Worst Aspects of the Pokemon XY Anime

Many fans remembered their pokemon from the first generation, but as generations go on, the fandom is subjected to many debates as to whether the following generations grew the beard or jumped the shark. Pokemon XY the series has improved over the Best Wishes saga ever since they've brought back many pokemon from the first four generations. However, it's not without it's own flaws, but this doesn't stop some people from liking the show or the current generation's pokemon altogether. This list applies to the human characters, especially to many pokemon
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1 Serena Serena Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship ...read more.

Easily. I get very invested in characters. I could enjoy a show with good characters and bad plot. It'd be more difficult for me to enjoy a show with a great plot but bad characters. I just don't like her, and her being a main made the show tedious to watch at times. It's a shame; because I did like the show otherwise, but I have to remove many enjoyment points to XY because of her.

Ridiculous fan service and disgusting stupid character, Serena is the main reason to hate the Pokémon XY anime series. I wish Serena's game counterpart was the character instead of her dumbass anime counterpart as the writers wanted her to be/look like. At least Lana, Lillie and Mallow are the best characters than Serena.

Again, she totally ruins the anime. For me, at least. Thank God, we only have a few more months and then she'll be gone for the next female traveling companion. The light at the end of the tunnel! Woo! Hello, Alola region!

Serena is just a plot device for Ash Ketchum to fall in love, which fails miserably. Pokémon is an action anime, and the writers were turning it into a "will they, won't they" sort of thing. Don't turn a show targeted for boys into a romance.

2 Johnny Test-Styled Character Derailment
3 Mediocre Writing

Easily the worst aspect in this series alongside Serena and Amourshipping. The writing just sucks. You get tons of pointless filler that have little to no significance to the plot and are comparable to Naruto's and the rinse and repeat mediocre storyline where nothing gets done in the end since Ash just loses leagues. And considering this is the 5th anime in the series of course it's now beyond grueling at this point

Couldn't agree more @yungstirjoey666. The Pokemon anime as a whole is bad. XY doesn't really fix the series many flaws.

Just the same kind of plot as usual. New region and companions, Team Rocket steals Pikachu and blasts off, get all badges, lose league, save the world, leave friends, wash, rinse, repeat. The anime is garbage in general.

This is the reason I dislike Xy. It has good moments but overall the stereotypic writing and one dimensional/ bland characters was too much..

It was written very well and it has better writing than that trash BW Series and OG as well. Yes it is the best thing ever, you're right!

4 Stale Humor

Finally someone speaks it. The comedy in this series is really a downgrade compared to the previous ones
Ash got so competent that his naive and goofy personality is already thrown out the window. He's literally now like a generic shonen protagonist. Sure they want him to mature at all but look at Naruto and Luffy. Despite being matured as the series progresses they still have their own fun sides. And that's what makes those characters remain fun to watch.
Let's not even talk about Serena. Because even her humor is utter cringe
Bonnie as well. "Please marry my brother". Oh come on. Am I really watching a show about Pokemon and friendship or a romance show about children?
Clemont isn't really more fun either. His inventions do get really old.

Safe to say that the XY gang really lacked some personality and the writers just gave them poor excuses of humor.

Why did they ruin Bonnie with that AWFUL gag? It's so stupid, everyone hates it, & no one ever found it funny!

It's just not funny

5 Pointless Cliches

Every character is a Cliche lmao.
Misty: Tomboy who yells a lot
Brock: cook who is the "mentor"
Tracey: a drawing/ artist guy
May: Older sister who does some contests
Max: know-it-all little brother
Dawn: girly ditz who cares about her hair (hates her Mommy's shadow)
Iris: Snappy Hypocrite (kinda true lmao)
Cilan: Master cook butler guy
Clemont: science nerd
Bonnie: cute little sissy who loves animals
Serena: girly performer who has a major crush
Lana: calm ocean lover
Mallow: Cook who is quite the ditz/friend maker
Sophocles: Introverted nerd who eats a lot
Lillie: (Mary-sue...) Shy girl who has an abnormal fear
Kiawe: strong bulky comic relief character. (Surprise, surprise...)

I actually love most of the characters, guys. Just calling XY characters some cliches is kinda bad.

All of the characters have little to no personality whatsoever; they're way too positive.

6 Rips off Diamond and Pearl

This isn't an XY problem. Just a problem with the entire anime in general.

Yes. The writing in Diamond and Pearl is so superior.

Nothing can best Diamond and Pearl.

Pokémon XY does NOT in any way rip off Diamond & Pearl. Quit making things up people. If XY rips off DP, then guess what? DP rips off AG too.

7 Fanservice Fanservice

*Sigh*... Amourshipping, the most disgusting fan service of all of the others. Rude, hostile, arrogant, selfish, ambitious, bitter, perverted, immature and shallow. I CANNOT even bother why these shippers want to have Serena to be with Ash. Unbelievable!

It's bad enough I see panning shots on the butt on some girls in Sword Art Online, but it seems now Pokemon is doing it with Serena. Seriously, this is a kids show, not a sneaky imitator of Fairy Tail disguised as a kids show.

UGH! This! Really, Serena and fanservice are like one and the same! It TICKS me off how so many camera angles focus on her short skirts!

Amourshipping is a prime example of why putting fan service in Pokemon is a really bad idea. ESPECIALLY if it's a ship tease/bait.

8 Pokemon with minor appearances

Or awesome Pokemon who's potential is wasted in pointless beauty/dance/baking competitions? What the heck is that about? (Sylveon and Braixen)

9 Overrated Kalos Pokemon

They just are. Nitendo, get rid of stuipid pokemon and make a few better ones and stop or else you will have a couch for a pokemon soon.

10 Too many filler episodes

You guys can criticize XY for having too much filler all you want. Go ahead and keep it up but it ain't gonna change the fact that it has the least amount of filler of all the other series in the past. You guys need to STOP lying! XY did not have too many filler episodes at ALL! XY only had 15 fillers! While XYZ only had 9 fillers so no it did not have too many filler episodes so just stfu and gtfo stupid XY haters.

Say what you want, but there was little to no filler. There was so much development, Gym battles, League, Team Flare Arc, Squishy Arc, Ash-Greninja and Pokémon Performances; you'd be surprised on how they could even fit filler. This is all just made up; if anything, Sun and Moon is FILLED with filler, yet nobody here talks about that? Literally... This isn't really opinion-based; it's just facts and logic...

Actually TGBBOD is right for this. XY has the least filler out of all arcs.

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11 Team Rocket losing their charm despite being one of the few good characters left on the show

Eh in some areas they have their charm. But they are extremely overused, pointless, & a waste of time most the time

12 Disturbing Content

That episode when Serena dressed up as Ash; ironically this would've been a normal scene from the original 4kids era.

Like...blatant fanservice and the sexualization of a 10 year old girl (Serena dressing in what was basically lingerie with little animal ears and a Fennekin tail)! *seeths with indignation*

13 The Pokemon characters had little to no personality The Pokemon characters had little to no personality

Talk about Tracey... Anyway, I thought they had great and large personalties.
Serena was a wandering (delusional...) girl, who started out nowhere to find her dream. (That's severely realistic.) She was kinda drooling over Ash at the time, and had it as a hard time to step over her comfort-zone. She planned on doing Performances, and that's where I start loving her. Even if it took long, it was worth the wait; she fails at this, and starts to cry (as some might say a "baby", but that's the point! ) She goes off alone to the dock without Ash and his friends, and cuts her hair as a fresh start, and immediately changes. While she still likes fashion and can be quite girly, she starts focusing on what to do and tries harder. She still severely likes Ash, but puts that aside to follow her dreams instead, putting a brave face on. She's a lot more out-there, brave, fashionable and... loveable.

I wish I could explain more, but I'm running out of time, peeps. Wish I could explain ...more

Even BW characterised the Pokemon in it better. That's one of it's strong points. XY just has them as bland battling machines.

Ash, Serena, and Bonnie are annoying and stupid. Clemont is the only character I actually like.

No, they actually did all have personality.
Try again.

14 The Kalos League was rushed

That match between the mega Charizards had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.

15 Showcases

Even though I don't like Serena, I was glad she found her own goal, and I'll admit her best moments come from her Showcases subplot (even though she doesn't have many and in the end she invalidates everything by saying Ash is her goal thus making her Kalos Queen goal pointless). However, I have my fair share of problems with Showcases and I honestly think they should've never existed. The only good point is that... a non-battling related goal was interesting, and they're pretty to look at but... that doesn't redeem them at all in my eyes.

For every other profession there existed in the Pokemon world, we always had both male and female representants. Be it for the badge quest, contests, battle tournaments, gym leaders, researchers, racers, etc. With Showcases there was literally no reason to make them gender-specific except playing on gender roles, which were never a core part of Pokemon. We had battler girls (Bianca, Iris, Casey, Misty), coordinator boys (Drew, Harley, Kenny, ...more

NO. Contests and Showcases are not the same thing. Contests were fun to watch and wasn't downright sexist.

Actually I don't hate the showcases.

It's annoying how it's all about dressing up and looking pretty and that only girls enter them

16 Ash wasn't expressive
17 Too much focus on Ash-Greninja and less on other pokemons Too much focus on Ash-Greninja and less on other pokemons

The focus was really too much on Ash-Greninja, it feels like his other pokemons are freeloaders, goodra and noivern get least or maybe no amount of development before evolving, it's like writer just giving Ash fully evolved pokemon without doing anything. Goodra and noivern never battle before they evolved

18 You want to root for antagonists and hope they defeat Ash Ketchum
19 Nonexistent romance Nonexistent romance

Amourshipping seems cute and all, but it's basically forced fanservice. None of the ships would work out anyways. Ash doesn't need a girlfriend; he's happy enough as a Pokemon trainer. And besides, that kid is an oblivious idiot. He'll never take a hint. I won't hate you for shipping, but Pokemon should not be about romance.

I don't think Serena should have a crush on Ash. Ash is not very cute and is overconfident. Plus Ash is a bad trainer.

20 Ash never got reunited with of one his old Pokemon or travelling companions Ash never got reunited with of one his old Pokemon or travelling companions

Putting Iris aside, Ash really should have used some of his old Pokemon. Not saying that his Kalos team was bad, but half of his team is like weak to Ice types. He could have used a variety of Pokemon from Oak, such as Infernape and Heracross.

Actually this is one of the good aspects of it. Cause Iris is the worst female companion ever! Besides, Cilan got to come back at the end of the XY Series in a special episode so...

Actually this is one of the good aspects of it. Cause Iris is garbage anyway! Besides, Cilan got to come back in a special episode at the end of the series so...

21 Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie is created by game freak & Nintendo. She was in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, as Clemont's (the electric type gym leader of Lumiose City) younger sister. She gave out quizzes to trainers who came to challenge the gym, who if they get it wrong would have to challenge a trainer. ...read more.

She's annoying and she's not wise. She takes care of a Pokémon that she's knows nothing about. That's a stupid decision.

22 Low Production Values
23 Violence

Violence? More like lack thereof. Another reason I loathe this cartoon.

Oh, please. The anime has always been violent.

24 How digital it is
25 It's for kids

I absolutely despise this cartoon for a lot of reasons but this is the main reason (I can't bother calling the Pokemon cartoon an anime because it would be a big disgrace to call this piece of trash one).

Is this implying that because things being for kids that it can't be good? Because that's not true at all.

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