Best NCIS Couples

What couple is best? Tiva, McAbby, Jibbs, Shibbs, McGiva, Tabby, or Tate?
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1 Tiva

Oh Tiva, where to begin. The tension between them is the best, the mocking, them picking on each other, everything funny. But when I think they're really at their best is when they're willing to die for each other. Truth or Consequences, I think, is the best tiva episode. Tony purposely got himself and McGee captured so that he could save Ziva. Then, Ziva said that she is ready to die, to kill her, not him. Through the good and the bad, they've been there for each other and that's what makes them the best ship.

2 McAbby

They're always bickering when they're together, and it's cute when Abby gets annoyed by the fact that McGee graduated from MIT. And, no one else understands computers as much as they do. They get jealous sometimes, that's when you can really see that they want to be together.

3 Shibbs

Shannon and Gibbs, those two. It's sad that Shannon died, but she had to for the show to start. I still think Kelly dying was uncalled for though...

4 Jibbs

If something more than what happened in Paris happened, I don't think we'll ever know, but they were cute together. I'm just wondering why Jenny didn't tell Gibbs when she found out she was sick...

5 Tabby

Tony and Abby... They do have a tendency to make fun of each other a lot and it doesn't bother them. They're cute, but not the geek and the goth cute.

6 Tate

Oh what could have, and should have been. The chemistry was great and the show runners gave a brief glimpse into that potential in "Life Before His Eyes. Tony and Kate were set to be great, but Tate was sadly cut short before coming to fruition.

I can't even imagine this.

7 McGiva

McGee and Ziva. That would be interesting. They're more brother/ sister than Tony and Ziva though, so it would be a little awkward.

8 Densi

Deeks and Kensi from spin-off series, NCIS: Los Angeles. Deeks and Kensi became partners when Deeks joined NCIS as a liaison for the LAPA. They started as friends and partners, but their relationship changed as the seasons progressed as they began to develop strong romantic feelings for each other, despite their best efforts to bury and ignore the growing romance between them. Everyone is highly well aware of their feelings. Eventually after years of will they/won't they, Deeks and Kensi finally become a couple halfway through season six and become engaged by the end of season eight and are now planning to get married in season ten.

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