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41 My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

I found this drama to be funny, though it has some sad parts to it, overall it was worth my time and it made me laugh

Cried a lot after I watched this drama. Its unlike other dramas which potrays a commom rich boy, poor girl concept. Different story and the female lead is awesome.. Best ever Korean serial..

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42 Scent of a Woman

This is one of favorite Dramas, but I cried so much watching it!

The cast is great! Best drama ever!

43 Golden Rainbow

I loved this drama to the point that I didn't want to finsh it! Beautiful ending as well

44 East of Eden

How can I left out this drama? I cried every time I watch it. The actors really good at crying scenes... I ended up crying with them... It's a lifelong journey with all the characters. If you don't like tear jerking drama this is not for you. But if you appreciate good plot and acting, this drama is a must watch

45 Spring Waltz
46 What Happens to My Family

I cried so much while watching this drama. Really sad...

Most tears in k-drama are nothing but waste of emotions. But WHTHF is the tear-jerking drama that is worthy of our tears. - Rod Patrick

47 Loving You a Thousand Times

Wonderful love story. Tearjerker but totally worth it.

48 Angry Mom

So sad and amazing truly is wonderful

49 Iris
50 Doctors
51 Shining Inheritance

The first few episodes brought tears to my eyes!

It was really sad in the begging, but it's like a poor rich guy series, but overall very good drama may make u cry.

52 Wonderful Life

I didn't cry as much in this one, but it's about this college girl or around her early 20s who has an unexpected pregnancy from one night stand, resulting in her pregnancy, so if u like Korean dramas about unplanned marriage and unexpected pregnancy then I recommend u this Korean drama.

53 Don't Hesitate

Sad but a good drama

54 Iljimae

This drama really secures a spot for lee junki in my heart. Since he acted in My Girl he already caught my interest but in this drama he really showed his superb acting. Not to forget his role in time between dog and wolf... A bit slow paced but you will cry a river watching him cry. Although he did not really do well in his latest dramas, that is because of the storyline. He definitely is a versatile actor.

Hotel King guys is very VERY SAD TOO

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55 Five Fingers

Awesome, Ji Chang wook was amazing as ever, a must watch,.you definitely won't regret it.

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56 City Hunter
57 Healer

One of the best drama I've watched!

It was so awesome!

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