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1 Sesshomaru

I'm surprised I never added a comment to this sooner... Sesshomaru is hands down the best character in Inuyasha... And don't get me wrong I love Inuyasha's character and I love Inuyasha as a main character but I enjoyed Sesshomaru's character far more. I've read some comments saying Sesshomaru should be the main character but I would have to disagree... Sesshomaru is an AMAZING supporting character and having him as supporting makes him much more mysterious and appealing. If he was to be the main character... The mysteriousness would most likely disappear. Because with that much screen time he would then become way to easy to understand. A lot of people like him because he is 'hot' but my reasons are different... He is such a complex and hard to understand kind of character... Which makes him really fun trying to figure out... One of the first question I wondered about him was whether he 'really' hated Inuyasha... And guess what guys he doesn't. News flash Inuyasha was alive for 200 ...more

I've always really enjoyed the character of Sesshomaru for many reasons, but one thing that always drew me to him, was that he seems like a rather blasé character, but he is actually quite complex. I know that he is pretty emotionless on the outside, but imagine what he must have felt when his father left his mother to be with another woman (and I also belive this is one reason why he desires to pass his father in power). He had to have felt some form of betrayal from that, thinking that neither he nor his mother were enough to satisfy his father. And while he hates Inuyasha, he never actually kills him despite the fact that he could have on multiple occasions. I believe the reason for this is because even though he hates what his father did and wants to surpass him, he still knows deep down that Inuyasha is his BROTHER (half-brother but still) and doesn't really want him dead. Also, the way he opens up to Rin is just the most beautiful thing ever! Sesshomaru has truly endeared ...more

For a few amount of episodes Sesshomaru has great character development. His emotionless attitude makes him unpredictable, a total badass, and lovable. Especially when we do start to see his true emotions later on throughout the series. Plus he is the first character in the feudal era that we get to meet the mom of! Altogether he is just fabulous!

He's so powerful, slicing his sword like a lightning but is as graceful as the moon at the same time. Not to mention extremely good-looking, mysterious and emotionless, but he has emotions deep down and is an amazing anti-hero who changed over time and learned how to love. He also cares for his half demon brother but doesn't show it. What's not to like?

2 Inuyasha

Inuyasha is my top character because of his excellent character development. He starts out as a bad-tempered, cold, arrogant, and unfriendly character particularly because he thought that Kikyo had betrayed him and broken his heart all those years ago. Throughout the series, with the help of his friends and his other companions, we see him start to truly develop as a character. He learns to care about protecting his newfound family, and to seek justice, not only vengeance for his and Kikyo's sake. He learns about the kindness of others and finds in himself a kind and understanding side as well.
By the end of the series, Inuyasha is still recognizable as himself, but has also changed in so many ways compared to the beginning of the story.

Inuyasha is the person/demon thing that the whole story is about. He is really funny and sweet around Kagome even though he hated her at first because he thought that she looked like Kikyo. (Even though in my opinion they look nothing alike. Kikyo has much longer hair and Kagome's hair is darker) Inuyasha is funny when he gets jealous of Koga. And on top of all that, he's extremely cute! I seriously wish there was a real life Inuyasha!

Inuyasha is my favorite character out of all these other characters!
I love him because he is just TOO adorable! He is so funny on mostly every episodes, I mean I just can't enjoy watching 'InuYasha' if there isn't any funny moments.
I mean, what if Sesshomaru was the main character? Wouldn't the show be a little bit boring because he is serious and cold all the time?
I really really LOVE the relationship he had with Kagome, I find it quite cute and pretty.

I think Inuyasha is the second strongest demon in the story, he is very nice and weak to the people who he cares for. With tetsaiga he can defeat anything except for sesshomaru. And with out tesaiga, he can defeat most demons may be even Naraku with it's demon blood.

3 Kagome

Kagome is truly admirable because of how she strives to help everyone.
She helped Inuyasha learn to love again. Inuyasha was in a bad state, due to his heart being broken by Kikyo. Thanks to Kagome, he gradually became more of a kind and selfless individual.
She helped form their group of companions. Without Kagome's persistent, compassionate spirit, Shippo, Miroku, and Sango (& Kirara! ) would never have been able to come together to ultimately defeat Naruku at the end of their long journey.
And in the end, it was all because of Kagome's wish that the Sacred Jewel was destroyed and Naraku gone for good.
Nothing could have began or ended without Kagome.

Kagome deserves to be second, not first. she cannot beat sesshomaru sama. I love the way she handles her personality so well, she has a nice side and a mean side. It's pretty cool, I love seeing Inuyasha being scolded by a girl 2 years younger than him! I do respect the relationship that Inuyasha is having with Kikyo but I think he is so dumb, who is always by his side helping him, who walked into a pool of acid to help him gain his control. He should also be thinking about Kagome, I mean she had to go through so much!

Definitely one of the most developed characters in the show. Kagome is caring, sweet and knowledgeable. Though not as experienced in combat as her companions She grows into a strong, determined woman that ultimately can hold her own.

I like kegome because she's strong whenever inuyasha goes to find kikyo n also doesn't stop inuyasha because she knows that even if she stops him from going to find kikyo, she can't stop him from thinking about her no mattef what.
I also like because she doesn't show her emotions that easily and cry, throw tantrums or get angry.
She is a strong girl, she can control her emotions and also a good friend.

4 Kagura

All Kagura wanted was her freedom. She was chained to Naraku for the entirety of the series, and even on the verge of death she was still tied to him since she was murdered by his hands. She has great character development and is a villain that isn't truly bad, making her one of the most loveable characters by far. In many ways she reminds me of Kagome. Both are strong-willed and aren't afraid to get what they want. They won't stand for injustice, especially against Naraku, and are strong in their respective powers. Kagura relates to most of the other characters in the anime as well, such as Sesshomaru. He is also one of those characters that isn't truly bad. Kagura deserved better than what she got. She deserved to get her freedom and enjoy it too, as well as live a long happy life free from Naraku.

Kagura is my number one favorite, she was forced to work for Naraku because he has her heart in her hand, that's why I hate Naraku. She is strong willed and strong even though she's just a part of Naraku but I think Kagura has her own life, own freedom, and own love and shouldn't be controlled even though when Naraku gave back her heart and killed her, the last one to find and see her was sesshomaru and he tried to heal her but didn't work that means he feals for her and Kagura was happy that she saw her own last time. I think they make a good couple, even better than inuyasha and Kagome.

She was such a badass and the best overall female character in the series. She hardly ever lost a battle and never took anything from anyone, as all she wanted was freedom. She deserved better than what she got and seeing her team up with Sesshomaru's group to help take down Naraku would have been better than how she died, regardless of the great plot point presented with Meido Zangetsuha and Sesshomaru's heart growing. I think saving her and having all that happen would have been just as good if not better. It would have been so cool to see her stick it to Naraku by living.

She's very powerful and determined. Her death scene was so sad, but at least she regained her freedom in the end, though Naraku made her die in pain. She's as free as the wind, and she's the wind itself, cool, pure, gentle and strong at the same time, and most of all, FREE.

5 Sango

Sango is the best character. She has the most sad story in inuyasha and in any other anime for that matters. She is stronger than everybody else cause she have more to deal with than everybody else. And with no mistical powers she is capable of sense dark forces and have great intuition.

She is very lovely, beautiful and strong enough to bear as many babies as Miroku wants... even 20 babies doesn't seems to be a problem to her. She is cute like that.

She has a very sad story. She has only Kohaku but he is under narakus control. I think she has a very strong heart and can defend herself. Her story is touching me the most.

Her story with her brother and what happened to her entire village is too sad. Easily my 2nd favorite character, she should be ahead of kagome. this if rigged

6 Kikyo

Kikyo used to be a bad person and I hated her a lot. But when I finished Inuyasha, I thought back about her and she wasn't so bad after all. I think in the final act, Inuyasha finally loved Kagome more than Kikyo because he said that he was born to meet her and all of that stuff. Kikyo and Inuyasha do make a good match because they are very common, they have people who are scared of them and they were lonely, then they finally met each other. A great love story. But before all of that, I think that Inuyasha was seriously obsessed with Kikyo, if you've finished watching the final act, you would've saw the way he kissed Kikyo, compare it to the way he kissed Kagome, there's not much movement. I still like Kagome more than Kikyo.

I don't worship Kikyo as a perfect female character. She had serious flaws. She is kind but cold. She showed less emotion. If she did, she showed hatred (after being reconstructed). She is smart but quite manipulated. She made up plan and followed it in a strange ways such as: fighting all alone; giving Naraku the Shikon Jewel to make him & the Shikon Jewel disappear;... She didn't show reasons for people to feel sympathy for. I don't think other characters as well as readers would understand (or even want to know) her.

However, she is perfect in her imperfect ways. She failed and she succeed. She put all her efforts to destroy Naraku and Shikon Jewel as a Miko. She developed as helper, a character who understands and accepts her own death... knowing there were things that she could and couldn't do for the living as a dead person. Personally, I acknowledge her as an independent character... rather than the triangle relationship.

Kagome is just too perfect as a human to ...more

Kikyo's short life was centered around slaying demons, making her the the most skilled and capable characters in Inuyasha. Without Kikyo, Naraku would never have been defeated. She is one of the most intelligent characters, often giving Inuyasha's group advice on how to defeat Naraku. She is also the most beautiful with an enviably clam and collected manner. Kikyo is the most outstanding female character.

If she was alive, most likely Inuyasha would have chosed her. In addition, she separated to prevent problems due to the fact that she was already dead and jealousy issues with her counterpart. Inuyasha also never stopped loving her.

7 Jakotsu

He's one of my 5 favourite chracters in the series! He's extremely powerful, funny and then absolutely HILARIOUS when he's struggling with mathematics. Too bad he's sexist though. He thinks girls aren't worth fighting because they're too weak huh? Let's see how he would fare against Android #18! She would stomp him with extreme ease!

"He" is really funny! But I don't like the way he hold grudges against girls and think they're weak and not worth an opponent, however

I love his flamboyant self. He's quite pretty too. Like, I literally thought he was female at first.

He's really funny yet extremely powerful. It's fun to see him struggle with mathematics

8 Koga

I think he is the best out of all, I remember when he first met kagome. The tribe was trying to get rid of her but koga made sure she stayed alive.

He's so brave and tenacious but knows when to run away! And he is so completely confident in himself. Even somebody like Inuyasha who at first you might think is very confident because of how brash he is, doesn't compare to Koga in terms of confidence. Inuyasha covers up his insecurity with a bold exterior but Koga is self-assured through and through! He's very mature in that way. And he's really a nice guy and the way he loves Kagome is so sweet. He should be top 5 at least!

Oh Koga, beautiful Koga. He is a master piece to behold. Many people legit hate the dub, but I love his voice in the dub. He is a work of art. Yes, he is beauty and and grace, and will steal Kagome. That speed though, it makes him all the more exilherating.

Koga never confuse who he loves.
Just straight forward to Kagome.
Simple and passionate.
I love such a man.

9 Miroku

He is just so funny! The 'I want you to bare me a son' line still cracks me up when I think about it. Plus how nice he is to Kagome. SInce InuYasha is rarely nice to her she deserves a guy like Miroku

He literally hilarious, whenever he becomes a pervert and Sango slaps him all I can do is laugh.

He always makes you laugh when he flirts with girls. Plus he has a wind tunnel!

Miroku is so hot! I literally just died whenever he becomes the pervert!

10 Bankotsu

A wasted character with so much potential to evolve into a good ally. The design is very distinguished. I thought he was one of the key characters in Inuyasha.

Totally hawt... he should hang out with Sesshomaru and make their own Band of Two or something. Makes sense doesn't it? Sesshomaru is the strongest demon, and Bankotsu's the strongest human! Plus they're the hawtest of their races...

That voice! I can't help thinking of Trunks whenever he appears!

The Leader of the Shichintai and the hottest character in the series Haha but he is strong despite only being human and he is so nice to Jakotsu even though Jakotsu is like... really weird laugh out loud But anyways I cry when he die :'(

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11 Kanna

I love her! She's so pretty and like her sister, she always longs for freedom. She helped everyone defeat Naraku and she looks so emetionless, but deep down she's really kind and does know how to love. She's also ultra powerful with her mirror, and I'm proud to say that she's my favourite character in InuYasha!

Why is Kanna so low? She's as great as her sister Kagura, both yearned for freedom

12 Kirara

Kirara is the only reason I even watched this show.

13 Shippo

Shippo is the cutest character ever!

He's cute and adorable! He very funny!

So cute! I love his tail!

He is perfect

14 Naraku

Best character ever! Without Naraku, there would be no show.

He is cute I mean hot but he is down right to evil.

He is the best villain! I give him # 6.

Yes hot ass evil guy

15 Ginkotsu
16 Gatenmaru
17 Rin

Why does nobody like Rin? I think she is adorable! She is so caring, like when she went to look for that special plant to save Jaken. She brought out the good in Sesshomaru, which is impressive.

Rin never judged anyone. She loved sesshomaru like a father or older brother.

I wish I've known exactly how many brothers does she have on her own.

Rin is so adorable! She is so caring and is kind to everybody.

18 Myoga
19 Menomaru
20 Goshinki
21 Hoshiyomi
22 Kyokotsu
23 Ryura
24 Byakuya
25 Kaede

Kaede was pretty but now shes just an old hag.Anyways after inuyasha's seal was broken by kagome she wasn't able to seal hom back although she had finished her miko training

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