Top Ten Teenage Stereotypes

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1 “You’re not depressed, you’re just angsty/tired/moody/edgy”

Venting of teenagers are invalidated and are disregarded as angst, moody, edgy. Many people on the teenage stage usually encounter problems such as mental illnesses and anxiety due to school and other common problems plus they are in the awkward stage, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have a depression because they often use "depression" as an alternative term of short term sadness. Did you know that most signs of mental illnesses appear within the age of 14 to late teens?

Yeah we're not depressed

2 “Teenagers are lazy”

Common stereotype provided by a simple answer: Not all are lazy, but some teenagers might need more sleep to function well. This pretty much applies to any person in all ages who haven't built up their good habits yet.

Some are but not all

3 “Teenagers are attention seekers”

True stereotype for some few teenagers. In terms of genuine mental illnesses and anxiety sometimes attention can be necessary as they need comfort.

No they're not

4 “Teenagers can’t leave their phones”

This stereotype is often over-exaggerated, although most teenagers scroll through social media, and while that stereotype is occasionally true, but that isn't always the case. There's another reason teenagers have their phones with them, to communicate with their family and peers, and for emergency cases.

5 “All they do is play video games”

While this might be true for a select few, teens are disciplined enough to do their main priorities I.e studying before doing the fun stuff.

What do Teenagers do other then play video games? I have some examples of other things they do

1. They go to school on week days

2. Most listen to music

3. Most play sports

6 “Teenagers drink, smoke and do drugs”

Although despite the abuse of drugs is often overlooked on this age range, teenagers who wear hoodies or any black outfit are unfortunately stereotyped of this.

I've never smoked or done drugs in my life, and I don't really drink either.

I don't drink that often, I only smoked once, and I don't do drugs at all.

7 “Teenagers don’t have problems”

Many of them do in fact. Stress, school frustration, money management (in later teen years).

8 “You are too young to understand”

Never underestimate their cognitive skills based on their age. In this generation teenagers have good cognitive abilities and understanding due to wider access to information.

9 “Teenagers who wear black are edgy”

This is a very popular stereotype. Many people judge and assume a teenager based on appearance. Some are but many are not. If black is just their favorite color, would you assume they're edgy?

10 "Your opinion is invalid because you’re just a teen"

They disregard their issues, ideas or opinions invalid, because they're on their "teen years". This is unreasonable and opinions coming from teens can come valid; their brains are not fully developed yet but occasionally they can come up with good points.

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11 "Teenagers are rebellious"

That maybe true of certain teens but not all of them. True teenagers are adolescents who know better than to be rebellious all the time because they're smarter, more mature, and more experienced at life than kids are.

12 "Teenagers are ungrateful"
13 "Teenagers love gossiping"
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