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1 She Asks Where Something is When It's Right Behind Her

Dora is dumber than Ni Hao Kai Lan, I mean it's right In front of you Dora!? As I kid when I heard her do that my mind was like "DORA ARE YOU BLIND!?!?!" Now I will never buy or let my kids watch the Dora movies, DVDs, or the entire show, I will ban my kids from watching Dora because Dora is so dumb, stupid, and blind.

Don't even get me started. I grew up believing I could really assassinate Dora when I would be older. Literally. It's too bad it is impossible. I still hold grudges till this day. Dora should be banned from kids too. One day, my brother accidently pressed a button on the T.V.. Channel was Nick, he started watching it. Well, of course, the program was Dora because Nickelodeon owes Chris Gifford a ton load of money and is repaying him by running Dora on 24/7. After a while, I heard a scream. It was my brother in his room crawled into a ball whispering something in the corner of the room. He was repeatedly saying, "Dora it's there, right behind you, Dora". Even if I watch it now, I might die of a stroke.

Everyone, chill out. Dora asks questions like, "Do you see the bush" even though it's right behind her, for a reason. She does it because the show is for younger kids like 1,2,3,4 or 5 years old. It's not aimed at kids that are seven years old or up. The main reason she asks questions like that is because it's supposed to help kids get a sense of direction. Grow up, will you guys?!?! Watch shows that are appropriate for your age, instead of making negative comments about a FICTIONAL character that tries to help kids out by what she's asking them.

No to be rude, but this is what I think is FALSE! the real reason she acts blind is to get the watchers to join in the show. As I read in a toddler care book that toddlers can help out by their parents acting blind, so the toddlers find the thing! The "'LOUDER" thing is to make the viewers pay attention, so toddlers like this stuff for these reasons! Hope people realize this!

2 She Says Swiper No Swiping

Ok, maybe Swiper stops when Dora and her big fat mouth say "Swiper no swiping! " But how the heck is that gonna help in real life? In real life, robbers can shoot you before you say "Robber no robbing! " Here is how to get rid of a robber the WRONG WAY:
Robber steals all of the person's money
Person: Robber no robbing!
Robber pulls out a gun and shoots the person ten times in the face killing him
Here is how to get rid of a robber the RIGHT WAY:
Robber steals newborn baby. Person gets to the nearest phone and calls 991. The police come and arrest the robber
Dora, you are actually telling the kids to actually say murderer no murdering right in front of a murderer, which can kill them.

How is this going to help in real life? In reality, if somebody tries to steal your stuff, you CALL THE COPS. You don't just tell them to stop and expect them to. And this show is supposed to be educational for kids! If the show was educational, it would tell kids to call 911 if somebody steals your stuff.

When I was around 8 or 9, I would often take candy from the cabinet in the kitchen, and I would pretend the Disney Princesses would swipe them, and would say "Disney Princesses no swiping, Disney Princesses no swiping, Disney Princesses no swiping." Swiper is all because of this.

I like foxes they are my favorite animal but then I realized when I was watching everything wrong with Dora that he is a fox when I used to watch it I did not know what a fox was so it is insulting that swiper just leaves when she says that I mean COME ON at least give him a chance. But because he is the villain in the Dora series it makes me like foxes even more

3 Her Songs

Don't hate me for this but I kind of like the songs because they are catchy, except for we did it. The show sucks though. If you listen clealy, the songs don't just repeat the same thing, it says something else because I remember when I used to watch it. Too bad the show is terrible.

They are unoriginal all it is is just the same word being repeated over and over again! Time to hire some professionals.

Here's how would have done the "Map song":
I'm the map, I'm map
If you don't where to go just call me!
I will show you where to go
Now you won't get lost.

How I would have done the "Backpack song":
I keep your stuff inside
If you want it just call
I'm a backpack!
Here you go!

This is twice as better than the original

Backpack? More like Blackpack (Because Dora is racist)!

Her songs are so repetitive and shall be replaced by pop or rock (or heavy metal) songs

And don't even get me started on her dancing!

Even Justin Bieber sings better than her, rather than those stupid songs that just repeats the words over and over again.

4 She Yells

She is probably deaf, she always yells and doesn't realize it. She screams "LOUDEERRR! " every time the audience has to say a command. There was even an episode named "Louder! ". I wonder how she can even function in life when she is apparently deafblind. Or she has a sensory processing issue. Maybe she just does it on purpose to annoy people.

Shut the fudge up! The creators were probably on crack when they make her character scream every 5 seconds. I would continue why Dora is a fudging retard I'd be dead by then.

Oh god she shouts not speaks, she never shuts up! She say where so and so when it's right in front of her!

It's not good because what if people are trying to sleep but they can't because of Dora yelling every five seconds.

5 Everything Has a Face

It's part of any cartoons. Fleischer's cartoons often uses faces in inanimated objects (such as a train or a FOOT! ) and most of Disney's cartoons uses faces the same way as Fleischer's but occasionally used in movies like Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh (dream scene), and Beauty and the Beast.

But in Dora, this one does'nt even used it correctly and make them dumb.

Some kids might find it creepy that everything in the TV show has a face. I would think they put faces on everything so when they talk, their mouth is opening and not just invisible. But, really, you could of done better Dora-

Why does everything have a face. Doors, books, maps, and backpacks can all talk. That is just stupid.

Even the frigging grass has a face! If not for the 54th Disney Movie I watch almost everyday then my sister would have thought that the chairs alive!

Good thing a sister knows the tactics on how to distract dear imouto-san…

6 "Do You See The..."

Do you see the lake? Its right in front of YOU! Dora is blind. If she screams for help I'm gonna yell to boots LET HER DIE!

Do You See The...Well Duh! Obviously someone older than 5 can see the lake, tree, flower.

Sorry, I accidentally clicked the wrong one. Ignore my first comment.

Hey are you under the age of 5? No you are not so obviously you can see it.

7 Her Belly Sticks Out

She chases the ice cream truck while screaming 'ice cream' in a salute to the junk food peddlers sponsoring this show. 'Can you find the ice cream truck? ' May as well ask to become a ball of lard! Ditto goes for every other junk food type you can think of. Great promotion of healthy eating for small kids...not!

Here's something:

Once upon a time, there was an unexplorer named Dora who ate way too much. She was fatter than the sun, and exploded. All there's left is her belly button on the ground. The End.

Didn't her parents put her on a diet? You know, BEFORE she had the stupid idea of becoming an explorer?

She's literally overweight. There's nothing wrong with that, but she's fat in a bad way.

8 Her Parents Let Her Out the House with No Supervision of an Adult

Dora's parents should be sued for child neglect. She goes ON ADVENTURES through FORESTS and her parents don't even care! This teaches kids that they can do random things without parent supervision. What if Dora got run over with a truck? What if she fell in quicksand? Her parents probably wouldn't even notice. Dora is just so terrible and stupid.

Dora's parents are bad parents, they can't just let Dora explore alone what if she gets kidnapped. I hope when Dora gets hope I hope that her mother spanks her ass

Dora's parents are idiots because they let their only Daughter go on crazy, stupid, boring adventures.

Her parents should get arrested for being careless idiots and neglecting their daughter.

9 She Always Eats with Her Mouth Open

When I was really little, I used to have good manners. That was, until Dora of course. Since I liked Dora as a kid, I watched it a lot. And Dora always ate with her mouth open, so I began eating with my mouth open. Unlucky for me, it became an instinct. Now, I find it hard to keep my mouth closed. Thanks for turning me into a rude slob, you revolting douche.

Ugh, Dora is a pig! She eats with her mouth open, she kinda looks like one and she's a fatty (nothing wrong with fat people though).

Dora eats like pig in a mud even a pig can eat better than her. I bet her mom abuses her if she eats like that. She probably spits out food

Those are some bad manners Dora. You should not eat with your mouth wide open. What are you, a pig?

10 It is Still on the Air

It got cancelled a year ago, but they came back with Dora in the City.

It got cancelled last January, but it came back with Dora in the City.

Oh god check your Nick Jr guide and it STILL AIRS. It is stupid. This,Go Diego Go,and Into the city should be gone. Good news, Dora and friends into the city got cancelled January 2018.

This show got cancelled a year ago...

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11 Boots

Boots is as stupid as Dora. In one episode, he complained that his boot had a hole in it and started whining about it. Boots should get a life.

Oh god boots is so whiny. whoever commented that once you find a way into the T.V. her future will be in heaven is wrong! Her and boots will perish in hell!

Boots is a really unoriginal name for a monkey that wears boots. They could have spent some more time coming up with a better name.

Can any of you come up with another Minecraft mob that can KILL Dora and her stupid monkey?

12 The Stupid Insect Band

Well they aren't that bad, but I'm pretty sure Jabba the Hutt's chorus band is better than the insect band.

Useless crap that we don't need in the show! They almost appear in every episode. PS: Worse than those singing chipmunks from Sheriff Callie.

I'd easily kill them with a few TIE Fighter shots! They can't survive that!

Rather pointless if you ask me...

13 Always Ask the Part You Like the Most and Agrees

I don't like the show, yes it's a show for toddlers, but dora is an exception, it sucks, its not even educational, but I think this reason shouldn't be on the list because this is for toddlers only and they don't know any better, if this part were for older kids, yeah... It would be stupid, but its not, because toddlers aren't dirty like us

Dora: What was your favorite part of the trip?
Me: When Pikachu electrocute you to death.
Dora: I liked that too!
Pikachu: Pika Pika! (Electrocutes Dora to death)
Dora: (Dies)
People who hate Dora and who love Pikachu: Yay!

Dora:What was your favorite part of the trip?
Me:When Swiper stole your stuff and when the bear chased you!
Dora:I like the part too!
Me:Well you sure did! But don't you realize that puts your life in danger?

Dora: What was your favorite part? Me: When you nearly died and when Swiper stuck dynamite up your ass! Dora: I like that part too! Me: DAMN!

14 She is a 5 Year Old Girl Who Travels the World with a Monkey

Ever heard of the monkey who ripped that ladies face off? That should've happened to Dora long ago, with what she and Boots do sometimes. -Sigh- someone should make that a creepypasta, I'd read it.

Let me correct the user who said she was four years old; I am also correcting that it says she's five in the title. Dora is seven years old. If you don't believe me, look at facts about her character.

That's kraZ kids would be socializing with animals instead of people their parents would be like "what the hell is wrong with you!? "

Where are here partners while this is all happening?!?!?

15 She Always Asks for Help

If she keeps asking for help, then why even go on a whole retarded explore if you always needs help!

Yknow if you answer no to Dora then you're dead
Dora: do yo want to help me find the golden statue with me
Me: no I don't feel like it you racist fat
Dora: What did you say!
Me: no
Dora: oh yeah. ( jumps out of the T.V. and grabs a gun and shoots me a 1000 times

SHe's too lazy to even do anything by herself!

She's too immature for her age.

16 She is an Awful Example for Kids

I can't believe I watched it this as a kid! It made me eat little a little slob until I was 6! Cause she eats with her mouth open, I run outside at the backstreet without permission! And I do stuff like her!

A VERY bad example. She says a stupid phrase to get a thief away from her, she goes exploring without permission, and she exposes her mid-drift all the time. Need I say more?

Why is she even traveling into a jungle without her parents? Because her parents don't give a fudge about Dora.

She is basically saying that it's ok for 5 year olds to go out of the house alone and yell at your parents and try and capture monkeys from the wild.

17 Every Single Character Except for Swiper and the Grumpy Old Troll are Brain Dead Morons

You know what, I think I like the villains in this show! They are pretty likeable.

18 She's a Horrible Role Model

Think about it: She's blind, ugly, retarded, a total freak, you name it! I wouldn't be surprised if the kids in the age group her show is targeted at grows up to be criminals all because of a Mexican brat. (Excuse any racism)

Absolutely a horrible role model. Goes on stupid adventures without asking permission, list goes on. By the way Dora, you might get your parents arrested.

She gets kids to believe that the T.V. can actually here them, so it's a horrible example for kids

There's one episode about dora traveling around the world. if kids try that they could seriously get in big trouble. no offense. But dora is basically like an illegal immigrant she could get herself in jail!

19 She Always Speaks Spanish

Little kids don't know what the English translation is, because Nickelodeon didn't put the English translation on the screen! This is a Nick Junior show, so Nickelodeon should put English subtitles on the scene so little kids know what Dora is saying.

I don't actually take Spanish but apparently according to some of the comments half of what she's "teaching" aren't even actual Spanish words.

Why do three and four year olds need to know Spanish when they don't even know how to read and write their own names!?

That could actually be pretty bad if they don't put subtitles in so people can understand what she's saying.

20 She Can't Find Things When It's Like 1 Inch Away from Her

All those zeroes are covering up the advertisement. Seriously, this is so true. I bet she can't find something that is one millimeter in front of her.

Exactly. She won't even notice a spider crawling up her arm if her life depended on it. She needs some serious help.

Dora: where's the mountain? Me: up your ass! Dora: there it is!

21 Her Brother is Diego

Umm... Actually sir, Diego is actually Dora's cousin but that doesn't help the fact that Diego is just as annoying as his female counterpart (Well, at least he doesn't look like he got selected for the pink team on the biggest loser. )

Literally the ONLY good thing about diego is that he likes animals. But for being dora's cousin I've gotta scratch a point off that.

Diego is her stupid brother/cousin who has his own retarded show and also has own retarded sidekick (a stupid jaguar).

Her cousin is Diego, and he has his own show. He is really dumb and he screams like Dora. I'd still rather watch Go Diego Go! than Dora the Explorer.

22 When You Try to Say What Your Favorite Part of the Adventure Was, It Gets Interrupted

I never even had a favorite part, EVER...

23 She Makes Parents Look Stupid

She doesn't even asks her parents to go out of the house!

24 Stupid Songs

I totally agree with the Map and Backpack being retards and the two-year-old- singing better than Dora comments.

Both of her songs are worse than Baby by Justin Bieber!

I agree very much.

25 Her Head is Twice the Size as Her Body

We probably shouldn't make fun of her for this, because that's rude, right? Even if she does eat more than she should, we still shouldn't judge. It may not be her fault.

So what? Stewie and Arnold's head are bigger and more football shaped, yet no one seems to complain. And yes Dora isn't that good of a show.

How the heck does sh wear that one pink t-shirt if her head is bigger than a watermelon?

It is shaped like a football, lemon, lime, jellybean, and maybe Stuart's from Family Guy.

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