Stranger Things Characters You Would Instantly Want to Befriend If You Met in Real Life

The Top Ten

1 Steve Harrington

I'd rather have him as a mom than as a friend. - Misfire

He'll make a better mom than a friend honestly.

2 Dustin Henderson

Best character to befriend

He's cool

3 Will Byers

Yay will is my favoritee

4 Eleven

I'd love to! Who wouldn't want to be friends with a person who has telekinetic abilities? - Misfire

5 Mike Wheeler
6 Lucas Sinclair
7 Max Mayfield

Max... or Will

8 Nancy Wheeler

Nobody can replace Barb

9 Bob Newby

Poor Bob... - Misfire

10 Jonathan Byers

I would

The Contenders

11 Barb Holland
12 Chester
13 Mews
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