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1 Syd

A female hairdresser played by Rachel Melvin. Can be seen in the episode "Bad Luck, Teddy! ".

2 Gabriel Basso Duncan

How in the universe do you know his middle name? It was never revealed in the show so how do you know? Oh and Gabe is the best character on the show

Gabe is so nice to people and kind and respectful he listens and do his choose on good luck Charlie.

He is so mischievous, which is kind of awesome. He is smart and able to get what he wants.

Gabe is so funny. If he wasn't in the show it wouldn't be worth watching.

3 Amy Duncan

Love this character... I can't think of another show where the mother works full-time, is family oriented, while maintaining
a sense of style and self at the same time, the way This character does. Amy Duncan is smart, witty, and so funny. She is friendly with her kids, but she is "still the boss applesauce"! I think she personifies the modern day mom! Love her!

She's a awesome mom and cares a lot about her children and is very protective and loyal to them especially to her husband Bob. She also trust Gabe since he's always cheers her up and is on her side. Amy and Gabe are two of my five favorite characters the others is PJ, Charlie, and Toby

Amy duncan is the funniest person on the show! On other comedy shows on Disney Channel the moms do not play the roll really good but she does! I do not really like charlie! They make her do all the good stuff! Vote 4 amy because she is funny!

Amy is the best Disney Channel mum. She's hilarious and although she's might be selfish sometimes and always wants to be under the spotlight (which is reallly funny), she still is caring about her family.
Cheers to you, Amy Duncan, or should I say Blangenhooper?. One of the best characters, Disney has ever created.

4 Teddy Duncan Teddy R. Duncan (Bridgit Mendler), Charlie's only sister, is the second-oldest Duncan sibling. Feeling that she will not be around as much when Charlie is grown, she produces and directs video diaries for her, hoping they will give her advice that will help her be successful as a teenager. She produces these video diaries at the end of every episode, and at the end of every video diary she says "Good luck Charlie". Her best friend is Ivy Wentz. It was mentioned in "Sun Show: Part 1", that her parents were expecting a boy, hence the generally masculine name "Teddy". She dated Spencer Walsh in season one, but they broke up after she caught him two-timing both her and a pretty, dim-witted brunette more.

She's quite annoying at times but she's a great sister for Charlie, and she's a very kind girl giving Spencer a second chance when most other girls wouldn't have. Also we wouldn't have the show without her because she's the main character

Teddy is the best character ever! Plus, Bridgit Mendler is the best celebrity in the world. Ha, Justin Bieber!

I wish I could meet her

Teddy we need to talk about Gabe ok her it go's I like gabe he's Hot I want to date your brother gabe just go tell him and he says yes or no just one date and that all and he has pretty eyes and this is about. Gabe no one else. Just gabe promise to go tell gabe.

5 Charlie Duncan

She is just to cute. Whenever she says her line it makes you want to cry. Also they did a good job because it is two people playing her Mia and emily Talerico. They keep emily a secret so that you would think that mia is really clever as she could do it all herself, but actually two people play charlie. There full names are mia kaitlyn talerico and emily sydney talerico.

Charlie is so funny and smart for a girl her age, she brings light to the show and is so cute. A lot of the Duncans use her to get out of situations, like Gabe for example. At the end of the episodes Charlie is always the one to appear like in Dance Off and the show where people think Teddy is a jinx.

Mia as play Charlie Duncan is smart sweet funny curious and cute. She's young and she can do all of that. She is the cutest character in Good Luck Charlie. She is cute when she says oh oh. Did you know Mia is 4 years old? She pretends that her character doesn't like Toby. I hope she likes him in real life. Anyway that's why I like Charlie Duncan is the number 1 best character. Laugh out loudā™„

Mia is so adorable! I cannot get enough of her cuteness when she was so little on Good Luck Cahrlie! I love baby Charlie!

6 PJ Duncan

Like Gabe, P.J. is a sweet charming boy who steals many other girls's heart, especially Skylar. P.J., you should date her because you are so good with Skylar.

He is the funniest character, how could you not like his character.

Keep this a secret I like gabe Duncan.

PJ or Potty John he dumb and funny.

7 Ivy Wentz

She's so funny!

8 Bob Duncan
9 Jo Keener
10 Skylar Skylar Storm (Paris Berelc) is a superhero from the volcano planet Caldera and Oliver's love interest. Besides having peak human condition, some of Skylar's 24 superpowers include X-ray vision, explosive induction, time rewind, gyrokinesis, caelestikinesis, flight, super strength, intangibility, camouflage, invisibility, space survivability, and super speed. She recently lost her superpowers and her invisible motorcycle in a battle against her nemesis, Annihilator, and is now a normo patient at Mighty Med, where she is working to find a way to regain her superpowers. However, she still has amazing hand-to-hand combat skills, along with enhanced physical attributes, which can even become useful more.

She's pretty and funny?

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11 Estelle Dabney

I love Mrs. Dabney. She's so funny! Her and gabe make me laugh the most!

12 Alice Wartheimer

She's so cute, but I feel kinda bad for her. Not because of her breathing but because she often get's treated badly

13 Emmett Willams

Who? Isn't it meet healing

14 Debbie Dooley

Who wants a snicker doodle? Laugh out loud she is so funny, love her voice

Her voice is absolutely hilarious. I replay again and again it's so funny. She has a kid named Deedee. And always like " Debby Dooley how ya doiiinnngg "

I'm Debbie Dooley how you doing'?

I love Debbie Dooley one because my name revolves around Debbie so everyone calls me Debbie Dooley

15 Mary-Lou Wentz
16 Toby Duncan

He was cute as a toddler, but as a baby he looked kinda artificial

17 Beau
18 Jessie
19 Austin Moon Austin Monica Moon is one of the two protagonists of Austin & Ally. He is a singer and dancer who became an overnight internet sensation after he uploaded a video singing a song that he unintentionally stole from Ally Dawson. After apologizing to her and pleading for her to write him another song, Austin and Ally decide to become musical partners, Ally writing songs for Austin and Austin singing them. Austin can sing, dance, and play various musical instruments. His friend, Trish, serves as his manager and his best friend Dez serves as his director for his videos, combining to create Team Austin and starting in season two, Team Austin & Ally. Austin's parents are Mimi and Mike Moon and he is more.
20 Mr. Dabney
21 Tish Toochie
22 Victor Deleseur

I don't know why he isn't higher, he's always pretty funny.

23 Mel Duncan
24 Harry Wentz

The whole wentz family is awesome!

25 Karen
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