Top 10 Best Tally Hall Songs

Tally Hall is an American rock band formed in December 2002 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The band has a relatively significant cult following, and is known for upbeat melodies and whimsical lyrics; the band members once described their musical style as "wonky rock" and "fabloo rock". Tally Hall has five members, distinguished by the color of their neckties: vocalist and guitarist Rob Cantor (yellow), vocalist and bassist Zubin Sedghi (blue), vocalist and guitarist Joe Hawley (red), drummer Ross Federman (gray), and vocalist and keyboardist Andrew Horowitz (green).
The Top Ten
Ruler of Everything Ruler of Everything Cover Art

One of the creepiest tracks from the Hall, with lots of freakout vocal effects and rapping delivery from Joe Hawley, also a grand epic closer for their debut.

Just amazing. both versions are pieces of absolute art

never gets boring

Taken for a Ride Taken for a Ride Cover Art

A mind-blowing experience with a bizarre tough beat and an explosive ballad chorus. Most certainly, an underrated Tally Hall highlight.

Banana Man Banana Man Cover Art

There are perfectly constructed masterpieces such as Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway to Heaven. There are children's songs such as Yellow Submarine or Octopus's Garden. Banana Man is a perfectly constructed masterpiece of a children's song. Enough said.

Spring and a Storm Spring and a Storm Cover Art

Thank god this is in the top ten! It really makes you feel and it is so beautiful and truthful. Joe Hawley knows what he is doing. Oddly, it always rains after it comes on shuffle...

There's a storm for every spring. A philosophical ballad featuring some of the sincerest guitar work and vocals from the band, and a lot of where-do-we-go pondering.

I very much enjoy this song... I'd like to play it one day.

It's... It's just so beautiful.

Good Day Good Day Cover Art

A short mixture of everything Tally Hall is about, possibly their biggest hit, and a perfect intro track for an album as well.

Everybody loves a potato monkey

The Bidding The Bidding Cover Art

The idea, the beat, the extreme diversity of themes for a 2.5-minute song: well, here you are, the Bidding.

Welcome to Tally Hall Welcome to Tally Hall Cover Art

An introductory track where a rock band presents itself... with a hip hop song!... which is, you know, original.

A Hymn for a Scarecrow A Hymn for a Scarecrow Cover Art

The folky form of Tally Hall, where they also succeed. An actual hymn for a scarecrow, has some extremely frightening wind sounds with the word 'fly' sung during that part.

& & Cover Art

Probably the best track from their second album, where they had gone less inspired than on the debut. You've got a creepier track than Ruler of Everything, actually, with a pumping a cappella intro, a couple of political statements, and a messing abrupt ending that leaves you pissed off completely.

It's a song that can creep me out, but I still love it. I tried to listen to this song until I got sick of it, but I couldn't. This is my favorite son from Tally Hall. - @RandomHusky_Pro

Hidden in the Sand Hidden in the Sand Cover Art

It's a really great backround noise

a short and sweet song that really captures that 30's theme

it's so good! it makes you feel good and the music video is great!

The Contenders
Two Wuv Two Wuv Cover Art

Finally, a jump-up song, which is also a sort of comic tribute to the Olsen twins, ironically sung by the bassist. The chorus literally makes you hop as if you're on their concert.

Turn the Lights Off Turn the Lights Off Cover Art

This is just so catchy and lovable for some reason.

Greener Greener Cover Art
The Mind Electric
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