Top 10 Strongest Supernatural Characters

This list is based on the sci fi horror show supernatural and its strongest beings.

The Top Ten

1 The Darkness

She was able to overpower god himself and is the oldest thing in existence - Emurad

Darkness is older than God, making her stronger

It's literally said that she overpowered god.-.

2 God God

They both have been there since the beginning of time and as being primordial beings they have an extraordinary amount of power - Emurad

3 Michael

The most powerful and fierce angel. Michael is one of the most feared beings in the supernatural universe - Emurad

4 Jack (Nephilim) Jack (Nephilim)

Not sure is he is stoner then Raphael of Gabriel since we haven't seen his true power but jack before being born smited a yellow eyed demon and as a human archangel hybrid he has an extraordinary amount of power - Emurad

Jack being a hybrid is crazy and he doesn't even realize his true potential butif he does he be at micheals level

5 Lucifer

The devil himself and the 2nd strongest angel lucifer could beat multiple pagan gods at one has beaten the Winchesters on many occasions as well as on of the oldest beings in existence - Emurad

6 Death

Why isn't death on the list!

7 Castiel Castiel Castiel is a fictional character portrayed by Misha Collins on the CW Television Network's American television series Supernatural.

Was able to over power Raphael with a snap of a finger due to the thousands of souls from purgatory - Emurad

Not thousands it was millions of souls.

8 Raphael Raphael

Next to lucifer in angelic rankings Raphael could effortlessly kill high ranking demons and was along god in the beginning of time - Emurad

9 Gabriel Gabriel

As the youngest among 4 archangels Gabriel as being an archangel has an extreme amount of power and could take the fight to lucifer himself - Emurad

10 Scott McCall

Absolutely lit true alpha

The Contenders

11 Demon Dean

For what we know dean killed hundreds we don't know a lot of his time as a demon except minor flashbacks but we do know that he was more powerful than any angel or demon walking around hell even Crowley king of hell feared him.

12 Eve

Known as the mother of all monsters and one of the oldest beings in existence after the archangels eve was able to make someone a monster of her choice with just a touch - Emurad

13 Dick Roman

Along with eve dick Roman was the leader of the leviathans and had a lot of power as he was there before mankind existed - Emurad

14 Jesse Turner (Antichrist)
15 Alpha Vampire
16 Cosmic Entity
17 Leviathan
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