Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Kids

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1 They Throw Tantrums

A 2-3 year old girl threw a tantrum in a supermarket because of a chocolate egg. A CHOCOLATE EGG! It was expensive and she cried. Dude, 2-4 year olds cry over anything imaginable. Also, I noticed the girl likes candy (no surprise) and when she sees some, she automatically wants them. I like candy too but I don't overuse it.

It is so annoying to have a little kid throwing a temper tantrum! I should know, my little 4 year old always says she hates me and throws a temper tantrum!

When he was little, my 7 year old cousin would cry until the point that he nearly throws up. He actually threw up from his tantrums several times. SO ANNOYING!

NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva, have you ever seen the Supernanny episode "the Tomlin family" where their twins would throw up after throwing tantrums? My cousin was EXACTLY like them!

2 They Scream

I know this kid who screams so much, I'm starting to think that's her normal voice. On top of that, her mom only blames it on someone else in the room or says, "Please be quiet" to no effect. Even when that annoying little brat is literally the only one screaming and everyone else is actually trying to quiet her down, to very little effect. The worst thing about this is that she always needs babysitting. I don't know if all this is a bad child or bad parenting...

My little almost two year old cousin *is sweet and happy and all but gets fussy in under a SECOND. Out of her sight for under a minute? She will SCREAM her lungs out and cry like the devil himself. It's horrible and in public? My ears want to BLEED. I seriously want to tape that child's mouth.

On the bus coming home from school there was this little butthole kid who was screaming his head off for absolutely no reason! I wanted to smack him in the face!

Once I was at chilli's and a 2 year old was screaming while we were trying to order our food. Then I literally told the little devil to shut up.

3 They Talk Back

I don't think talking back is the issue, it's when children are purposefully disrespectful to their parents without reason. I don't consider talking back in itself annoying at all. Usually when kids speak up to their parents it's either because they're hurt, are trying to answer what their parent asked them, or the parent is being ignorant themselves. (Before anyone comes to me complaining that I'm a stuck-up spoiled teen, I grew up in a very strict family myself who punished us for talking back, even when it was justified. So no, I won't shut up.)

Only because half the time parents are mean to us kids! We're not talking back or being disrespectful! We kids are just standing up for ourselves! Parents should also learn to respect their kids more. The parents are usually the ones who disrespect their kids and expect respect back. Its not fair! Just because parents are older doesn't mean they're superior in EVERY way possible!

We're trying to stand up for ourselves. "Hey stop doing that" said my dad. "I'm not doing anything" I said back. But we can't talk back. Yet they can talk back to us.

I totally agree Egno if a kid ever talks back to a parent they have every right to smack the living hell out of them.

4 They Always Want Attention

I know this scene all too well. It starts off with a family day at my uncles place then my 3 year old cousin asks for me to go to his room to show me something. Next thing I know, I'm stuck in there almost all afternoon until someone has to almost pull me out the room laugh out loud

This is TOO TRUE! Every time we have people over, I have a trail of little kids behind me at all times! No, I don't want to play. No, I don't care if Dora got a popcorn party! No, I don't want to watch your surprise egg videos. They can never leave me alone.

Luckily, my youngest bro wasn't like this. He's 11. He became into electronics like most teens ever since he was 6. He did beg for attention before he was 6 though. He also sometimes begs us if he has to let his energy out or whatever.

So sometimes my mom's friend comes over and brings a crazy 4 year old over, and I'm stuck babysitting her. I hate it. Apparently, this kid is my "friend." Yeah, nuh uh! She made a mess, went through my stuff, screamed, and touched everything in my room!

5 They Bother You While You're Trying to Do Things

One day, I was doing my extremely important homework, the night before it was overdue. Then, a 6 year old girl I know bursts into the room, making a crazy amount of noise and practically charging at me. Then, she suddenly stops, looks at my homework for at least 10 minutes until I ask her to go away so that I can continue. Then, she gives me this idiotic look and says in her high-pitched, extremely loud, 6-year-old voice, "I don't think you're doing that right." It took so much to avoid throwing her and her dumb face out my window. By the way, I live on the 6th floor of a building.

UGH it is SO annoying! They always do a voiceover things they're doing, they yell and tell stories and always distract you and tell you silly stories they think are funny while you're trying to concentrate.
it is cute at first but then it gets very irritating. Especially when I am trying to read a book and they keep talking despite the fact that I give them my phone to play with.

So right! My three year old brother always makes annoying noises and tries to steal my stuff when I'm reading! It's horrible! I tried to shut my door but now he can open doors apparently. I HATE it when he does that.

When my cousins were younger whenever I was on the computer my cousins had to stare at my screen and they asked me to play with them while I was doing my homework.

6 They're Disrespectful

It depends. If the kid is respected he should be respectful. But a lot of adults except respect even if they're disrespectful. So it depends.

Kids don't get much respect either, so maybe you should start and notice a difference in their behavior.

The kids aren't respected either, so why should they give you respect?

7 They Make a Mess

When my mom babysat my cousins, they would tear up the entire living room and dining room and the stairs and scatter toys all over the floor, and if you attempt to move them or even clean the mess up they will lose it and freak out. Even my mom will not let me clean the mess up or move the toys to the side. I had to risk injury every step I take just to go upstairs and downstairs! It's like stepping through a mine field in a war zone!

It's ok. My room is messy. I'm tired of always cleaning it. But when I'm in college, I can be as messy as I want. Cleaning your room is usually a waste of time.

The only time we all did this and never cleaned up was when we were like 4.

Kids are alway making a mess and they never want to clean up.

8 They are Stupid

It's true, this seems very rude, but I see some of these items as an "I hate it when" type of thing. I think most of us can agree that we hate it when little kids are stupid. Again, it is still rude.

Well little kids are dumb so you will have to let them learn. I see how you feel if you have a sibling who is 9+ and dumb though.

I know right? I mean, I'm 13 and I have straight A's for the entire year, have nothing lower than a B- yeah us kids are really stupid

by the way for the stupid person who put this is on, that was sarcasm

Their logic is always a little skewed.

9 They're Ungrateful

True. We can be ungrateful for school though. A lot of the stuff we learn in school that are pointless we can google it up if we want to know, half of it I don't. Why should kids thank school for learning cursive (keyboards exist), math (calculators and computers/phones exist), dictionaries, encyclopedias (both of those Wikipedia exists), art (ms paint exists), foreign languages (Google translate exists), geography with maps (Google maps has it taken care of), and school itself (the Internet exists)? I do agree kids should be thankful for waking up in the mornings, for their family, for their health, for the house they live in, etc.

My brother is just ridiculous. He eats really weird food. examples: hot dogs with nothing except a bun and weiner, pizza with only cheese, not even tomato sauce! DRY Seaweed and noodles almost every day. And today he didn't want to eat his hot dog because he said it was too chewy. I want to scream because he is so ungrateful for the food he gets!

Kids today have no appreciation for how hard their parents work to provide for them, all the food they buy them, all the clothes they buy them, the roof they put over their heads.

What would they do with no food to eat? Or no clothes to wear? No education?

10 They Ask Too Many Questions

The other day, my youngest brother asked my sister random questions like how did helium gas get invented or whatever.

Once some little kid saw me, came up yo me, and started bombing me with questions (How old are you? How did you get so tall?) It drives me insane when kids do that.

Why do we breathe?
Does Batman wear underpants?
Does god have a long beard?

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11 They Get Smart with You

Yes. I hate it when my little brother roasts me and makes up random reasons why he's right. He acts like I'm some kind of bully and he's the innocent perfect angel and I get so angry at him

I argued with a little kid over an anime show and he's a stupid little &9:/%!

12 They're Bullies
13 They Cuss

So? This is one of the worst things about being a kid. They're only bad because of some dumb man 1000 years ago said "don't say these words they're bad". If it's because of a curse or whatever, those are over. If it was a bad one, how come adults can cuss but kids can't? My moms not too strict if my 11 yr old bro says minor cuss words, but my dad gets angry if he says something like "fudge". There should be no age limit on cuss words. The maximum age kids should cuss 10 minimum when they start talking. My dad even yells at me, my sis, and my 15 yr old bro if we say them sometimes.

So? Swearing is not that bad unless you use racist/sexist terms. But it's very annoying when kids use it to be cool when they don't even know what the words mean.

This is absolutely true! Why do they say bad words if it's bad? I am actually the only one, LITERALLY, in the classroom who does not say bad words.

Kids today know so much rude stuff. When I was about 8 I learned my first swear word. And I didn't know what sex was until I was 10.

14 They Grow Up

We all have to grow up.
The struggles of being an adult and realising how more easier childhood was.

The only good thing about it is that their behavior improves.

I think this was added by a kid. I wouldn't be surprised.

It's better than being stuck with no freedom though.

15 They Think Money Grows on Trees

A lot of kids just assume that because their parents make a lot of money they should be able to buy them anything they want, however these kids don't understand that parent's have things called bills.

You guys can hate me all I want, but I like kids. I think they are cute. A little kid once said hi to me and gave me a hug. I also have 3 cousins who are 1 and 5. And they are nice to me. you probably be all like "why would you ever say that kids are a bunch of rubbish I abused 2 yesterday" So go ahead and HATE ME and THROW ME INTO FIRE! 1 no one can change my opinion

My younger cousins used to constantly make my mom buy cheap toys for them from the dollar store.

My brother bought this dinosaur toy that was like 20 dollars. It looks like it's from McDonald's.

16 They Get Into Fights with Their Siblings

Well, I have an older sister and I like hanging out with her.

17 They Play Kids Video Games

I'm 17 and I kinda like Minecraft, I have seen a many video called "Trolling Kid on Minecraft". They are so mad and screaming so loud!

I am in middle school and I am sick of just hearing the word Minecraft.

I'm 10 and hate Minecraft. Claiming that every kid enjoys a game is stupid and ageist

Minecraft is kinda boring. If you like it, good for you.

18 They are Selfish

Once I was with another kid and we had just eaten dinner, and a few minutes later we got bored. I had an iPad without Minecraft and I asked for his ipad (which had Minecraft) but because he was a selfish little rascal, he only let me on it for 1 minute or somthing like that. I asked him

I let my brother use my stuff all time, but when I asked to play on his ds because mine was charging, he said no. So I asked why and he said he "doesn't like people using his stuff" well I guess I won't let him use MY STUFF then!?

I hate ungrateful brats that think they are the center of the world. They are just asking to get a fist in the face

Once many years ago I was at a party and my sister was using my phone and I was bored

Me (to cousin): can I borrow your iPad for a few seconds? My sister is using my phone

cousin: NO! >:(

19 They Like Dumb Things

And this list is someone's opinion, so if you don't like it, search for fact lists.

Saying something is dumb is an opinion.

20 They Exist

Umm, everyone was a child once, so saying kids shouldn't exist is like saying humans shouldn't exist...

If children don't exist, Adults like you won't exist too! Are you crazy!

This is a dumb item. Everyone was a child before we became older.

So I'm annoying for existing in the first place? , degenerate.

21 They are Immature

Some are some aren't. When I was 9, I hated watching sports, but I was bored so I sat at the T.V. watching football without complaining. I like watching sports now though. If a kid is mature at a young age, society should allow them to drive and vote.

We were reading A Christmas Carol, and the guy was like 'I feel so gay and happy! ' We all died laughing. Well the boys did. And me. I'm a girl

Of course they are, kids are not supposed to be.

22 They Treat Your Car Like a Trash Can

My cousins would treat MY ENTIRE HOUSE like a trash can. When they were younger and my mom babysat them, they would throw up everywhere, rip up perfectly good napkins and then scatter the pieces all over the trash can, go in my room and touch my stuff, spill food and drinks everywhere, throw toys around, and wouldn't clean them up! Even worse of all, my mom didn't even care!

23 They Bite
24 They are Snitches
25 They Have No Problem Breaking Your Stuff

I had a brass slinky... And he broke it TWICE!

I will beat them up if they break my stuff!

I am offended by this list.

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