Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Dora the Explorer


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401 She Becomes a Barney & Friends Character V 1 Comment
402 Tell Blu And Jewel (Both From Rio) To Claw Dora's Eyes Out V 3 Comments
403 Anakin says "I HATE YOU" to Dora.

I HATE YOU and that's it? She's just going to continue her show and nothing will happen to her - FerrariDude64

I want him to slash her with his lightsaber.

404 Bender (Futurama) Kills Her

Dora-Do You See The Robot?
Bender-Bite My Shiny Metal Ass.

She will become robosexual with him

405 She Goes Back to Mexico

And Donald Trump attacks her (I Hate Donald Trump by the way). - ChroniclerMan5

But she can't because trump made a barrier between the Mexicans and Americans

V 1 Comment
406 Neo From The Matrix Kills Dora V 1 Comment
407 Dora Falls Off Kingda Ka From Six Flags Great Adventure And Dies
408 Samus Kills Dora With Her Arm Cannon


Zero laser!

409 Tell Blaze The Cat To Set Dora On Fire

Let Dora Burn

Blaze dressed as Perceval: *spins in a fire tornado and kills her*
Blaze: I'm just graceful, also the commenters favourite sonic character

410 A Tornado Sucks Dora Up
411 Optimus Prime And The Autobots Kill Dora V 1 Comment
412 Wolverine Claws Dora's Eyes Out
413 Lock Her In a Room With a Bomb

And she'll blow up and her guts will be splattered everywhere.

V 1 Comment
414 Bury Her Alive and Put Something Silly On Her Gravestone V 1 Comment
415 Egg Her V 1 Comment
416 Brick Her to Death
417 Throw Fire at Her V 1 Comment
418 She Becomes a Zombie
419 Ask Mewtwo to Kill Her
420 Ask Silver and Blaze to Kill Her

Silver and Blaze are 18363745787485784538 385647485758376834548 times better than Dora

Silver and blaze rule but blaze is way better

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1. Yoshi eats Dora
2. Bubbles Beats Her Up
3. A Tiger Eats Dora
1. Cancel the Show
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3. Tahu (BIONICLE) burns Dora to Death

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