Top Ten Ways You Know You Are Getting Old

What are the things that happen that remind you that yes, you are older no matter how young you still think you are?
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1 can't read anymore without reading glasses

I am horrified of the day I will not be able to work top-notch. especially if I cannot see anything.

Sorry, but I couldn't read this. Now where did I keep my glasses?

Wow I'm thirteen and this applies to me. I must be getting old.

Reading glasses? Oh you can now read? You're welcome.

2 you disapprove of the clothing young people wear, and their music, too

I'm young and I disapprove of old tastes in clothing and music... I'm not old school.

My grandpa always tells me to not listen to rap but it's so darn addicting!

Wait, I was already doing that since I was 13.

I'm pretty young and I already disapprove, makes me feel old already

3 someone calls you ma'am or sir
4 your hair starts going white

I'm 14 years old and this applies.


I'm almost old

5 you are stunned when a young person says Who are the Beatles?

I'm 13 and I love the Beatles but, now everyone at school saying how bad they are and that they they not very famous.

I'm 11 too and their my favorite band and no one know who they are at school (I'm totally disgusted).

I'm only 11 but still shocked when someone says that.

I'm 13, but I'm still stunned. I must getting old.

6 Need to start using a cane

I want a cane, but only to hit people with.

I won't use it even when I grow old.

Well I WANT to use one, but that's just cause I'm lazy and I can use it to hit people

7 you wish you had not thrown out your old toys, clothes, etc. as they are now worth billions of dollars

You've got a good point, there.

8 when your parents die

What about orphans?

9 you move to Florida

Florida is not just for old people. What about Orlando?

This one is funny but very true!

LOL... I didn't want to vote for this one initially. It sure is funny though. I'll move to Florida when I'm old and gray, but I'll move to the Keys somewhere. I'll stay out of Ft. Lauderdale.

I live in Florida and I'm 12...

10 the doctor/police officer/etc. look too young to be qualified to do these jobs
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11 you are done for the night by 10 pm at the latest

My mom made me go to bed at 9PM when I was in high school. Does that mean my mom is forcing me to grow old too fast?

Does that mean I'm old?

The jealously I feel!

The late late show comes on a 1130 keep falling asleep and missing it

12 Your back goes out more than you do
13 there are too many new-fangled devices to learn how to use

Trying to plod through Office 2007 and a new droid phone as well.

14 You can't remember what you said to someone yesterday, but you can remember television commercial jingles from 1960
15 You get in a lot of pain recently
16 Someone calls you an old fart!

Oh! Of course it's the surest signal.

No. That's just idiots.

17 (for women) you find yourself shopping at Talbot's instead of Banana Republic (or the Limited, or some store like that)
18 When you think you remember what sex was
19 You remember Tom and Jerry coming out in the 40s but don't remember the Wii U coming out
20 When you call 20/30 somethings Kids

I'm in the Millennial generation and have a kinda fear of old age. When it's the 2050s oh no its happened.

Instead of young adults or some other less demeaning and age defining phrase.

You will try to resist it but eventually you will fall into this little age revealing habit. By crackie...

21 you're still tired even though you've slept 12 hours

This could be a sign of a serious physical or mental problem regardless of age.

I've felt this way now for a few years.

22 you get excited about tea

Oh gosh! I must be super-old...

23 your pants start to rise to your armpits

I will never let that happen to me, even if I have to wear those 3 inch rise jeans when I'm older.

I will NEVER stop wearing low and ultra low rise pants no matter how old I get.

Hahaha that's hilarious

24 You can't tell the difference between your son and your potted plant

Hey Billy! Oh wait, I don't have a son..

This is if you have kids...

This would be hilarious.

25 You think Betty White is sexy

RIP Betty White... you were always old no matter if you were five years old or eighty years old...

What the hell? This is probably true though

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