Top 10 Most Underrated TV Animated Villains

These are the cartoon villains who don't get as much recognition as some of the other more famous cartoon villains but defiantly deserve some recognition.
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1 Krang - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Everyone talks about the Shredder who is the turtles number one villain yet not too many people ever talk about Krang who is literally the brain of most of the operation

I like Shredder the most, but Krang is underrated. He's arguably the true main villain of the 80s show.

He is such a good villain

2 Dr. Robotnik - Sonic The Hedgehog SATAM Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a fictional video game character and the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, created by Sega.

The Robotnik in this version of Sonic the Hedgehog was a pretty dark villain when compared to the Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog as this Robotnik looks to take over the world by turning the citizens of Mobious into robot slaves.

3 Mary Dahl/ Baby Doll - Batman The Animated Series

A bit silly but tragic villain who suffers from a condition that prevented her from growing and have her stuck in the body of a little girl, like so many child actors Mary tried to go solo and further her career only for her career to tank and in an attempt to recreate the only time in her life when she was actually happy she kidnaps all of her old co stars so they can all be part of her illusion of them being one big happy family.

I wish she would return.

4 MegaByte - ReBoot

Voiced by the amazing Tony Jay.

5 Armondo Guitierrez - Freakazoid

One of the more entertaining villains on Freakazoid thanks to the voice talent of Ricardo Montalban.

6 The Lobe - Freakazoid

Another villain from Frakazoid who is also fun to watch as he's voiced by David Warner.

7 Toffee - Star vs the Forces of Evil

I think he's awesome. Surprise!

What a cute name

8 Bianca Dupree - Beverly Hills Teens
9 Cornelia - Code Geass
10 Tex Hex - Bravestarr
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11 Kagami Mikage - Ayashi no Ceres
12 Professor Norton Nimnul - Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

Next to Fat Cat the Rescue Ranger's 2nd most recurring villain on the show, a crazy inventor who uses he's inventions for his own benefit including a weather machine, an invention that allows him to swap with the DNA with a wolf to rob places, he even invents carpets that fly so they can steal for him among other things.

13 Giovanni - Pokémon
14 Fisher Biskit - Littlest Pet Shop
15 Dr. Scarab - Bionic Six
16 Ed Wuncler I - The Boondocks

He pretty much runs the whole city of Woodcrest as a greedy and despicable man who will take advantage of anyone and exploit their labor for his own benefit and he gets away with it all.

17 Overlord / Dr. James Bent - Spiral Zone
18 Music Meister - Batman: The Brave and the Bold

He's a fan favorite.

19 Licorice Whip - Strawberry Shortcake
20 SkullMaster - Mighty Max
21 Umbra - Mighty Orbots
22 Riot - Jem and The Holograms
23 Madame Rouge - The Teen Titans

Hell No, she overrated.

24 Prime Evil - Filmation’s Ghostbusters
25 The Huntsman - American Dragon: Jake Long
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