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1 Lukas

He’s not the best, but ultimately a good character with high character development. He started off as an arrogant coward and then turned into an insightful friend (Lukesse all the way). Anyway, I don’t like how he was barely in season 2, but honestly in season 1 he was spectacular.

Me personally I don't see Lukas as the best character ever, but I can clearly understand why so many people think Lukas is the best character. And in most cases I agree with them. He seems to be able to warm up to a lot of people, even those he considered rivals. But as the story progressed I saw the rivalry between Jesse and Lukas as just a competitive duo (to be honest with my opinion, I don't see that romantically) Plus I did like to see in episode 3 that he was regretting his actions in the first episode and also feeling guilty about not being brave enough to help Gabriel and Petra. It's not his fault, he's never been through these adventures before, he's never had to work with people his former friends don't like. (Speaking of which, I do wish there was an explanation to why The Order of the Pig (what I called Jesse's gang) and the Ocelots even became rivals in the first place) And Lukas does change later on to become a braver and skilled fighter, while also siding with The Order ...more

Aside from Lukas, I love how these descriptions and fan fictions of these characters show more depth and personality into these guys than the actual series does. (Not a hater, I'm someone who sees this series as a guilty pleasure and think it's writing is awful, totally different things, even though I still love the scenery, Petra, Lukas, and Jetra, I said it, I don't think Story Mode is good, but I love Jetra, don't @ me just because I'm complex) It just shows how much wasted potential the series had.

Lukas is so cool

at first I was like WHO IS THIS BLONDIE!? Then when he joined our gang to find Ivor I was like NOOO WHY LET THE PERFECT BOY JOIN LET A CHICKED OR SOMEONE ELSE JOIN CAUSE I AM NOT WORKING WITH THIS PERFECT BOY NU UH NOT TODAY! but then I let it slip since we needed a blondie in the team. This is the truth at first I didn't ship Lukas and Jesse because I think I might of payed more attention to Reuben but when episode 5 started I started to notice a strong relationship between the two but I still didn't ship them and just saw them as two caring friends. When I finished that episode I watched other Youtubers play the game and down in the comments I could see people shipping Jesse and Lukas (on female Youtubers) when I played episode 6 I noticed that Lukas hanged out with Jesse a lot and I also noticed how much Jesse stood up for him I wasn't sure if it was just a really close friend thing but I thought about it and Lukas' other friends NEVER stood up for Lukas ...more

2 Jesse

I don’t like it when people call he/she a Mary/Gary sue/Stu. Jesse started off as a humble amateur who just wanted to do what’s right into a hero. They gained experience along their journey, making them talented. I like to think of Jessie as confident and curious individual who always thinks outside the box.

Jesse is a pretty difficult character to find a personality out of. And the reason for that is because we play as him/her, we control what he/she says and does. And yet, it doesn't affect people seeing Jesse as this selfless person. For those reasons, I can see a lot of people who don't like MC:SM (trust me, there are a lot of haters out there) calling Jesse a blank slate, especially for a main character. But I think I can come up with some reasons why Jesse does have personality:

1. He/she is clearly a fan of the Order of the Stone, he/she was sword fighting an armor stand, had a poster of Gabriel, and he/she and his/her friends attend the building competition every year, not to mention he/she was the one who came up with the building ideas. This could prove Jesse is a creative person and takes all this inspiration from the order. Plus he/she was admiring that poster of Gabriel in the training montage with the 'I'm going to work hard and be just like you someday' ...more

Ok. Jesse is kinda a Gary/Mary sue. He can’t get wither sickness or loss him memory like Petra and Gabriel, get chipped, go to the mines, be forced to be Romeos “Champion” or any of that! I understand that Jesse needs to always be there, but still.

I think he is the best characters because he is very warm when its about feelings and is never angry like most other characters.

3 Reuben

I actually cried when Reuben died, while I didn't when Magnus did, because Reuben is so deep as a character in the story. He was cute, loyal, brave, friendly, funny, and lots of other things too. He's just got everything that makes up for a great main character. He made a whole lot of difference in Story Mode, and he even saved the day when the situation was the most dire for the protagonist.

Only thing that doesn't make sense about this character is that he has fallen multiple times and jumped quite high heights, but doesn't seem to take any fall damage until the really big fall at the end of Episode 4, which proved lethal.

You have been a huge contribution to the entire world of Story Mode, may you rest in peace.

Honestly, I really wouldn't want that adorable pig to die at episode 4. I mean, WHY? If he was in the later episodes, MCSM would've been better. But, I'm glad no other people in the Jesse Gang died.

One of the best part is that when reuben roared.
Aww! He's so CUTE

If Reuben was in Episode 5 - Reuben would kick Aiden's, Gill's, and Maya's butt with his head.
If Reuben was in Episode 6 - I would like to see Reuben's face when he sees White Pumpkin (CassieRose)

Who wouldn't say Reuben is the best character in MC:SM? He and Jesse had such an adorable owner and pet relationship. And Reuben as a character was not just your standard cute animal sidekick. Sure he's already adorable and cute with the dragon roar thing they did in the beginning. But he's not'so cute that he acts cute' or'so cute but he has no purpose for being here' he's not a magical girl mascot that's what I'm trying to say here. Reuben was full of fun loving personality, he was energetic, playful, optimistic, and is always caring and loyal towards Jesse. Not to mention he is such a boss when it comes to people who threatened Jesse or made him/her feel hurt. You just know that if you have a pet, you and that pet are going to have a cute relationship. A lot of the time I wonder what Reuben is doing because he was so full of emotion and personality that you want to know more. And by episode 4 when Jesse was comforting Reuben outside the cave, I wanted to scream "Stop being so ...more

He is so cute! I don't get either Reuben had to die in episode 4. I was so depressed. The story was happy because of him.

4 Petra

She is well designed, written, voiced, and more! I love her so much. Probably with a little bias, but still! I fell in love with her character, even though it's the same badass trope we've seen time and time again she feels unique and defined as her own person. Very well executed, and a charming but flawed character that brings so much life to the (mostly) broken series of Minecraft: Story Mode. I also love Ashley Johnson's voice. Seriously she was perfect for the role. I could see the creators (or even better a different company) close Jesse's chapter and take the viewer/player on a different journey with HER and a new set of characters and story because I think she could make an interesting main protagonist. I feel like with some flashback sequences we could learn more about her because I really do believe that her fears come from events from the past. I feel like her identity crisis, and path to happiness could create a very impactful message to many if it was told with an ...more

Petra is very well-written, some say she's overrated but I don't agree. She has the most character development and screen time (besides Jesse) and is in most of the episodes. She hardly ever is OOC and isn't one of those characters with a singular personality trait. In season 1 we see her as a tough adventurer that doesn't seem to need anyone, but in season 2 Petra is more exposed. We see her desire to be a recognized hero and be on the same ground as Jesse, her insecurities over her friends, and her bond with Jesse. She isn't just the tough hero, she's a flawed individual that doesn't want to be a sidekick or lose her friends. And yet we all still root for her. Petra's character development is excellent, especially for a game that is meant to be more about the plot than the characters. She will always be my personal favorite.

She is a very well written and complex character. And she is actually helpful when many many characters that people like aren’t. I mean don’t get me wrong, I LOVE RUEBEN SO DOn't HATE ME! But he only really helps once. At least majorly. But Petra has saved Jesses lie countless times, and the game seems to just brush over the fact that Petra saved his life. And if Jesse saves her life, and that doesn’t happen as much everyone all like “Oh my god Jesse is so brave and selfless even though Petra saved Jesses life once before the withstorm even spawned and countless other times.”

I can’t say Enough about how much I love Petra. He personally in a nutshell:
Now there is a LOT more to Petra than that but I I wrote all the reasons to like her this would take all day. I‘d make Petras theme song “Sit still looks pretty” and that song is basically about NOT wanting to sit still and look pretty and not wanting to be girly. That’s Petra. But Petra is a VERY deep character. She was my favorite character ever since I knew she got a nether star. And then she got even better.

5 Ivor

I'd actually prefer Ivor over the Admin as the better villain. And Ivor won because while the Admin has an understandable backstory and he is and absolute savage, he does still feel like a Joker ripoff sometimes. Ivor on the other hand, craved adventure and excitement, so, I assume that's why he joined the Order of the Stone. But then the ender dragon battle happened and Ivor went into complete grief when he knew that the order were frauds and didn't deserve the kind of fame and attention they got. And my theory is Ivor was the one who made the order break up, I guess the way it was done was when Soren left and Ivor told the others to think about what they've earned from lying and left. Even years later, Ivor's grief made him release the wither storm and treat others with no respect, (to the point I couldn't really blame Petra for not liking Ivor, he never did give her that diamond, and he released chaos that nearly killed thousands of people including Petra and her friends, and I ...more

Ivor is my favorite. He is smart, funny, and has a memorable personality. The ninja thing isn't really my favorite, but he's still great.

He is very funny and good at making potions. I forgive him for making the Wither Storm. (I mean Soren deserved I guess)

Ivor is just hilarious. I also like how different he is from the old Order of the Stone.

6 Olivia

Olivia is descent. I can fully see where she had a character arc with her idolozing Elleguard and very much seeing engineers supposingly better than her. However, I feel like they should have gave her more screentime to demonstrate her insecurity. In some points, she just comes off as a Negative Nacy. She's constantly too negative about everything. I get it's a showing of insecurity, but if they just gave Olivia more screen time to envolve around that, I would have fully called her a great character. It's a shame really

She's by far the best character in MC story mode.

I like turtles

Friend of Jesse and member of the New order of the stone, good engineer, uses mostly machines as weapons

7 Gabriel

Warrior of the Order of the stone, is a master with a sword

He is awesome I mean AWESOME.No KIDDING

8 Axel

He screms like he isn't scared at all

Friend of Jesse and a member of the New order of the stone, is a good griefer, fight with TNT or fists

Fatter then Donald Trump

9 Pama

"Greetings, my friends.
You will all be made useful.
Then I will get to your homeworld and make everyone there useful, including your good friends Axel and Olivia. Yay.
Your running makes me sad."

Oh yeah, something doesn't make sense about Episode 7. The primary source of "deaths" is to be captured by mind-controlled people and mobs and be "made useful". But one big question - after the player is made useful, isn't there still the possibility that Harper is going to save them?

He's just a delight. Episode 7 had to be the most interesting of the 4 episodes in the portal arc. Just put his character in a short summary:
"I am P.A.M.A. Which stands for whatever it stands for. I am a computer that doesn't understand how human brains work in reality. So I'll overdo my programming to make living things useful and brainwash all of you! Yay! 🎵"
Also, episode 7 is the perfect episode for memes thanks to that last line.

He is not evil. I love him

Pama is evil

10 Winslow

He's the white pumpkins cat,why is he on the list

Winslow is a weido cat

He is a cat. That’s kinda all he does. Be a cat.

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11 Emily
12 Ellegaard

The engineer of the Order of the stone, makes machines, leader of Redstonia

I bet you'd be better than Magnus

Female Einstein

I think shes a little mean

13 Soren

He's over hated in my opinion his page on the heroes wiki was fldeleted because of someone's comment even though siren has never actually done anything cynically

Leader of the Order of the stone and Master builder, is a powerful and wise man, but turns out to be a liar

14 Nell

Nell is awesome she's the only reason you get your friends back and of course her amazing surfer dude accent I mean what's not to love?

15 Radar

I think that Radar is Reuben's reincarnation, whether it was intended by Telltale or not. When you think about it, tey actually have a LOT in common. To name a few...
1. They both get black eyes (determinant)
2. They're both adorable
3. They both are surprisingly courageous
4. Both of their names start with R
5. Jesse says in Giant Consequences that Reuben would have loved Radar
And that's only a few! There are probably plenty more that I don't know. Either way, Radar is a fun character with an amazing, unique personality.

Jesse's intern/assistant goes nuts when he's hangin' out with 'em

He has a really good personality and he tries to be brave for Jesse and is willing to do something. And he is ADORABLE! X3


16 DanTDM

Dan is the best
Why is he in the 17 place.
He might kill sparkelz but it does he need to be in the 17 place. If you don't know stampy lied 3 times first he said he wasn't nervous but he was second he said he was average in his reds tone skill but he was an expert third this one shock me but remember he said dan might lie about someone stolen his flint and still but he lied, he said that to protect him self.
I don't mean that this words hurting stampy cat I still love him because he is a really nice guy but here dan deserve more. This letter for TEAMTDM:) I still love stampy if you don't know

17 StampyCat

I watch stampy’s YouTube channel, and when he reacted to himself it was HILARIOUS! He was the “bravest character” by far lol and he is funny. They brought him back along with Stacy in season two, which was a good choice. I love stampy!

I love Stampy. Such a Good character though


The best Character because he had the most to do in episode 6 he should fear,happy,sad,anger and more emotions and olso without him the episode would not be there so he is the best character (and youchuber) in my opinion

18 The Admin

Season 2 was a blast with this guy.


19 Milo

Leader of the rebels in Sky City, wants to let people build

Lol his name

He is a hobo

20 Jack

Why is he so low? He's one of my favorites

21 Hadrian

He is better than all villains combined. I just remembered most of his lines and his last scenes are fun

Hadrian is the best villain

I love Hadrian

22 Lluna
23 Harper

I thought that there was no one in this lonely Minecraft world for poor Ivor and if you were like me and you thought that than you were right nobody seemed just right for Ivor in the story mode series and I bet if Ivor decided to look far and wide he would never find one just right but there are many world's than just this one and when Ivor joined the new order of the stone and found the portal hall Petra and Ivor convinced Jesse to go through a redstone portal to find someone to help them get back to the world they called home and they did they found Harper and she was the biggest impact on the order of the stone that helped them out of the portal hall but she was something more to Ivor yes that's right sweet sensible Harper cought his eye as "intreging" and I hope they make a season three of the story mode series and in that season I hope they give us fans a little more detail on Ivor x Harper.

ı really like harper she is the best ı ship ıvor x harper HARVOR 4 EVER!

24 Slab

Gladiator in the spleef games,hated Jesse then sooner got convinced by Jesse(again)

25 LDShadowLady Online as LDShadowLady or Lizzie, is an English YouTuber known for producing YouTube video content on her YouTube channel called LDShadowLady.

She’s my favorite youtuber

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