Top Ten Worst TV Channels

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GMA Network has been embroiled in many controversies! It's being sued for colluding with AGB Nielsen Media Research Phils. In manipulating T.V. ratings that slant to its favor, being also involved in funding bribing operations. It has removed itself from the foremost broadcast media organization KBP for the apparent reason of pre-empting the impending suspension and avoiding charges by KBP against GMA on the grounds of "obscenity, " "vehemently lambasting the rival network ABS-CBN on air" and "commercial overloading." It has aired a news clip owned by ABS-CBN illegally. GMA producers copy so many programs/shows of the leading network ABS-CBN. It's consistently been playing second fiddle to ABS-CBN in the ratings and commercial loads, but its notoriety for "self-proclaiming" deceptive achievements contrary to facts is most obnoxious!

GMA is absolutely bias in so many cases. It only covers the good side of the report and being unfair to their rivals and most to people who they think a threat to their news casting knowing that it is all for money, advertisement, interest, competition and power neglecting the rights of the people. GMA network is purely a business enterprise that protects not the voices of the people but the amount of profits in which to gain. Personalities, correspondents, reporters and the board are conservatively covering the good elements of story or news that can uplift their station but is unfair, pirating the competitor's initiative and scripted. Until now, GMA Television remains to be more and more BIASED.

If you are some what from rural areas, you could see the difference on how GMA control their commercial breaks and the real shows. It is creepy to say that GMA, who thought they are number 1, is only the worst number 1 in terms of service in televiewers. I was comparing the shows of the number 1 network ABS-CBN to GMA and extremely found out, what! For example, if you are fan of watching anime, the best to watch on T.V. is GMA, however, does the network itself thought that the way those dub voices much up the way Japanese spoke the lines of every characters? Do they even care about the flow of the story? PROBABLY NO! Most filipino actually doesn't care about the voices but I DO. Specially Inuyasha (Dog Forest God), there are episodes on which I saw that they added some dub voices which are not really present in the original Japanese version. In commercial breaks, in ABS-CBN you could watch different commercial advertisement but in the other hand GMA who somehow advertise their own ...more

GMA 7 is number 1 alright, no. 1 worst T.V. channel that is. They always bragging as no. 1 channel in the Philippines (they love to make ABS look bad on their ratings), pillage too much Korean soap opera like a fat-ass eating on a buffet table for free, too much commercials that can consume 5 or more minutes one straight (20 minutes if Manny Pacquiao has a fight, still showing their archaic animes, fat-ass people (from F.G. , J.S. , M.B. to R.M.D. ), inappropriately tagalized English movies (they want to be like TV5), on their news there's too much news in one story, silly local showbiz news, too many to say...

2 Disney

Oh, Disney Channel. What used to be a decent kids channel is now an awful one with bad acting and plot, infinite laugh tracks of death, and a lack of many kids shows. They don't even have real advertisements, thanks to them dubbing over it with "Use your imagination" crap. Great! You can't even get commercials right! I remember when Disney Channel had 5 animated shows over 3 good sitcoms. Now, thanks to Hannah Montana, they now have 5 bad sitcoms over 2 good animated shows (because Fish Hooks isn't that good at all). Man, if Disney being frozen was actually true, and he saw this, he WOULD definitely be disappointed!

Oh my god. I have seen this channel decay so badly just by looking at it. Some of their shows are actually imported from ABC Kids. Fish Hooks characters look like PAC Man ghosts on drugs. They are no longer hip in today's world because they replaced Toon Disney with Playhouse Disney, which is Disney Jr. And Disney just for profit and try to make icons out of talentless kids. I only like the baby from Good Luck Charlie, but somebody help him get into a real acting school so she doesn't suffer at their greedy hands. Disney is about Walt Disney's magical animated movies, not what it is today. Well, Phineas and Ferb is good, but it might get old. No wonder Disney Parks have nothing related to the new Disney Channel except Phineas and Ferb.

Disney used to be an awesome network until 2008. I think Disney was just done was when they cancelled Kim possible, that's so raven, Cory in the house, and suite life of zack and Cody because those shows were popular and made Disney good. When that's so raven and Cory in the house were cancelled and Disney was doing Hannah Montana it just made Disney bad and less successful. Sonny with a chance was the only good Disney show after 2008 but in 2012 when so random and Zeke and luthur were cancelled I was just done with T.V. and Disney just ruined it's T.V. legacy. In 2012-2014 I was happy because shake it up, my babysitter's a vampire, and A.N.T. farm were cancelled but Disney is still bad because they have this show called dog with a blog that needs to get cancelled. I hate to do this Disney Channel but you get the " Disgrace " for and you need to improve. I have a request Disney Channel " can you make show about kids traveling into real life video games? " Disney if you do that I will ...more

Even though reality shows are taking over kid networks now, This has to be the worst! Nearly all the new shows suck (Especially Fish Hooks and Shake it Up) But there are some good ones like Phineas and Ferb, Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place, Austin and Ally, A.N. T Farm is an okay show, and Gravity Falls is my favorite! This channel has too much reality shows! Disney is worse! Plus they have too much overrated shows (Kick Buttowski, Pair of Kings, Kickin it, A lot more actually) I'm so gonna kill whoever started all this reality show madness on Disney!

3 MTV MTV is an American basic cable and satellite television channel which is a part of the "Viacom Music and Entertainment Group" which is the flagship Property of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom, of which it is a subsidiary.

After watching many episodes of Ridiculousness, a show which apparently thinks child abuse and being racist towards people with red hair is funny, there is no doubt in My mind that MTV needs 2B DOA. There is nothing left anymore that proves MTV is short for Music Television, because it seems more like Mental Television.

Remember when this was actually a channel for music? Now it's another bad reality T.V. show haven. This is a great example of how lame and repetitive T.V. has gotten nowadays. Heck, even the kids channels are getting as worse as this! Pretty much all of MTV's shows make me want to puke!

"What...what do people gain from these shows? Most of contemporary media teaches people some idea, but one thing for sure that is positive is the fact that you will not receive brain cancer from this channel. You won't even have any brain cells left to develop such a disease! "

MTV used to be about music. They have shown music videos 24/7. Now a days. Its about stupid reality shows like teen mom, Jersey shore, and so many more. They must have stopped playing music videos because now we can see music videos from youtube. MTV should change its name to RTV ( Reality Television )


TLC is a reality channel literally promotes the most oddball wackos and films some of the gnarliest freaks too. And sadly, the "freaks" they film are the least bad thing about this channel, not to mention the sheer exploitation they do is disgusting.

It's not like I haven't seen good from it, when I was a kid I loved TLC because of the cool cooking stuff and me being an art fan, they wacky art and craft show. Dammit this was supposed to be a wholesome leisure show and they decide to show brats who whine over wedding dresses, people glorifying being pregnant with 10+ kids, and people who literqally eat weird things, and also ridiculously fat people and disabled people. Not to mention 90 day fiance. What on earth has this channel become.

Hear hear! TLC is rubbish that cynically, shamelessly, exploits people. Its programming is not only overly sentimental, and lacking connection to the average person, but it's completely and utterly strayed from its vision, I.e. "The Learning Channel". It's no more of a source of learning as a supermarket tabloid. This channel is like a cross between Jerry Springer and the Lifetime channel! The fact that this channel is on the whole aimed towards women, only shows the world how they view women. The fact that this is considered "what women like", shows that their female target demographic are viewed by the network to be no better than the "freaks" they exploit. Finally, their programming isn't even GOOD, even for what it is!

It really just seems like TLC is looking for the "NEXT ODD THING" to push down your throat with their soppy family friendly setting. From shows about people with disabilities / alternative lifestyles to poorly created documentaries declaring completely outrageous statements with nothing but their own personal opinions to back it up. TLC is always trying to get in your face with the next thing they think you will notice. Heck, I've been watching American Heros Channel and they've been spamming a T.V. advert about some transsexual kid now. It's not the kid that bothers me, it's the network pushing her off as the next new sideshow for them to make some quick money off of. It's complete exploitation.

This is the result of what happened when TLC stepped away from educational stuff. It is a pure freak show. A notorious example is Toddlers and Tiaras. The freaks here are the parents, because it is not the toddlers' faults that they are more bratty because of a pageant. 18 Kids and Counting is a freak show because the women are preggers all the time, and it's the men who decided to get the women preggers that are freaks. I can't believe they switched to being a freak show just for profit.

5 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

Cartoon Network used to be synonymous with GREAT cartoons. Cartoons like The Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd n' Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, among other gems. Sadly, the quality has been going down the drain for nearly a decade now. The only good show that Cartoon Network has aired since 2004 was Ben 10 (which actually had great action sequences coupled with likable characters and a decent sense of humor). Now, Cartoon Network has become synonymous with the worst cartoons of all time. Chowder, Flapjack, the Total Drama Series, Adventure Time, Johnny Test, and the worst of them all: The Regular Show.

There's no doubt about it: Cartoon Network is a textbook example of what is known as Network Decay. After eight years of going downhill, the channel has finally hit rock bottom. Sooner or later, though, they're going to find themselves a shovel and start digging again. It's only a matter of time; there is absolutely no saving this channel.

It went from a station with cartoons 24/7 to a channel that airs about five cartoons a day and ends early in the evening.

Not all their current shows are bad, but the way the channel schedules their shows, advertises, and runs the channel is just pathetic compared to how they used to do it.

They used to have variety, a decent logo, a great voice announcer, great marathons and events like The Big Pick, The Big Game and June Bug. And they had great blocks like Toonami, Acme Hour, Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, O Canada and many more.

Today Cartoon Network just tries too hard to be cool, which is sad considering how they still have some decent new cartoons, but it's the channel itself that makes watching them such an unpleasant experience.

Basically, these days viewers are better off watching the good current Cartoon Network shows online.

Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa were mistakes waiting to happen. They cancelled it and then brought it back saying that it's the second season just to replace Clarence, Adventure Time, and Regular show because their seasons ended. I used to remember watching Foster's home for imaginary friends, Ben Ten, Teen Titans, Code-name kids next door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and many more. Now they replaced it with Steven Universe which is about the pointless adventures of an obese boy with 3 other dirt bags. Uncle Grandpa which is about an annoying old man on hallucinations with weird friends. (I know all this because my brothers watch it. ) I don't want to explain the Lego shows because they suck so bad. And just when you thought they couldn't ruin Teen Titans, they made you wrong with bad jokes, bad references, and copies of episodes from the original series. Regular show, Adventure Time, Gumball, and Clarence are funny shows but the ones I just Explained all suck. All in All Those shows ...more

The shows are only great in the minds of 7 year old boys. The Reular Show, Adventure Time, Total Drama Island, and Johnny Test are incredibly annoying. There are dirty jokes on these shows and they say words such as "hickey" when their target audience is too young to know what that means. Teen Titans Go is the worst show on T.V. and it has the worst jokes on T.V.. Level Up and Incredible Crew have really stupid concepts. I don't even understand Chima and Ninjago. The plot of those shows is a group of Lego people brought together by some prophecy need to defeat evil. The only good shows are reruns of Tom and Jerry and Hole in the Wall. Cartoon Network has dug from the depths of hell to find humor and they finally hit rock bottom. It's not funny at all. I have an 8 year old brother and whenever Cartoon Network is on our T.V. I walk out of the room because I cannot stand this channel.

6 Playboy TV

Please take this disgusting channel off the air immediately because it needs to be banned from DirecTV. Get some of the older channels back: girlzChannel, Sega Channel, Showtime Family and G4 (NBC Universal).

I haven't watched this but on the channel listings oh my.. The nastiest sickest porn ever, unless its one of those movie stations like HBO.

I am sorry but looking hot women is not strange and it's playboy they advertise this! If you don't like seeing hot naked women than you literally do not have a penis

I found this on my new T.V., along with other p0rn channels, when I was going through the channel guide. Luckily, it was blocked. Why would they show this on T.V.?

7 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon is an American basic cable and satellite television network launched on December 1, 1977, and is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and based in New York City.

Nickelodeon has been relying on SpongeBob for way too long that it has become a bad show. It has rejected good pilots like the modifiyers or adventure time ( wether you like adventure time, you can't deny other people like it). It has horrible cartoons like fanboy and chum chum, sanjay and craig, and breadwinners. Nickelodeon has made plenty of stupid choices that ruined their integrity. Maybe it was something that SpongeBob did, maybe it was giving fred his own show, maybe it was that stupid live action the last airbender movie. at least Disney Channel is has gravity falls. And Cartoon Network has climbed out of its doldrums. If Nickelodeon wants to save itself, they need to learn one simple fact:

Pandering is NOT profitable.

Nickelodeon has been going through some mayhem currently. It seems as if Mr. Redstone has not been putting any effort into Nickelodeon at all. Spongebob and TMNT are technically being aired on every channel, Nick Jr has at least one new show being aired every single day, Nicktoons has become a Spongebob/FOP/rejected Nick cartoon marathon empire, and the new Nickrewind is just Nicktoons Network reincarnated. I also don't know why The Office is being aired on Nick at nite when it's already being aired during the day on Comedy Central. I must say though, I think I'm going to love the nickrewind block on Teennick.

Cartoon Network is improving because when I was in California, I saw some old Cartoon Network shows in private. Nick can improve, but Disney Channel will never improve. I am fed up with Nick because in Victorious, Cat acts like Patrick Star overdosed on alcohol and SpongeBob on a sugar rush. Trina also acts like an overreactive Squidward. And why did Justin Beiber win at Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards? ICarly is also stupid, as all the kids do is jump around, scream, and do random things that aren't funny. I do hope Robot and Monster doesn't get messed up like other Nick shows.

Oh my goodness, as much as the nostalgic cartoons I've had with this channel (Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, etc), but I can't help the fact that Nickelodeon is the opposite of improvements like most T.V. Channels like CN and DC, heck even Boomerang could do a better job. Right now Nickelodeon is now sitting in the most, the MOST bottom of the rock. Now modern Nickelodeon consists of 60% SpongeBob, 35% Soap Opera (Hendry Danger and other crappy shows), 4% of nonsense side-shows and advertisements, and only 1%, 1 PERCENT of the classic reruns of nostalgic cartoons as I mention before aired at Midnight And Daytime, and that's only a percent. while the rest is unclear. Nickelodeon was the hits at the 90's, now it's just a network full of dust, waiting another fan to get trapped in their trap of endless SpongeBob reruns. Advice: just go to Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, or even Boomerang. Avoid this channel at any cost

8 Fox News Fox News Channel is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

Say what you will about CNN and I it's not a news source I trust either, but what makes Fox worse then CNN to me is their attempt to make themselves as unbiased even though their biasness is very obvious. They can keep calling themselves "Americas Most Reliable News Channel" all they like, they won't convince me or other people for it.

Oh and they are just as sexist and racist and homophobic as any other news channel in the U.S. Don't deny it.

Propaganda, I can't believe people actually believe what they say. If only they would look to other sources for news they would know this. Fox knows that when they say it loud enough, long enough, repeating it over and over, and crying about it by everyone on the network, people will begin to believe it. They are nothing but an extension for a political party out to destroy political party at all costs.

They can't be considered a news organization. All they ever do is spew out propaganda, never fact check anything, and make up some fake scandal about how democrats are evil and they eat babies, and then claim they're legitimate. Also keeping Bill O'Reilly on after his absurd proven lies. I know fox had terrible standards before, but now they have no standards. And that got even lower after roger ailes "rough housing" with his employees.

Everyone at Fox News is a racist, stupid, sexist, rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, and unprofessional prick with a micro penis. The people of Fox News are no better than verbal terrorists and Nazi's who also use religion as an excuse for child abuse, racism heavy drinking, woman beating and gay bashing to be a good thing. Well news flash Hoax News, none of that is ever okay you rednecks!

9 Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. only cares about money. They are doing way worse than Nickelodeon. They shove awful shows like Paw Patrol in our faces. That show is the SpongeBob/Teen Titans Go of the channel. They have way too many shows on their schedule, and they hate all their shows and treat them like absolute garbage except for their precious Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Rusty Rivets, Nella the Princess Knight, Peppa Pig, Dora, and Wallykazam (sort of), which all suck, but Rusty Rivets, Shimmer and Shine, and Wallykazam are at least decent. Other than that, almost none of Nick Jr's shows are actually educational. They claim that they are educational in a little bumper that appears before the show starts, but really they're not, they're mindless and boring. That new show, Digby Dragon is gonna suck. But they, this channel is for little babies, and my sister barely watches it and watches PBS Kids instead, so I'm cool with that.

Now if it was 2011, then I would disagree. But nowadays, Nick Jr is nothing but a network mostly for shows advertising a toy brand and they have little to no e/I content. No, really, aside from Wallykazam, Team Umizoomi, Blue's Clues, and Dora, most of Nick Jr's lineup consists of Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig!

I'm honestly surprised not to see the PTC get mad at Nick Jr because unlike He-Man and My Little Pony (80s series), which were aimed at older kids and teens, these shows are aimed at little kids! Which is completely unacceptable.

Worst shows for kids are found here. The show "Peppa Pig" is the MOST ANNOYING- the family of pigs speak in this phony british accent and when they laugh they ROLL ON THE FLOOR- who does that? my friends' siblings speak in that stupid accent thanks to peppa pig. who came up with such an idea?

Dude I used to love Nick Jr, I don't care how old I am. But now they've changed it and all they air now in my country are bad shows like Dora, Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies and more. Why don't they just bring back the old and throw out the new?

10 E! Entertainment

This channel panders to the lowest common denominator, it has shows that revolve around the lives of celebrities mind you and they are being humiliated by these people. Who cares about the lives of the kardashians, can anyone tell me why they got famous in the first place. All these broadcasters do on this channel is follow all of the celebrities around and broadcast their most humiliating moments. It's like watching a bunch of bullies just ganging up on these famous people and just ruining their lives by shoving a camera in front of their faces saying dance monkey dance do something that will make my boss give me a fat paycheck because you did something humiliating. Go get plastic surgery and have a sex change so we can call you the woman of the year. What a terrible channel, if there was a law that got passed stating that people can't go around and stalk celebrities and/or publicize their lives, most of the programming on the E! channel would be gone. If this channel was a person, I ...more

This channel with the diva shows breeds the hatred, jealousy, and every kind of human negatives I have ever seen. Besides the fact it's all about those trashy Kardashian ALL THE TIME! And creepy jenner!

The channel of which I in my opinion is the main reason why so many kids now a days are more concerned with what the Kardashian are doing, rather than actually intellectual topics.

Who would pick this channel as the greatest channel ever? Who would care for the lives of celebrities? If there was a cable that had no E! Entertainment I would pick that!

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11 Disney Junior Disney Junior is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney junior ruined Mickey mouse into some sort of joke. Also, most of. The shows have kids THAT don't HAVE parents. Most of the educational ones are brainwashers, although the octonauts taught some things. But it also went downhill. Now it's just a bunch of crap like doc mc stuffing or Sofia the first or Henry hugglemonster. Also potty jokes are not funny, they are just wrong. This channel needs to be off the hook

This channel was tottaly rip-off Nick Jr.. They brought some original contents from Disney Channel and some stupid original shows just like Nick Jr. who also did the same things. The channel also feature a show that rip-off Dora which is Sofia The First. Just like Dora, she can talk with animals and save the horrible day.

I hate Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You do not have to count and say some stuff all the time.

Once upon a time, Disney had a baby, then Jason from Friday the 13th stuck a knife through Disney Junior's head, and THE END

12 Vh1

This channel can go die, because unlike MTV still at least airing SOME music videos, VH1 has nothing whatsoever.

If you live in Europe vh1 is great channel because they air only music rn. Most of music there is older but hot music is still there sooo

13 Bravo

I can't watch this show. It just makes me angry, depressed and frustrated all at once. This network constantly shows people getting paid millions of dollars to party and have fun while contributing nothing to society. It's like watching a stale, unfunny version of the spawn of the Wolf of Wall Street and The Hills. The Real Housewives shows are all GARBAGE that show air headed women who aren't even that pretty make fools of themselves. Below deck is Jersey Shore on a boat (enough said). And Little Women is just real housewives for dwarves (see previous statement about Real Housewives). Don't even know why this show is on the air or why people watch it.

I can't take this channel anymore! My mom watches it 24/7 for Housewives! I think I remember back when this channel would show cool movies like "Pulp Fiction", but now I see shows about Stupid chicks fighting over personal things that the public shouldn't know about! What about the 4th amendment where you can't go around people's business? I can't believe this world has fighting, drunk people, and so much immaturity as entertainment. I could have said this about E! Entertainment and MTV, but Bravo takes the cake on this one! (also the music is so fake, they took short samples that came with the garageband app)

It's a toss-up between this and MTV (which incidentally shows no M). However, the prize for worst channel ever has to go to Bravo, a channel once devoted to actual arts but is now only a place to find crazy, self aggrandizing, over-privileged, middle aged women screaming at one another over nothing...oh, and competitions for extraordinarily mundane things, like cutting hair.

All the Bravo shows other than Top Chef are becoming so ridiculous and stupid! The people on these shows spend millions of dollars like it's nothing. The housewives are the POOREST example of behavior in woman that I have watched on T.V.. I can't imagine what their children think of them. What started out as kind of a joke is now setting the worst kind example of female behavior.
PLEASE BRAVO put on something that will educate us even a tiny bit. OH NO and now THE NEW JERSEY LADIES ARE BACK.

14 Sprout

They were a big part of my childhood. I got to watch a lot of old PBS shows and some other stuff like Roary the Racing Car. Ever since NBC bought Sprout, it went downhill. All the old, good shows went off the schedule and were replaced by worse ones. Now, a lot of their shows range from being okay to abysmal. And they have way too many shows. Their only legitimately good show is The Jungle Bunch. Also, I heard that in September, they are rebranding as Universal Kids. Sprout will now be just a block and there will be shows that air in primetime such as Top Chef Junior, and it will have shows based on Dreamworks properties (since NBC owns Dreamworks) Hopefully, if it goes well, it will be a worthy competitor to Disney, Nick, and CN. I only watch Disney Channel/DisneyXD and Nick nowadays. They have a lot of good shows. I don't watch CN much anymore due to their abysmal schedule (unless SU or AT is on)

Not to mention they just pick five episodes or less and play them over and over again. They need to play the whole series. And even worse they don't say what episode is playing on the T.V. guide.

I'm 11 and whenever I got to hotels with cable etc:Fairfield Inn, Comfort Inn because she thinks the Simpsons is "too inappropriate" and come on its rated T.V. -PG so I have to watch this baby crap its stupid they got gay shows like Sarah and duck pajamals barney noddy and crap like that

It's a decent channel. But they have way too much on their hands. It's like every day they get new shows. The schedule is messed up also.


This I believe is one of the worst channels not only because of its crappy dramas but because of its reputation of using its hold against the media to destryo their rival hell its one of the most "mapanira" stations. In in terms of public affairs GMA is more reliable, unbiased, and accurate rather than ABS-CBN oh yeah I have a message to people saying GMA Cheated on the T.V. ratings find your facts first! because ABS CBN used their resources mainly mass media to defame the reputation of GMA Also AbS CBN doesn't use their own videos on their news is that's a clear sign of cheating right. LET MR ASK YOU ARE WHO'S THE REAL CHEATER?

I don't see in this network the sense of morale values. Unlike GMA network... Every shows instill the Filipino values... The respect for individuality...

I heard that in this network... Their kapamilya actors are most likely hiding their identity as gay and bisexuals...

The news team are not well trained... Especially Korina Sanchez... Who always involved in unetiquette and not fair reporting.

Worst network. Manipulates movie ticket sales and music album sales of their own talents just to show that their talents are on top. Home of T.V. anchor korina sanchez who once commented on national T.V. "Wish the typhoon would hit only Japan.". Has their own survey unit (kantar) to have the ratings of their shows manipulated.

Of course, this channel is run by yellow media.

It poisons the already foolish bobotantes

Their news and commentary were too biased. They even humiliate some guests that are againsts their political or religious inclinations.

They also demonize Marcos too much and made Cory as Saint (they always air their movie about Martial Law during EDSA celebrations every year)

16 E!
17 4kids

The only reason I hate 4kids is because of Tecna's voice on the Winx Club. It sounds like a rip-off of Luna from Sailor Moon--plus it makes her sound like she's a grandmother reading a story to her grandchildren, not a magical fairy that fights evil. I was going to watch the 4kids version because I'm watching the RAI one right now (whatever that means, and by the way, I'm watching from a YouTube channel called "WinxClubEnglish", just so you know.) The point is, 4kids was great, but I just hold something against Tecna's voice.

Their dub of One Piece was critically panned and generally considered to be one of the worst anime dubs of all time. They didn't even want to have One Piece to begin with. They also aware how bad it was because of how it turned out. Thank God, it filed for bankruptcy.

Thank god this Saturday morning anime trash is gone for good. Good thing is, they replaced it with Vortexx and they got better shows than those stupid shows including Dinosaur King and Kirby.

They censor words in Sonic X, don't know why, and they also cut scene s that are sad because it would be a Terrorist attack If a kid cried.

18 Hallmark

Those comments in capitals are very dull either on the next page or before. I don't know what these comments are ordered in.

The Cheesiest channel on Earth, they can't make a show without some lame romance. Also waaay too predictable.

Filled with HUNDREDS of romances movies and other garbage. the only good thing are reruns of Home Improvment

19 Telemundo

Their sports announcer sounds annoying when he yells "GOAL! " by saying "GAHHLLL! ", I hate it! Not only that, their programming sucks, I used to "enjoy it" until they had worst shows. I understand that people like Telenovelas with "violence" in it, but Telemundo takes the cake. I'd rather stick to Univision with Televisa's content.

Could the placement on this list be considered rasist? My grandmother loves this show as it is one of the few Spainish channels, can someone explain this?

Stupid drug lords soaps, makes people believe every hispanic is a drug dealer or a bald, tattooed, mexican gang member.

Telemundo is a great channel, it has some of the best telenovelas around.

20 BET

White people took it over and replaced what was good about BET (Midnight Love, Hits From the Streets, Rap City, and yes Uncut) with water down garbage that they think black people might enjoy. Actually this is more of a movie channel for old black movies like Baby Boy, it's not Black Entertainment Television. MTV, VH1, and BET all need to go away because they are all trash now.

This stupid dumbass channel does NOTHING but show the worst stereotypes of black people and what makes it even worst is that its owned white (fake Jewish) people.

Black Girls Rock? Really, this channel can do better
Than that. Even though I'm black, but this BET crap has dumb stupid hip hop artist like Lil Wayne.

The worst of everything in Black America. Not all Black people talk in Ebonics and worship slain hip hop artist.

21 PBS Kids PBS Kids is the brand for most of the children's programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. It has educational shows like Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in 1969.

PBS Kids went downhill in 2013, when they got rid of PBS Kids Go!, they changed the mascots, and the premiere of Peg plus Cat. But it got better in 2015-2017, with new good shows. Also, they just released a 24/7 channel and have free live streaming. Even with crap like Splash and Bubbles, the channel is still amazing. Arthur, Sesame Street, Nature Cat, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, and Ready Jet Go are the best shows on the channel.

We don't need these educational shows. They should air cartoons meant for all ages (like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon do), not specifically preschoolers!

PBS Kids was, perhaps, the greatest block in television history, it had a HUGE variety of shows perfect for kids, with a few being bad, especially Barney and Friends, but it had do many good shows that kids can learn and be entertained at the same time, but then, the network decided to cancel many of the good shows and repeat the bad ones, yet they replaced some of the good shows with bad shows, They even made a horrible attempt at making a spinoff of the classic show Mister Rogers Neighborhood, after Fred Rogers died, One of it's new shows, Wild Kratts, is good, although it's predecessors are better, They cancelled Cyberchase, it's best though not popular animation, and Arthur used to be good, until it's original creator, Marc Brown, left and the new ones made it flash animated changed the characters' personalities, they should've kept Marc Brown, he must have been tired of his life, The only good shows on PBS Kids now are Wild Kratts and the number one show, Sesame Street, You were ...more

Plus, Arthur was the best for people like me until 2012, now PBS KIDS just went to Downhill Hell, like Nickelodion. I mean it.

22 ION

This is one of the dumbest channels ever. All that's on during the morning is stupid paid programming and all that's on at night are marathons of crime dramas. Seriously, do we really need 10 episodes a night of Flashpoint?

This channel is so bad to me. Aside from the Friday morning slot, it only airs 15 hours of the same show every day. Come on, your butts are being kicked by MyNetwork for crying out loud!

Yes it is! I love me some Criminal minds but not episodes that play over and over and over again!

Boring local channel. Enough said.

23 Nicktoons

Nicktoons, a channel that aired good Nicktoons, started going downhill at the same time that Nickelodeon and TeenNick went downhill, Not only did they play Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners and the Dreamworks spinoffs, They even play live action shows, such as The Troop, Power Rangers, Supah Ninjas Henry Danger and 100 Things To Do Before High School, They disrespected their name, which Cartoon Network did before with their Cartoon Network Real block.

This is my fave channel ever. Great shows like
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Sanjay & Craig
And best of all SpongeBob SquarePants!

Come on, this is the only place to find the classic Nicktoons. SpongeBob may be the best Nicktoon, but it isn't the only classic Nicktoon.

Why does this suck? They went for the "Low IQ, awful quality totally hip, preteen" demographic. Just watch Nick.

24 Golf Channel

Disney haters need to step off because Disney is the most classic and definitely the best. Golf channel is kind of weird.

I hate Disney but golf. Really you just need a big stick and a small ball and a hole

I hate this because it just doesn't make sense why would anybody watch thi. You can't se the ball

Duuuhhh... Even the name is "Golf Channel", it's only shows golf. Obviously!

25 Syfy

Hello Syfy production people this message is for you,
Why do you show some shows that are not really sci-fi like some WWE stuff and Face Off? This short message is just to say, please take them off, they do not relate to the genre at all. And if you say you wanted to do something different then what? It's the SYFY CHANNEL specifically for the genre of science fiction, not romance or make up shows or especially scripted stuff like WWE so take it off.
From TheTopTens user,

I don't understand why they even put Friday Night Smackdown on this!?

This is a duplicate entry to one earlier in the list. Plese delete this, someone.

SyFy, we don't have any science.

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