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1 Net Neutrality Repeal is Overruled

Deserves top 3 the Senate are the true heroes for denying the FCC's dark plans to reverse the speed of internet by tampering as they please no longer a potentially sickening possibility, we can all sit comfortably now. With just the House all that's left we should be okay.

Well, not quite...

Well, many states are introducing their own laws, so the overruling process isn't happening YET.

We must saved Net Neutrality.

2 90,000 Valentines Sent to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital

These are pedophiles sending Valentines to children. This is just creepy.

How is this under the Royal Wedding? This is heartfelt. The Royal Wedding is just a wedding

This year, people worldwide sent Valentine's Day cards to children at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Regained faith in humanity just now.

3 Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Infinity War Product Image

This movie has it ALL! Super awesome, extremely action-packed, very funny. One of Marvel's best movies. More of this please!

One of the best experiences I had at the movies. It had everyone from Brolin to Johansson in it.

Ha, there's so many positive things happening yet people are voting for a predictable movie

Spider-Man and Black Panther died

Ahh boo hoo, it's not like they never died in the comics like 100 times before - B1ueNew

4 Eagles win their first Super Bowl in Franchise History

I'm a Patriots fan but good for the Eagles. They deserved a Superbowl.

I'm from near Philly. When the Eagles won, it was CRAZY! There were hoards of screaming fans and just such overhype.

And the patriots lost, for once.

Just a game

You could say that for Avengers infinity war but except instead of a game it's a movie - B1ueNew

5 Bill Cosby Found Guilty on All Counts of Indecent Sexual Assault in Retrial

It is very sad and tragic that he committed all of these crimes, but I am glad he got the punishment he deserved.

He was funny, but he deserved what he got.

Totally deserved.

He deserved it

6 SpaceX Launched and Landed the Falcon Heavy

I'm all for space exploration.

It was such a historic mission when SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy for the 1st time, and landed multiple boosters almost at once.
Although one of them crashed and a trajectory issue caused the Tesla to go the wrong way, making it a partial failure, the mission proved that we can launch something powerful, reuse, and land more than 1 rocket at the same time.
Someday, they’ll plan on launching and landing the same rocket twice within 24 hours.

7 Winter Olympics

Ruined by a school shooting. NBC ruined the Olympics.

The 2018 Winter Olympics were AWESOME!

CL AND EXO performing at PyeongChang 2018 closing was amazing! I'm glad South Korea chosed these artists! Nation's PICK!

Just sports..

8 Logan Paul Quit Daily Vlogs

Listen, Logan is a human. A flawed human, but a human. And he deserves to be treated like one. He can change, all people can change. If quitting vlogs is helping with that change, then good for him. But on another note, If he wasn't a famous YouTuber, people would be seeing how immature and reckless he really is. and lets be honest, if you knew nothing about Logan's fame and money or anything like that, just his personality and the way he acts, would you want to be friends with him? No. He's a jerk, he does stupid things on the internet because he wants attention, and he KNEW that he was posting an extremely graphic video on the internet for his young viewers to see and did it anyway. If he were treated like any other human, he could be fined and probably get into some legal trouble. But because he's famous, nobody bats an eye. And also, he took the video down and made an apology video, so that fixes everything.

I never knew he did daily vlogs, but thank GOD he quit doing SOMETHING! I want him banned from the entire internet.

Dumb move, but he was very much the victim of mob mentality.


9 Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse of January 31

Saw it and it was beautiful.

That happened?

Why it's only 8th, it's very seldom

I thought it will be a purple moon, I took the blue moon too literally.
At least I saw something rare

10 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Got Married

I don't see the importance of this simple royal wedding and how it's number 1. There's much more significant events that happened throughout the world. But I can tell you that this list is pretty much US-biased.

It's just a wedding. Two people are getting married. Yeah, they're royalty, but they're people. Nothing extraordinary about two people getting married. Congrats to them anyway though, I'm still happy for them.

The reason this is #2 is because the bride was half African. I nearly cried once I saw that African blood is going to be in the British royal family.

I don't give a crap!

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11 Childhood Cancer STAR Act Passed

STAR is an acronym for Survivorship, Treatment, Access and Research.

Anyway, this looks to be a step up and a significant progress for a disease variant that only seems to get a very small 3.8% in overall Cancer funding. I sincerely hope this marks a significant history for Pediatric Cancer.


12 Los Angeles Parking Meters Helped Homeless People

It may have raised some money for food etc, but it attracted a crapton more homeless, now they are everywhere in L.A.

Many people were homeless, until Los Angeles installed parking meters, which helped.

And now, quite literally there are TWICE as many homeless in LA.

This is much better than sport.

13 North Korea & South Korea border meeting

One of the only notable things on this list. Now that both North and South aren't rubbing each other with their phallus for once, there would be a future ahead of us.

Well, we have an extra 10 years to live!

Why is this one not the 1st?

14 ISIS is contained

No! This is a bad thing

Not really. Sure they're losing a lot of territory to other factions but their ideology of Salafism would still live on.

Is it?

15 March for Our Lives Rally

These people want to take away your rights, keep that in mind.

This was now useless. Only a couple months later, the Santa fe High school in texas was shot up, proving that our Rally that emphasizedly said Never again to these mass shootings, were ultimately ignored

Ever since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, the world was in fear, and people were too scared to go to schools.
With the March For Our Lives rally, it's spread awareness of us and how we deal with mental health problems and what we should do in the midst of anything hard.
Although gun violence still keeps persisting throughout our country especially.


16 The page item limit goes from 20 to 50 on TheTopTens

I remember when the top tens was a smaller items on a page when I first discovered the top tens


Thank GOD

17 My Hero Academia Season 3
18 Trenton Lewis's 11 Mile Daily Walk to Work

Trenton Lewis's workers found out that since then, he walks 11 miles to work every day for his daughter, which is quite the feat.

19 Justin Timberlake's Halftime Performance on the 2018 Superbowl

Better than Lady Gaga.

Remember the selfie kid?


Justin Timberlake is a good singer, and his performance at the 2018 Superbowl Halftime was flawless.
He nailed it.

20 RiceGum quit Daily Youtube

He hasn't uploaded a video in 1 month, I think this is a gift from youtube, I just hope he doesn't come back at all

Get this higher, This is a gift from The internet


21 Brexit
22 Attack on Titan Season 3
23 Deji Lost against Jake Paul

Both are idiots

24 MY LEG - Spongebob Squarepants

This Was Kinda Like A Love Letter To The Longtime Fans Of SpongeBob

25 White Hare - The Loud House

White hare? Why not BLACK HARE? RepOrtedD FOr raCiSM

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