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21 Love Is Hell
22 Hello Lonely

How is this 22? What kind of crap. This is easily top 5, if not their best song. Probably the best chorus they've ever put together.

I'm very love this song

23 Better Off
24 Panic Room
25 Blow

So true about today's world

This songs kicks ass

Hard to define it's basically my entire life can't say it'd a bad song cause it is to legendary to even describe¥

26 No Surprise

How is this song not up on the list, this is a great song. Vote right people.

It just makes me want to sing along! Terribly of course, but sing nonetheless

This song being at #48 and not in top 3 is a surprise.

Huh? This is one of the best...

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27 Heaven

9 songs from the album Scars and Souvenirs became singles. How this wasn't one, I have no idea. It's a powerful, happy slow song featuring great vocals by Tyler Connolly and a good message. TOAD is great but I like their slow songs better than their fast ones to be honest.

The only reason this song isn't number one on the chart is because it never became a single. Why it never became a single is beyond me. Hands down their best song! - bgrch1350

If this is #25 people's judging criteria needs to change :/

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28 The Last Song V 1 Comment
29 Little Smirk

Max Tennyson's evil plan to stop Ben and Gwen as heroes failed

So damn good gets me going every time

Best Theory song ever

30 The One

I love this always gets me, should be in the top 10!

31 Salt in the Wound u guys clearly haven't been camping out. "You're picking at my scars"

32 End of the Summer
33 Sacrifice

What how did this not even get put on great song a masterpiece I put it 6th the guitar and the drumming is actually amazing you can't beat his voice either. Point proven folks vote sacrifice by TOAD.

34 Got It Made

This song has to be a top 10 easily! Play it loud in the car with the windows down going as fast as you (il)legally can get away with...just pure awesome!

35 In Ruins

This is surely the best song off the new album

My favorite song on the Savages album!

36 Heavy V 1 Comment
37 What Was I Thinking?
38 Hating Hollywood
39 Easy to Love You V 2 Comments
40 Gentleman

Holy crap this is one of the best songs of Theory of a Deadman!

19 really? This in my opinion it should be at least in the top 5

This is one of favorites. love the second verse

Great tune, amazing opener

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