Top 10 Scariest Doctor Who Monsters and Aliens

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1 Weeping Angels

Umm duhhh...they are kinda scary and even though they don't give me nightmares or anything (which none of the others do anyway) they are creepy to watch and the episodes with them in them are really chilling. Also, angels can be on video and when the person watching it looks away they would have moved and the person would look way again and it would move...and not long later they would turn around and there was a weeping angel behind them. Also, If you are aware of an angel near you, and they are in a different room with no one in there, as soon as you can't see them its scary as you know that within seconds they will be inside of your room. I mean you can close one eye and open it and keep doing that with the opposite eye but if it is outside your door and you are unable to see it it will probably come in to your room anyway. They have been known to turn people back in time and imagine if like rory did, you saw yourself die and how scary that must have been.

2 Cybermen

The Cybermen seem to develop, as a matter of course, on several planets at several different times, like the concept itself has become embedded in the substance of the universe. They seem to become more powerful every time they come into existence, as well! From Mondas to the Earth, to many other places, the Doctor has defeated them - sometimes only barely - and some part of them always survives to move on to the next place. The last time the Doctor faced them was fatal, causing another regeneration! What will happen the NEXT time?

3 Daleks The Daleks are a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants principally portrayed in the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who.

The Daleks are the epitome of the Doctor Who bad guy. Born from a twisted mind in order to win a war so decidedly that the rest of existence becomes endangered by these merciless beasts. Now they want to be the masters of all existence! EX-TER-MI-NATE!

The last episode with the Daleks in it showed you that just one Dalek is enough to destroy the human race.

Weeping angels are not scary just close one eye open it, and close the other open it and ots basically
Like blinking and it still can't do anything

4 The Silence

Just imagine if the silence were on earth. One could be watching you while you sleep. One could be watching you right now. And if you saw it, you would forget it exists then second you look away.

Crepy! The cybermen and daleks are kinda stupid and the vampires are strange, weepingangels, creepy, but the worst is the silense, I imagine a silence with a perception filter... Oh my god that iss scary. The ultamate assassin.

The scariest thing that you forget it as soon as you do not observe it. Funny though, but they cast electricity! How cool!

5 The Headless Monks

The concept that your body can be taken over by an evil cult, while your head gets stuffed in a box, is downright scary. The secondary idea that only the rich can afford the box, while the poor are left to scavenge as skulls... gah! That's even worse!

6 The Empty Child

The idea of the hospital ship was a good one, but it sadly first ran across a dying child as its human template, so people were all being turned into the empty-souled dying template, just from a touch! But a mother's love saved the world - now that's a powerful force!

The way that the Empty Child says "Are you my mummy? " just chills me to the bone. And let's not forget that the old guy's transformation is one of the most terrifying scenes of that episode. I say that this thing is the second scariest monster in Dr. Who.

7 Vampire

I really hate and I am scared of vampires. I don't want them to exist in real life.

8 Satan (The Beast)
9 Vashta Nerada

This SHOULD be top 5! I love that there's a sense that this could be real and it has kept a seed of worry in the back of my head every time I don't immediately see where a shadow is coming from or when I catch sight of dust specs in rays of light.

They are what hides in the dark. Any darkness, any shadow, even here on Earth. Good thing they can survive on roadkill here, then, isn't it?

They are also what stole the Doctor's wife from him before he even knew her. That makes this episode even more heartbreaking once you know the rest of the story!

10 Werewolf
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11 The Flood

Just a single drop... that's all it takes to turn you into a terrible, mindless, violent monster! Unless this is a reference to some other water monster, and I don't think it is, this was one of the scariest episodes of the New Who era! And such a heartbreaking end... and a terrible lesson for The Doctor.

The idea that a single drop of water could kill you and turn into a body for a malevolent creature oozing deadly water is terrifying. And the designs are chilling to the bone with cracks in their mouth and white eyes.

12 The Midnight Entity

It looks for the cleverest person and steals their voice and turns friendships against them. This was one of the few monsters who scared The Doctor and almost killed him by stealing his voice. We know nothing about it at all and it could still be alive out there. Someone somewhere is being copied.

Someone somewhere is being copied.

Stealing your voice, your very being, your identity... and the thief is invisible, unknowable, unstoppable! If one brave person had not sacrificed herself, the ending could have been very, very different!

13 The Great Intelligence

This is a being the Doctor has faced multiple times, and each time, the Great Intelligence is stronger and more powerful. What happens the next time the Doctor encounters this one?

14 Prisoner Zero
15 Weevil
16 The Smilers
17 The Clockwork Droids
18 The Slitheen
19 The Trickster
20 Whisper Men

Creepy as hell, enough sad really. Lowkey reminded me of those silent things in that one episode of Buffy that was just silence the whole time. I hate silence...

21 The Meem
22 The Time Lords

I think the Doctor is the prime example of him. He Is Terrifying. Especially to all those who oppose him. The Time Lord Victorious was a prime example of that. As was the Family of Blood. But yeah, Time Lords are far too OP not to be at least be a bit higher up than this.

23 The Ravenous
24 Autons
25 The 4-5-6

This one isn't directly a Doctor Who monster, but one in the Doctor's universe, that Captain Jack had to deal with in the Torchwood show... and what it wants the children for is simply terrifying! And who Captain Jack must lose in order to defeat them is... soul-crushing!

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