Best Submarine Man Songs

Submarine Man is a very underrated rapper, supposedly from Birmingham, Alabama. Most of his songs are parodies of popular rap songs, with more autotuned vocals, and more minimal beats. Vote for which is his best here.

The Top Ten

1 I Love the Smelly Feet

Submarine Man is so bad, therefore, this list should not exist.


I love them too! - RiverVibeZ

GOAT song - DarkBoi-X

2 Dog Walk

An amazing and meaningful song about how Sub Man devotes his free time to walking his dogs in the park. - RiverVibeZ

A beautiful song about spending time with your own dog. Simply just a masterpiece - UltraLunalaX

How does nobody realize that submarine man is a joke and not meant to be taken seriously

Such an emotional song about spending time with your dog at a dog park. It's so beautiful. :') - BananaBrain

3 Stinko Foot

Travis Scott liked this song so much that he decided to make a mediocre cover of it. - RiverVibeZ

When I first listened to this song I came 7 times and had my mind blown - Not_A_Weeaboo

I hope this list is a joke. - SurcaneWolf

This is terrible. - BounceBackHater

4 Mo Foota

Greatest song of all decades

Just watched the music video: it was amazing

THis is worse than GUMMO and Gucci Gang

I actually like this one

Don't kill me - oneshot

5 Socky

The lyrics in this song is so emotional. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Saddest song ever. I was crying the entire time

More emotional than My Heart Will Go On... - RadioHead03

That beat is fire though 🔥 - BananaBrain

6 I'm Richer Than You

Two of the greatest rappers of all time in one song - Not_A_Weeaboo

The best album cover too. - RadioHead03

7 Submarine Boy Rules

Puts The Beatles to shame. - XxembermasterxX

This one, I actually dislike. - I80

8 F**K All Does Lamas

Some may dislike this for its being repetitive, but the production is pretty good, and it's fun to chant "KILL THE LAMAS! ". - I80

9 Feet Are the Best

This guy is so obsessed with making songs about the smelly feet.

Feet are one of the most oppressed groups next to gamers and gang weeders. This is telling all feet that they must rebel in order to be treated as equal parts of the human body. Feet rise up! - RiverVibeZ

Yes I love feet fetishes. He does them better than Xander. - Userguy44

What about that time when Maggie Pesky squished her toes into Virginia Wolfe's brain though - xandermartin98

No, they are not.

10 Footi

Very sad song about a man named Footi who commited suicide because he was getting bullied by a woman named Karen. Great song that raises awareness about suicide prevention. - RiverVibeZ

His newest song. It’s absolute fire! - Userguy44

The Newcomers

? Sub Man Smells

Smells like greatness! - Userguy44

? Shave Yo Momma // Funeral

The Contenders

11 Outboy Stocking
12 Shave that Stinky Head
13 Let's Get Those Bottles!
14 Little Flexer You are in Big Trouble

Best diss track ever! Even better than Killshot by Eminem. - RiverVibeZ

15 Go Dumb
16 NoStockingz

This is 1985 (Intro To The Fall Off) done wrong - oneshot

17 Aliens Like Me
18 Foot in Your Nose
19 War in the Stars

Sub Man shows his love for Star Wars by making a song about how awesome all the originals were and how we need to stop Disney from ruining such a great series. - RiverVibeZ

20 The Crown

The crown for best rapper of all time belongs to the one and only Submarine Man. All hail King Sub Man! - RiverVibeZ

21 Classic

Submarine Man songs are gonna be considered classics ten years from now. - RiverVibeZ

his songs are classics - Yoshiandaglover

22 The Doodle

This is too repetitive. - I80

23 Grow Up
24 Sese

Take this song off!

@Vote cast - I agree, it has 6IX9INE on it.

25 In My Feet

Drake sucks. - I80

26 Freaking Foot Fame
27 Look at My Feet!
28 Gibe De Stinki Feeet
29 Takin over Da World
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