Top 10 ESPN 30 for 30 Documentaries that Should Be Made

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1 Houston Strong - JJ Watt & The 2017 Houston Astros

This will talk about the city of Houston and how it dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Ranging from stories of heroism to the donation fund started by JJ Watt, who won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, this will also include the Houston Astros and how they helped inspire the city by knocking off three historic teams (Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers) to win the World Series.

2017 was bittersweet for Houston. They won the World Series but were slammed by Hurricane Harvey.

2 The Malice in the Palace - Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons Brawl

It's the biggest brawl in NBA history, where Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) went into the stands during a brawl against the Detroit Pistons. This has to be made because people will want to know the insights of that night.

3 Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Story

This might be a 30 for 30 that could be brought up in the near future. After former US team doctor Larry Nassar's conviction and life sentencing for sexual assault, the documentary could be produced, showing all the victims and how they were able to stand up for themselves.

4 Golden State Warriors Dynasty

While we are in the midst of their dynasty, by the time it comes to an end, fans will certainly want to see how the Warriors ran the NBA.

This would be interesting without all those bandwagon Warriors fans.

5 Chicago Cubs - 108 Years

This could talk about the moments of the Chicago Cubs and why it took them 108 years to win the World Series, from 1908 to 2016.

"The Cubs ain't gonna win no more!" - weird guy who tried to take a goat into a Cubs game.

6 LeBron to Miami

The inside scoop on what led LeBron James to the Miami Heat could be considered a topic for a 30 for 30.

7 Jackie Robinson Little League Scandal

When you have a little league baseball team that is successful but has to be stripped of titles through no fault of the kids, it can spark debate about whether the kids should be punished or not.

8 1994 FIFA World Cup

Explaining how the 1994 FIFA World Cup was a success for America despite not having a major league soccer program.

9 El Oso Blanco - Evan Gattis

Perhaps no MLB player has a more compelling story of success than Evan Gattis. This will discuss how he dealt with substance abuse problems, going from place to place working jobs such as a ski lift operator, janitor, and toll attendant. Then he returned to baseball and is now a World Series champion with the Astros.

10 50-0: Floyd Mayweather

The best boxer in recent memory should have a 30 for 30 documentary about him.

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11 Vegas Strong - The Story of the Vegas Golden Knights

This could discuss the Vegas shooting and how the Knights made a historic run to the finals.

12 The Ultimate Cinderellas

This could discuss some of the notable upsets in recent years of March Madness, like VCU, Loyola Chicago, and UMBC.

13 2007 College Football Season
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