Best Lizzie McGuire Episodes

Lizzie McGuire was a great show. Although every single episode is great, there are the best ones.
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1 I Do, I Don't (Episode Ten)

Summary: The social studies assignment for the week is interesting. Miss Stebel pairs her class into different "marriages" and they then have to pick an occupation from the fishbowl. The couple which showed the best fictional marriage at the twenty year reunion would not have to write a paper on the weekend. The class soon finds out that it's not as easy as it sounds. Popular girl Kate Saunders the T.V. anchor woman "wants a new husband" after being "married" to class geek and mailman Larry Tudgeman, who is delighted with this choice. Lawyer Lizzie McGuire thinks differently when being paired up to Gordo the garbage man. "Best friend, best marriage", right? Her thoughts change when her best friend Miranda Sanchez is a homemaker and wife to a surgeon, none other than Dr. Ethan Craft (wait, is a surgeon a doctor, Ethan? ). Ethan may be as smart as vegetables but he's the guy everyone has a crush on. Things soon change. Kate tries to talk Ethan into leaving his "wife" to "marry" her. Lizzie hears Ethan sort of agree and is alarmed. Can she warn Miranda without making the girl heartbroken? Meanwhile Lizzie's younger brother Matt finds a cave.

2 Working Girl (Episode Thirty-six)

Summary: Lizzie becomes the busboy at the Digital Bean to earn some money after her parents refuse to let her have a raise in her allowance. Too bad that she decided to become really busy when Matt needs to talk to a girl. Luckily Lizzie isn't the girl around, he discovers and Gordo sarcastically comments on Matt's late realization that Miranda is a girl. Matt's problem is that his partner in crime Melina has moved on. Miranda's advice leads Matt too far. He develops a major crush on her which entertains the non helpful Gordo.

3 Lizzie's Nightmares (Episode Twenty-five)

Summary: Lizzie is in heaven when Gordo tells her that Ethan wants to have lunch with her. Self confident Gordo fails to see why it's such a big deal but his remarks cannot destroy Lizzie's day. However, something else can... Matt! After going too far with a trick on Lizzie, his parents threaten to send Matt away. Matt goes to school grumpily but accidentally takes Lizzie's bus to school. Unfortunately, Lizzie couldn't stop him since she was being taken to school with her mother after a hair crisis. Matt hits it off with Ethan Craft and becomes popular by making up stories. Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo don't know it's Matt but after hearing about him they think he is pretty cool. Meanwhile, Sam and Jo at home get a call from Matt's school that he didn't show up. They feel awful but Lizzie puts things right by calling her parents after her brother spoils lunch with Ethan.

4 Night of the Day of the Dead (Episode Twenty-four)

Summary: Lizzie is annoyed when her parents announce that Matt is going to Lizzie's Halloween party at her school. And if that's not enough, Kate gets on Lizzie and Miranda's bad side after tricking Lizzie into cleaning the stinky janitor's closet and after insulting Miranda's Halloween traditions. Will Kate learn her lesson or not after being haunted?

5 Last Year's Model (Episode Twenty-three)

Summary: Matt is thrilled when he gets a fifty dollar gift certificate from Gammy McGuire. Being a little old, Sam's mother sends Matt birthday presents every six months. Matt is thrilled at having fifty dollars to spend and he and Lanny go shopping. Lanny has his heart set on a recliner but it cost over three thousand dollar. The pair finally settle on a seventy five dollar hammock. Lanny puts in his cash from his website and the two buy it. The problem is that it was a rip off, but Matt and Lanny don't have a hard time convincing a rude salesman. Meanwhile Lizzie auditions to be a model and gets into a fashion show. Everybody acts different even her best friends. The only thing Lizzie can do is make an ugly appearance.

6 Come Fly With Me (Episode Thirteen)

Summary: Gordo is into the rat pack theme. Lizzie and Miranda ignore it until Ethan Craft gets involved. When he does, the whole school does. Gordo is angry at his best friends when he learns that Kate Saunders likes it too. But Lizzie and Miranda are thrilled to get the attention. But Gordo stops that hobby and begins the boring sport of flying toy planes. Lizzie and Miranda wish that he wouldn't always try and get out of being with the crowd.

7 Sibling Bonds (Episode Seventeen)

Summary: Matt tries one of his magic tricks on Lizzie which is handcuffing the siblings together. Matt loses the key and Jo finds it. She pockets it until the two can learn to get along. Lizzie is desperate to get her brother off her arm but she soon discovers that Matt is being bullied by Heywood. Lizzie tells the bully off and Matt repays her by pulling one of his pranks of Kate after hearing one of her snooty comments. Even when Sam finally gives them the key and they unlock the handcuffs, Lizzie gives up hanging up with Ethan to punish Heywood.

8 The Untitled Stan Jansen Project (Episode Twenty-two)

Summary: The whole school is delighted when Stan Jansen and his crew make a video about their daily lives. There is no hope for that because everyone tries to get noticed and focuses more on the camera then on their lives. Everybody but Gordo. He makes one of his practical comments which draws Stan to the boy. After discovering that Gordo wants to be a director, Stan tells him that the key is conflict. Gordo hurts a lot of people's feelings, including Lizzie's and Miranda's which makes them refuse to talk to him on camera. Lizzie is disappointed but Matt is having troubles too. His "girlfriend" Melina loves getting him in trouble. She gets him in huge trouble with Stan Jansen and Gordo, who suddenly develops a huge disliking of Stan, tries to help Matt.

9 Election (Episode Eleven)

Summary: Claire Miller a popular school cheerleader and Larry Tudgeman are the only candidates running for the school president. Gordo feels that someone "normal" should run so Lizzie decides to. Claire has a lot of hope since she is so popular and Larry promises to eat a worm for each vote. Being a candidate goes to Lizzie's head which doesn't bother Gordo but Miranda is disappointed in Lizzie. Who will win? Meanwhile Matt has an imaginary friend Jasper which is only part of a mischievous plan.

10 Gordo and the Girl (Episode Nineteen)

Summary: Gordo finally finds a girlfriend, popular girl Brooke Baker. He lies to Lizzie and Miranda to keep this private in his life. Lizzie and Miranda see them together and hear popular girl Claire Miller talk about Brooke's boyfriend. Thinking that Gordo is not the person Claire is talking about, Lizzie and Miranda have a feeling that Brooke is using Gordo. He finally feels ready to tell them that he is dating Brooke. But when he does, he feels confused at their reaction thinking that they would be happy for him. Gordo is devastated as he says, "A girl like Brooke can never like a guy like me? "

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11 Magic Train (Episode Sixty-Five)
12 Rumors (Episode One)

The stupidest part is Miranda blaming herself after Lizzie posted a rumor about Kate stuffing her bra in order to become cheerleader. It's just plain gross and even a pubescent girl can wear a bra.

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