Top Ten Things Most Kids Dream Of

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1 Having superpowers

I remember being 5 and me and my friends were convinced we were avatars, like we seriously thought we were bending the elements.

Don't pretend like you haven't stared at something like Matilda or said "Accio! " Without really hoping something might've happened...

Actually, you can get some superpowers like telekinesis, you just need to practice. I did that and I have telekinesis

2 Their favorite cartoon being real

I don't watch cartoons so I dream of my favourite anime being real, and some of my dreams were weird and freaky. Once I had a dream I was a ghoul, but I was being chased by the cops. My favorite one was when I got a free haircut ( getting a haircut from a cute anime girl like Yona or sailor mars is amazing ) and lap pillow from princess yona. ( Yona of the dawn ) unfortunately, I woke up to realise it wasn't real. I'm 14 and I love in Japan by the way.

I don't watch cartoons so I dream of my favourite anime being real. Some of the dreams were weird. One time I had a dream I was a ghoul, but I was being chased by the cops. My favorite one was when I got a free haircut and lap pillow from princess Yona from yona of the dawn. But then I woke up and realised it was just a dream.

3 Parents forgetting their dentist appointments

What about getting wisdom teeth out? I'm a bit nervous in case I need to get mine out in the future (even though I only have one) due to horrible memories of my childhood dentist pulling out my baby teeth EXTREMELY HARD...ugh! :(

I actually like going to my dentist though, everything is Alice in Wonderland themed. -Anonymousxcxc.

My dentist is nice and they hate scaring kids.

4 Having lots of friends

Going on YouTube, making the random video out of Caillou and getting 5,000 sub's.

5 Candy precipitation

But then the candy will get really huge and one stick of gum would be enough to crush an entire shool.

When I was a kid I actually had dreams of MONEY precipitation.

It's raining candy! From out of the sky! Candy, no need to ask why.

6 Being rich
7 Becoming famous

I'm still hanging onto this one. Although in the world of art now! Did anyone else sing loudly walking down the street in hopes of a talent agent hearing you? Or am I weirder than I thought?

Not necessarily famous, but rather just to have a successful career in the special effects department with movies and stuff (so animation technically) and to have fun with my job too. -Anonymousxcxc.

Since I was 4, I wanted to be a singer. My mom told me I never would when I was 7. That's not nice. I was SEVEN. I would still hate to hear that now.

8 Being good looking

Have done that. Now time to have the best dreams.

Yeah and they imagine their crush is dating them and they are the most popular kid in school

9 Staying up late

When I was 6, I dreamed that when I was 10, I would stay up as late as my parents.

Eh I've done it before. It really depends on what you're doing during that time. -Anonymousxcxc.

I always stay up past midnight, my advice is not to do it yourself.

10 Getting into heaven one day

I love Jesus and I want to be with him one day.

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11 Wandering in another world

Once I had a dream in which I was walking in this medieval world which was full of knights and princess castles, and I even saw dragons flying in the sky. I've also had a dream in which I was driving a car on Rainbow Road as if I was in the game Mario Kart. Another dream I had was when I was in a movie theatre and we were watching a 3d movie and everything in the movie came to life. And I was riding a flying unicorn that came out of the movie screen. And also, I've had a dream in which I was in this super high trampoline bounce house, and everything was made out of trampolines, so then I could just get from one side of the room to the other in just a couple of jumps. Also, that place in my dream had dragons flying if you wanted to reach higher floors, and parachutes if you wanted to go down floors. And once, I've had a dream in which I had a map of the world, and anywhere I would touch on the map, I would be teleported to that place. I got teleported to places like Egypt, Hawaii, Japan, Norway, Greece, and other places.

12 School to end

Pro: no more boring lessons. Con: less smart, and less friends!

Yea, but then you would have no friends.

I hate school but I wish school did not exist but I want to do home school

13 Their crush to like them back

When I was a kid I thought crush meant someone you hate. One time I said to my friend, "I have a crush on Janice" and she was like, "You have a crush on a girl?"

And I thought the something special about me and a soda can! (Crush soda) get it?

My crushes are not real. I see them in my room sometimes, but they're not real.

14 Being a rock star

I have wanted to be a pop star since I was 3!

I may have dreamed that once or twice...

Dun dun dun. DRRR! (Loud Noises At The Background)
Jahn "Garfielf will you please calm it down I am trying to play Call of Duty! "

15 Being friends with their favorite YouTubers

I want to be friend with coyote and the crew!

16 Never being bullied

Bullying is just so mean. If bully did not even exist everyone will be happy in this world and have a fun and have a always sunny life. Bullies should go extinct! D: Bully is AWFUL.

To the comment below bobbythebrony's: You're not alone, I haven't been bullied either. -Anonymousxcxc.

Beating up bullies and escaping to McDonalds yum.

17 Traveling around the world

I hope my worst enemies win a free trip around the world.
Starting in Ethiopia, then Somalia, Congo, Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, North Korea, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and ending in Honduras

A dream in progress (I've already traveled to a fair amount of other countries so it's getting better, but the downside is the jetlag). -Anonymousxcxc.

That would be so awesome! I love traveling around the world.

18 Being a pirate
19 Having lots of toys
20 Being a baby again

Kids never dream to be Kids, but Teenagers & Youngsters dream about this.

I don't wish myself to be an infant.

21 Becoming a Pokémon trainer
22 Going on an adventure

Yep, me and my friends would climb on this island, on a helicopter, then head back to home to begin a new adventure.

23 Going into space

Now we're lost somewhere in outer space.

24 Being a janitor
25 Getting their dream jobs

I always wanted to be

Monday: rockstar
Wednesday: author
Friday:home with family
Saturday/Sunday: home with family

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