Top Ten Best Things About John Lennon

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1 He Had a Great Singing Voice

Well, he had a great voice, but he sure knew how to make a song great. A great song writer, he wrote the lyrics of many of the Beatles greatest songs. Hats off to him. - Kiteretsunu

His voice is perfect for singing. He is one of the lucky ones.

He has a great voice - kormo

2 He Was Very Smart

Brilliant human and lyricist. Scathingly honest about himself and others in such a way as to shed light and change people's lives. Despite his acknowledged flaws, he was always trudging ahead and breaking new ground and imbued all his songs with a social consciousness and an unwavering optimism. His heart was gold and was funny, unnerving, disarming and warm. Brilliantly, kind and warm! - Pfeifferpfan

An intense passionate brutally frank, intelligent, supremely talented and very attractive man. What more do you want? The heart, soul and brain of the Beatles. Is that enough to love him forever?

He was the main driving force of the band, he is the soul of the band. Without him, the Beatles would not be as great as most of us know.

He knows what to do and remembers stuff perfectly.

3 He Knew How to Make a Song Great

Most of his songs are special, I can distinguish John's songs from the others. John's songs are always superbly made. Paul McCartney also could write many good songs, but John Lennon's songs quality is still better than Paul's songs quality.

We all love John Lennon, and this is one of the reasons he is great.

4 He Was Very Intelligent

He doesn't mess up and is very good at songs.

He was quite brilliant. - FrankP

5 He Started the Beatles With Paul, George, and Ringo

They all formed up and started the most popular band.

6 He Was Funny

"Mah name's Betty."
"I now declare this bridge, open! "
"Give us a kiss."
"He's not even the best drummer in The Beatles! "
"That's funny because we're not American at all."
"We're bigger than Jesus now! "
God, I love you John. - MontyPython

He likes to tell jokes and mess with people.

7 He Was a Great Song Writer

He and Paul McCartney are my top favorite songwriters alongside with Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

Just creating songs together to sing it.

8 He Sang Songs With Paul

Sometimes John is the lead singer, but Paul is too.

9 He Made Sure His Songs Make Sense

I think a better option would be, "He Could Write Great Songs That Don't Make Sense". - PetSounds

I think he looks over first to make sure it is right.

10 He Was the Most Peaceful Man of All Time

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11 He Was Famous

He sure was. He knew how to make a great song with a great voice.

12 He Was Non-Religious
13 He Took Five Bullets and Didn't Fall to the Ground
14 He Was a Member of the Beatles
15 He Was Honest
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