Yes! Homework is so hard now, especially for math!

6 Birthday Parties

Since I turned 13, I no longer have birthday parties as I got less interested, which got replaced with something even better, is that I get to do many things in Dallas at my birthday, instead of having a grouchy normal day where it's school-related (such as going to a basketball game and getting a new guitar). Can't wait for my birthday in two months.

Damn, I sure miss my birthday parties.

I had birthday parties as a kid, my last one was 2012 when I turned 13, I miss them sometimes

7 Nap Time

Dear Naptime, I am so sorry that I have betrayed you. Please come back. I wouldn't sleep in Pre-K, but I'd love a nap nowadays.

Can you please allow nap time in nursery or even reception in Britain.

I'm such a stay up later and I don't care about nap time if I get older.

8 Innocence

Remember when you didn't know anything about sex? Good times...

9 No Politics
10 Snack Time

This is like the only thing on this list I want back. Snack time was amazing.

Snack time in elementary... Apart from the "no junk food" rule it was great.

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11 Freedom
12 First Crushes

I don't miss this. This list entry might as well be named "first rejections", for me.

Actually, some people never had their first crush until then or after.

I remember my first crush I had in grade 2 or something but I miss seeing her sometimes

13 Trick-Or-Treating

As an avid lover of Halloween and all things scary, I can honestly say that missing out on trick-or-treating every 31st of October gets me feeling a little depressed.

I'm 15 and I still go trick or treating. Hell, I'll still go trick or treating even when I'm an old lady.

I'm just hoping to stay five-foot-two well into adulthood and trick or treat with a mask.

14 Toys

Yes! The good thing is that I still have a few!

15 Getting Forgiven for Minor Crimes and Accidents

Now I get in trouble for everything I do wrong.

16 Recess

From Kindergarten to 3rd Grade, I had around 30-40 minutes of recess a day.
In 4th and 5th Grade, it went down to 20.
In 6th grade, it went down to 10.
In 7th grade, lunch became the new recess.

17 Laziness

As a kid everyone did stuff for me. Now I have to work my butt off for my own needs.

18 Having your Favorite Presents for Christmas
19 Video Games with Friends

I used to enjoy playing Halo Reach all the time but not anymore.

All those times playing Melee.

I miss playing ps3 online with 2 of my friends from school, eventually they logged out and never logged in again

20 Favorite TV Shows

Goodbye Hercules the Animated Series and House of Mouse. Good thing that I can still watch them on YouTube.

Goodbye Dora, Ben 10, Rugrats and Foster's home.
Good thing Sesame Street and Teletubbies are still going.

I cannot tell you when my childhood ended or will end.

21 Playgrounds
22 Laughing

So you stop laughing when you reach adulthood? For some reason that made me do something I haven't done since childhood. I think I just laughed!

We don't really laugh at everything anymore, but I do grin and even laugh at some times when I watch something.

South Park is funny so this doesn't go away.

23 Baby Shows
24 Breaking the Rules

Or my favorite activity throwing temper tantrums! And not getting arrested or saying your not allowed to do that or you cannot come back to society!

This is the only one I agree with here. I'm 15, and this is the time of my life where I can do whatever I want, even if someone tries to stop me.

25 Favorite Videos
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