Top Ten Things to Eat While Playing Videogames

The Top Ten Things to Eat While Playing Videogames

1 Chips

Nik nax all the way!

Here's how it should be Nacho CHEESE DORITOS! AND MLG MOUNTAIN DEW!

2 Popcorn

.___. My only weakness... - Danguy10

YES. - MontyPython

3 Pizza

Unless the crust is greasy... you don't really have to worry about your controller getting dirty.

4 Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich
5 Fruit

Tasty and healthy. - Martinglez

6 Candy

This should be #1. While I don't play video games, this isn't usually very sticky or messy while the rest of these would ruin your chances at doing good during the game is you even attempt to try them while in game play. - Donut

I sometimes bring a couple pieces of hard candy to eat during games. - Garythesnail

7 Hamburger
8 Tajin
9 Desserts
10 Broccoli

The Contenders

11 Goldfish
12 Biscuits
13 Nachos With Cheese
14 Popsicle
15 KFC

Only black people.

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