Top 10 Strongest Undertale Characters

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1 Sans Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult more.

I voted on him because you don't expect him to be such a strong character in magic and in mind. Sans has strong magic and can doge like a boss but he's been put through such torture with the knowledge of Resets. For him to still try and fight is an amazing feat in itself and for him to still have that one bit of hope is truly remarkable

Sans alone is more difficult to people doing the genocide route so what is stopping him from becoming even more powerful and less lazy than he already he is.
sans is also the only boss in undertale were he knows the resets and it takes so many resets to finally defeat him but even then his death is the most punishing because we don't get to visual see him die but only hear him so for all we know he pretended to die so he could just stop fighting

I watched people try to beat him, and I felt very sorry for them

He's only boss smart enough or at the very least fast enough to dodge your attacks.

2 Asriel Dreemurr Asriel Dreemurr is a character from the 2015 game "Undertale". He was created by Toby Fox. more.

Asriel Dreemurr should EASILY be at the top of the list, simply because of all the power he has with those souls. Sure, Sans can dodge almost anything, and Chara and Frisk can completely erase everything, but if you think about it, with all the power that Asriel gets from absorbing every soul in the underground (barring only Frisk's soul, and including all the other human souls, which there are a total of six of), he could easily do either, or even both of those things. Plus, even if he didn't, no matter how many times he gets hit, and who hits him, he doesn't get hurt. So yeah, it peeves me a little that he's in third.

Asriel is probably the strongest character in Undertale.
The game outright tells us he's a god. - TheCrystalWolf

Overall Asriel Dreemurr is the most powerful character in all of Undertale.

Why you ask? Well let's start of with the fact that Flowey had consumed 6 human souls to become a being of unimaginable power. Now let's add all the monsters in the underground's souls and you have a being that has infinite attack and defense.

Asriel can use every monster in the underground against the player but not to their full extent.

Sure Sans has his gaster blasters and his powerful abilities but the people only consider him to be a hard boss. Sans would be the hardest to fight because Asriel Dreemurr is impossible to destroy.

All and all the Asriel is the most powerful character in Undertale due to having 6 souls and all the monster souls. - Terrain

Omg a skeleton with 1 hp and a childcare above the god of hyperdeath who also has infinite stats... HOW

3 Chara Chara is a character in the game Undertale by Toby "Radiation" Fox who is one of the seven people to fall to the Underground prior to the fall of the player character. Her name can be changed by the player and will be assumed as the player character, until the Pacifist Route when Asriel asks for the more.

Why is Chara below Sans?! Sans is literally THE WEAKEST character in the game! He has 1 HP, 1 ATTACK, 1 DEFENSE! Poor Chara should be number one!

Sans can kill you over and over, chara and frisk can easily erase the world.

They can erase the world, apparently.. so I guess that would make them strong. - TheCrystalWolf

can erase the world and to add on, she is a demon in a body, making her twice as strong. This is because she says that she is the demon in the player' soul and she wants to get rid of the world( Earth and the underworld). So all in all, Chars is the strongest character in undertale.

4 Frisk

Frisk powers

1. Determination (Revive after death)

2. Is A Human (As said in the game, it would take every monster soul in the underground to equal the power of one human)

3. Save files

4. Reset (Frisk's most powerful ability in the game)

5. Exists outside of the game (You are Frisk)

Because of how Frisk is the only character who can come back even after being killed, that makes her somewhat the strongest character.

Not even the strongest characters in the game can actually "kill it". While she isn't the most physically strong, she holds an advantage that no one else has. Give a character fire, a spear, anything, they still can't get rid of... Them. - Qryx

If Frisk is out to kill you than to stop it killing you, you could need to commit suicide. Frisks power's? Knife, determination & the power nobody in the Verse ever has! The save file. OHHH. jk. Anybody who doesn't vote for frisk than u r a (the comment above me). Sans tried to stop this from happening but he gave up a long time ago. now he has to face it. (When you pick Genocide route & fight him in the judgment hall).

5 Undyne Undyne is a main character in Toby Fox's 2016 RPG, Undertale. She is the heroic fishlike captain of the Royal Guard, who takes it upon herself to protect the monsters of the Underground. Her name is derived from the word "Undine", and is a pun on the word "Undying". Her most loved monsters are her mentor, more.

Because she can become undyne the undying and is really strong and beats me every time I try I die,

I played undertale before and when I battled undye I died 89 times so I think undyne is the strongest

Undyne The Undying
Literally the hardest and the most unpredictable enemy (second only to sans), still, very hard in general. Also, she is the only monster to overcome determination (Alphys did say monster soul can't contain determination, but I guess Undyne's was too strong, even stronger than death).

Okay she is not stronger than sans or Asriel but Asriel is only strong from the souls,and sans from karmic Retribution points also she harnessed full determination

6 Gaster W . D Gaster is one of the characters from the very popular game, UnderTale . Basically, he was once the royal scientist long ago, but then was forgotten and left in the void . more.

On YouTube It has a video of power ratings and says gaster is the best in power

This is stupid. You guys just said Gaster was the strongest even though we know nothing about him, he literally disappears when you touch him.

Gaster can travel across timelines, so basically he can collect all seven souls of a lot of timelines, before anyone else, making him like, the most powerful video game character overall even.

We know nothing about Gaster or his abilities. We aren't even sure if the sprite we find in Waterfall belongs to him. How is he meant to be here? - TheCrystalWolf

7 Toriel Toriel is a main character in Toby Fox's 2016 RPG, Undertale. She is an amazing blend of goat and mother.

If Toriel didn't stop attacking us, she would be a pretty hard boss. - TheCrystalWolf

She is my sister

Don't laugh

Goat mom

8 Annoying Dog


He is by far the strongest character in Undertale. Sans is just a powerful mortal. Asriel Dreemurr is just a powerful being with the ability to destroy the barrier and quite possibly anything else. Chara is only a being with the ability to kill anyone including Frisk and steal Frisk's soul. Frisk has the strongest determination which makes her able to survive death, and she can delete save files using hacking skills so that she never gave her soul to Chara. Chara and Frisk can only reset the world, but the Annoying Dog (Or Toby Fox) has the ability to permanently erase Undertale from existence. He created the world including Sans, Asriel Dreemurr, Chara, and Frisk which automatically makes him the most powerful being in Undertale. I'd say that Sans should be #5, Asriel Dreemurr should be #4, Chara should be #3, Frisk should be #2, and the Annoying Dog should be #1.

Annoying dog is basically Toby fox so he should be the strongest

I think annoying dog is strongest because he can DESTROY if just a button (trash can icon)

9 Flowey Flowey is a flower in the RPG Undertale. He is the first character you meet, and also your best friend.

He knows about the timelines that indicates something very powerful about flowey and bullet surround insta kills sans he can’t block all of the bullets

Why so low, let's not forget that in geno run Flowey mentions she(i know she's a boy but I always imagined and always will imagine her as a girl) lived through if not thousands of timelines, in some she was nice in some she slaughtered everybody, but she also says she never got to even touch the six souls, so she murdered EVERYBODY without being Omega Flowey, also her "friendliness pellets" bring you down to JUST 1 HP, wich NO characters do!

Omega flowey is OP

Wow pretty brave

10 Omega Flowey

I beat him in three tries not kidding and without cheats if I was lying I would say no deaths
But Mettaton EX was harder than this - AlphystheDinosaur

He is literally a god

I voted for asriel on another device, so I’m voting on photoshop flowey. He is a powerful demigod (basically) with the power to create save points anywhere. The souls revolted only when you reminded them flowey is evil. His attacks are insane (from nukes to lazer fingers with flower heads) and very difficult to avoid. Normal flowey is a fraction of this strength, SO WHY IS HE HERE?

It's so ridicolous cause this is lower than regular flowey

The Newcomers

? Loox

Don't pick on me

Cool monster

? Underfell Muffet

The Contenders

11 Asgore Dreemurr

This guy...
Really strong, but gets a LOT easier when you learn his attacks. - TheCrystalWolf

Asgore can be super nice or he can be super hardcore and kill you bro, we should put him in the top 2 at best!

Actually this guy should be number 5 - kyleb79


12 Papyrus Papyrus is a character from the 2015 game Undertale, made by Toby Fox. He is the Younger brother of Sans the skeleton, royal guard in training, and a sentry in the town of Snowdin. Opposite to his brother, papyrus is active, loud, and full of himself; but in an endearing way. Papyrus means to become more.

You know he has attack 8 one more then undyne. Which is strange...

I feel like he could fight in his own way

Kick his butt Pap!


13 Mettaton Mettaton is a character in the popular 2015 RPG game, Undertale. He is a robot with a soul built by Dr. Alphys, and is the sole television star of the underground. Mettaton is a popular character in the fanbase. His notable features include his legs, and his catchphrase "OH YESSSS!"

His/her normal form is Iindestuctible. He should me at least number 5

He is stronger than Undyne because of 3 reasons. 1 He can dance on you and make you have to dodge tons of legs. 2. He has mini versions of himself to help protect him. 3. His standard form is indestructible and his EX form has lots of tricks like bombs thrown at you... legs kicked at you... mini mettatons thrown at you... and even his own power source. I think Undyne is strong... but Mettaton is slightly stronger. I think she should go here and Mettaton should go at number 8. Asgore would go to 7.

I resemble metaton ex to the point were its scary, we're both so FABUlOUS


14 Mettaton NEO

He has better stats than Undyne the Undying, even if he gets killed in one hit.

He is the worst

15 Napstablook Napstablook is a secondary character from Toby Fox's 2016 RPG, Undertale. He is the cousin of Mettaton, who left him in order to become famous. Due to this, poor Blooky has crippling depression.

For god sake guys you are wank as hell Napstablook was easily by Chara including multiple timelines and (for some reason high ball) Multiverse

Napstablook is the only character in undertale that can not die by chara or anything

He just lowered his health because he's nice. You can't really kill him

Napstablook can't be killed. brooo

16 Ultra Sans

Hey it's cool to have a cool character in the game. Besides the title says Top 10 Strongest Undertale Characters not Top 10 Strongest Undertale Characters From the Game.

Who put Ultra Sans here? He isn't even a character in the game!

Well he isn't an Undertale character either

Bro he is so over powered. I got one shot Ed ever time. I got so mad 😡 I stopped playing under tail for a year

17 Muffet Muffet is a character from the game Undertale. She appears in a region called Hotland, selling pastries to raise money to rent a heated limo to help the spider clan from the Ruins (who are also raising a bake sale) reunite with the one in Hotland because the spiders can't cross Snowdin.

She one shots me every time... End of story

What? her pet is so hard!

Spiders scare meh

18 Error Sans

Why does everyone say ink is stronger than Error?
They are equals

Sans has strings that can take souls but he's not strong enough to kill ink sans

Sans but god of destruction

Can kill every thing

19 Ink Sans

I think ink is stronger then ever UA because he the god of creation

Ink sans is strong enough to go to different universes and strong than error sans

Ink Sans should be #1. First of all, he created every AU, and secondly, he protects them and he is able to draw whatever he wants and make it come to life. Ink is easily the strongest. - Sans_The_Skeleton

Sans but god of creation

20 W. D. Gaster

Just how he acts I feel like in a second he could murder someone lmao

Gaster is so strong he can only be fought in a cheat code, then again he has almost never been beat.


21 Temmie Temmie is minor character from the 2015 game Undertale made by Toby Fox. Made in the likeness of her artist, Temmie Chang, in appearance and character. Both a character and a species of monster, temmies are defined by their mix of cat and dog features, as well as their broken English. Their hidden village more.

Shouldn't good ol' Tem be higher on this list? I mean, the Tem shopkeeper can make the most powerful armor in the game.

Bob would have been a better pick - kyleb79

TeMy dO I nEeD To sAy aNyThInG?

Tem is no power, tems power is cootness, Annoying Doggo Is Second.

22 Dusttale Sans

Sans but can take more than 1 hit

Hey bud Dusttale Sans is from an AU not Undertale who put dis here

Because he is LV 20

Dusttale sans is the best. End of.

(spoilers) He is basically a genocide version of sans after 372 genocide routes. also, anyone who voted or made flowery in the top ten, he's a murderous lunatic, HE EVEN KILLS HIS OWN BROTHER, PEOPLE!

Sans would never over 100 trillion pounds kill his brother.The ONLY people who could beat him is chara, asrial and the Annoying Dog.


When you encounter him in the secret cave thing, he says "I don't have enough..." this means he's a murder and a lunatic, bloodthirsty for EXP (Execution points) and LOVE (Level of Violence).

One of his attacks is a red, spinning bone wheel. After 4 seconds, the whole box goes red.It doesn't hurt you, BUT THE BONE WHEEL IS STILL SPINNING, YOU "MAD DUMMIES."

please vote if you agree after this statement, thank you!

23 Jerry

Sans is tough. Jerry is the hardest boss in the history of gaming and makes all other bosses look easy. Sorry Sans, but you didn't make me rage quit 100 times then quit Undertale. I came back 2 weeks later and cannot get past Ruins Dummy.

One Punch Man's worst enemy. Too strong and can take on all of Undertale's characters at once and beat them. With its eyes closed. Without moving.

Sans can make him crap

One of the strongest! Seriously!

24 Mad Dummy

I'm out of knives

25 Cross Chara

Bro.Chara would just slay away at everyone.She has a knife almost as big as him/her.She can also just take control of anyone,ANYONE.

I thought this was undertale, not UT AU’s. But still, they have the overwrite option. Let’s see frisk come up with anything better. The only possible stronger foe is asriel, but he is already at no. 3. Show Cross some love too!

26 Core Frisk

Core frisk is literally everywhere! But she can only project one body, but she can still see everything ( she can see all the multiverse at once! So if you try to do a suprise attack she can just easily teleport away or defend herself). by the way she can see the past and the future!

If you still don't think she is strong then i’ll tell you this... SHE CAN’T FEEL PAIN! And I'm not joking, I litterally checked every website about her and it says there she can't feel pain but she can still feel discomfort, but not PAIN!

For example if Error Sans tore her arm out then she would be discomforted but no pain. An if she want her arm back (which she probably does😅) she could just project another body and BOOM 💥 she got her arm back!

She can also store stuff or destroy stuff on her eysocket. There is also a comic that she can transport stuff in it too.

If you read this and realise her awesome powers the please vote. Tnx😁

27 Mad Mew Mew

That’s not from undertale

28 Ice Cap

Don't steal my hat


29 Uranus

Eww! Uranus isn’t even a PERSON in undertale!

30 Inktale Sans

He can make the other sans from the other alternative universes fight for him.

31 The Sassy Ruins Rock

If it showed its true power, it would be the 2nd strongest thing in Undertale, only Jerry is more powerful.

Be glad this absolute unit wasn’t getting serious with you

32 Alphys NEO

She is considered to be the most difficult enemy.She is harder than Mettaton NEO whose does absolutely nothing but instantly takes between 900,000 and 999,999 damage.
Alphys uses Mettaton's attacks and uses yellow mode... She also uses straight beam projectiles that emerge from skeletal faces, known as " Gaster Blasters."
When she loses all of her hp, she resumes the battle after gaining determination. As the fight progresses she continues to melt along with deteriorating the music with her fast forward and rewind. after surviving the phase, she stands there to finally be taken out.

33 Whimsun

He is just a practice monster..

Whimsalot is the strongest it just can't be beaten

34 Alphys Alphys is an adorably dorky, lab-coat-wearing, bespectacled, yellow-skinned lizard scientist who resides in her lab in Hotland in the critically acclaimed cult classic RPG known as Undertale, wherein she partakes in the daily act of watching insane amounts of anime and having a vast majority of the more.

She killed flowey

He has created Mettaton give him time for more powerful monsters. ps he made undyne so powerful

35 Froggit
36 Dummy
37 Monster Kid

This mans stood in your way even when he knew you were demolishing him in genocide
he deserves an oscar.


38 Adam Deathly

Come on miller sans is a monster. Adam could easily take advantage of Killer sans power. Seriously

He is a character of my own not any old of or au. He is half human half monster. His parents were killed by angry humans. He has a very powerful soul more powerful than a human and monster soul combined. And good friend of Frisk he should be number 1


39 Lesser Dog

Please pet me

40 Player

How is this on the bottom? This is Frisk! I guess I am the only person who realizes this.

41 Final Froggit

Its hard to dodge its attaks but its near mettaton too

42 Killer Sans


43 Fell Sans

Fell sans will do nothing not to kill I mean his motto is KILL OR BE KILLED

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