Best Sherlock Episodes

I know there are only six episodes, but which one is your favourite?
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1 The Reichenbach Fall

Moriarty proved himself to be the greatest villain Sherlock has ever faced! My only regret is that they shouldn't have killed him off in this episode but let him disappear or get captured so the showrunners could bring him back in a later season.

This one shattered my heart into a million pieces! sob Best episode of any T.V. show ever made. Period.

This is a contender for best television episode of any show, ever. Period.

2 A Scandal In Belgravia

My favorite episode of all time in any T.V. series. The chemistry between Irene and Sherlock is so intense! And the ending is just too amazing for words.

One of my favorite episodes. Even better than The Reichenbach Fall in my opinion. Irene is a better villain than Moriarty and she has such great chemistry with Sherlock

It's either this or The Reichenbach Fall.
Ultimately, I picked this because I like Irene more than Jim.

3 His Last Vow

The best possible way to adapt a book: keeping it accurate, yet surprising to those who are familiar with the source material.

This one surprised me, like, one million times. I will not give spoilers, but you much stick around to watch this one!

Magnussen is a creep, but this episode had so many great twists!

4 The Sign of Three

Why is this not #1? This epis ode has the best Johnlock moments and humor!

5 A Study In Pink

Honestly. It's got the coolest plot of all of them. It's really the best.

The best first episode you can wish for.

Great introduction to the series.

6 The Great Game

I just like how this has the perfect balance between the character and plot driven aspects of the show with the same cleverness and ingenuity that made it gain a cult following in the first place and eventually expand into one of the most popular shows and easily slipped into pop culture. Also, this introduces the central villain of the next and the previous seasons, and by far made us all marvel and put our minds to the test as Sherlock as met his match in Moriarity, placed by the amazing Andrew Scott and is one of the best television villains and psychotic antagonists of all time, who has also made it into our hearts. This episode tied up the season nicely and made Sherlock an icon, resurging his popularity in the modern generation.

7 The Hounds of Baskerville
8 The Empty Hearse

No clear ending, which is what made the cliffhanger (pun intended) of the last episode so effective.

I just don't understand how low this one is.

9 The Final Problem

I absolutely ADORED this episode, so when I looked at all the negative reviews for it I was absolutely SHOCKED. This might be my favorite episode of the whole series!

Easily the best. The sense of urgency in this episode is like nothing I've seen in a T.V. show before, and the plot's many twists and turns make it even better.

I love this part.It ended really beautiful.No kind of detective stories can do that.Opening the mind of a psychopath, a little girl at the high, alone and sad, who was asking for help.Saving her was the only way to solve the Final Problem.The cleverest move Sherlock ever did.

10 The Lying Detective

BEST. EPISODE. YET. January 9, 2017
Utterly heartbreaking and deep. I laughed, cried, squealed, bewailed, you name it. I absolutely adore the character development! It's not just about the cases, it never was. The relationship between Sherlock and John is impecable, from hitting to hugging, they are a pair in whatever way you want to view them. Symbolism, plot twists galore. Props to the amazing writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. Truly one of a kind and I can't wait to see them try to top this with The Final Problem

The Contenders
11 The Blind Banker
12 The Abominable Bride

I loved this episode! you truly got see Sherlock Holmes in the time that the book was placed and the case he was put on was a real brain twister, but when he solved it... you also got to see just how smart Sherlock holmes is and you fully got to understand his mind palace from his perspective. and I loved how you got to see more of his personality and grow a deeper understanding of just everything. loved it! should be higher!

Better than blind banker definitely. Should be higher. Wonderful episode. Great plot and

13 The Six Thatchers
14 Many Happy Returns
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